My life


As in, I want to. Do you ever feel like you should be able to hibernate? I do. Have always done. Just imagine – getting to sleep for a few months and wake up all nice and ready for the world again. Boy do I envy bears right now.

So, I have actually been quite busy. If you read my last post, you may remember that I jokingly said I’d pile everything I own in the middle of the room and go through it all. Well, I kind of did it. Well, I’m doing it a room at a time. But I started with the worst one (my office) that was literally a place to store everything that I didn’t want to deal with. And it was starting to overflow. So yeah. That’s sorted now!

I literally took EVERYTHING from that room downstairs (my calves are still hurting from all the up and down the stairs movement!) and it pretty much filled the whole living room. Which is weird because my office is not that big. Just goes to show how much stuff can fit into a small space if you let it.

As a result I’ve got 3 big bags of items to donate, 1 big bag of clothes to recycle, 1 massive bag of stuff to bin, 1 huge box of paper to recycle, 1 small bag to give to friends/family and finally one bag of random stuff to recycle. And everything that I kept fits nicely onto my shelving unit and in the drawers. I was thorough though. I mean, I even tested every felt tip pen that I own to get rid of the ones that don’t work anymore. Like I said – thorough.

On top of that I have also been redecorating my stairs/landing still. The paint stripper I bought works a treat (no more battling it out with a heat gun! – see a few posts back), I filled all the holes in the wall and my husband has sanded most of it down with just 1.5 walls to go. After that it’s ready for paint! Not sure when I’ll get round to doing that but I’m sure it’ll be sometime this week… month… year. Soon.

Work has also been a bit crazy.

So yes, one cup of hibernation for me, please?


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