My life

Somebody kick me, please

You know you’ve reached a new low when you sit down to watch a YouTube video of someone deep cleaning and organising their house to get motivated to do yours, but then feel so exhausted after watching the video that you feel like you need a nap instead.

That’s where I’m at right now. Surrounded by so much – for the lack of a better word – stuff. Really wanting to get rid of like 2/3 of it. Even occasionally getting started with it. But then getting distracted by something I’ve found among the ‘stuff’ and ending up playing with lipsticks for 2 hours or reading a book I’d forgotten I started 3 years ago.

I know my main Pinterest board title is ‘I’ll do it as soon as I’m done procrastinating’, but I’m now not sure if that day will ever arrive. Unless I do something about it… If only I wasn’t so sleepy right now, eh?

All jokes aside, if I pile EVERYTHING into one big MOUNTAIN of stuff, I have no option but to go through it, right? Or should I do categories? Hmm… And yes, I’m totally just procrastinating right now.

A swift kick in the butt should do the trick.


I’ll get back to you on the effectiveness of that.


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