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Today sucks a bit. Like, not a lot. And not really. Just a bit. And mostly in my head. You know when you’ve got grand plans and everything is going so well one day but then along comes another day with another step in the process and it simply refuses to work?

What am I talking about?

The disaster that is my current redecoration project. Firstly, I started it a few months ago. I did the fun part (stripping the wallpaper) and then my enthusiasm died down a little. And then it was Yule and my SO’s birthday, New Year’s, my birthday, holidays and whatever else that simply could not wait until I was done with my stuff. Anyway, all that distracted me enough that I figured it was OK to leave it all for a bit. Which it was. But now we’re getting a puppy soon and I really need to be done with it before he arrives. Which means I’ve only got a number of days until I need to finish with it.

That’s when the step by step plan that I had made came along. Yesterday I finally finished step 1 – stripping all the wallpaper and polystyrene off the walls. Today was supposed to be the day that I remove all the old paint from the window sill and skirting boards.

And that’s where it all went wrong. Well, not all of it. I’m being a tad over-dramatic here. But, you see, I thought I was being clever and avoiding the awful stench of paint stripper by using a heat gun instead. MISTAKE! It is really awkward to use, having to hold it in one hand whilst scraping with the other, so now my wrist is killing me and I’ve wasted hours of my time on what could’ve taken me an hour if I’d just done what I know from my previous experience.

However, I guess if I hadn’t tried the stupid heat gun I’d have been left wondering if it would’ve in fact worked faster and better. At least now I know.

Also! I should’ve realised this before I went in with guns blazing, but when they say heat gun, they MEAN heat gun. I managed to melt the carpet a bit and boy am I glad I didn’t start with the window sill or we would probably have a big drafty hole where the window should be.

Now to the hardest part – brushing today off as a dud and getting some paint stripper tomorrow to finish the job. Have to keep reminding myself that I’m not a failure, it’s the stupid heat gun that failed me. Another lesson learned!

Rant over.


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