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2019 Reading challenge complete!

I did it and then I super did it. Last year my goal was to read 45 books and I read 53! That’s a whole lot of books. Some of them were re-reads of old favourites, some audiobooks and most of them I read on my Kindle. Not that many actual physical paper ones. I’m not sure why that’s suddenly important to me. I guess I fought the decline of paper books for too long not to get a bit reminiscent about it.

As a side note, I remember when I first tried audiobooks I stupidly managed to pick one with the most annoying narrator which ruined the whole format for me for years. She had this really nasal and breathy voice which just… did not work. At all. I could only bear a few minutes of it before giving up and declaring all audiobooks ‘blergh’.

As a continuation of my previous side note, in 2019 I discovered graphic audiobooks. Wow. Simply wow. Listening to anything by Brandon Sanderson acted out by brilliant voice actors and narrated as a fluid continuous story with all the sound effects is just. Mind blowing. The sheer amount of times I got goosebumps from small details they’d captured – I wouldn’t blame you if you’d thought I was on a holiday visiting North Pole with inappropriate clothing for the weather there (what I’m trying to say is that I had goosebumps a lot because the books were so amazing).

Looking back to my year in books, I’m still firmly convinced that I do not have a certain genre that I prefer. I mean, obviously fantasy has always and probably will always be at the very top of the list for me, but I would still say that at times I prefer a good casual crime or mystery book. Or even what would traditionally be considered children’s stories (I’ve got Astrid Lindgren to thank for that – I’ll never stop loving and cherishing what she’s written). Or, in fact, surprise me! I’ll read pretty much anything and everything that’s shoved under my nose (I’m not saying I’ll like everything I read, but I’m willing to give it a go!)

As for what’s to come in 2020, I’ve currently set my reading goal as 35 books. But I’m already 4 books in, so I may adjust it a bit as the months go by, if I keep whooshing through them. We’ll see! At the moment I’m just happy to continue being the quiet book nerd that I’ve always been. (I would literally spend all of my time between classes and long hours after school at the school library with my best friend. Some of my fondest memories are from those times. This makes me feel like I want to go find a local library and hide away there now…)

I’ll go and read a book for a change now. (Even I couldn’t laugh at that and I’m amused by the simplest of things… The other day I kept cracking up because a sheet of paper was fluttering in a funny way. Go figure…)


2 thoughts on “2019 Reading challenge complete!”

  1. Nice job! I read 35 books last year, and it was beneficial in more ways than I could possibly describe here. Perhaps one of the biggest takeaways was from me learning to be less of a book snob, and to give stuff outside my comfort zone a try.

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