My life

It worked!

The kick in the butt, I mean. I’m still feeling absolutely exhausted, but stuff is getting done at least. So I’m not simply feeling tired from doing nothing (yes, that’s apparently a thing).

To recap – a short while I go I said I needed a kick in the butt to get me to be more productive, which led me to pile every single item from my home office in the middle of the living room and sort through it all, which was a raging success. And we’ve been working on redecorating our stairs/landing area. And we’re getting a dog. Now that we’re all caught up…

After the huge success with the first room, I decided to dive straight into decluttering the second one – our library/games room. As you may have guessed, this involved books. Lots and lots of books. Lugging them down the stairs made me use muscles I didn’t know I had (I’ve had the weirdest muscle pains whilst doing this whole thing).

Unlike with the office, we actually changed the furniture in this room a bit as well. We used to have five black freestanding bookcases which we replaced with our white cube shelving unit from downstairs and I can’t even begin to describe how much better it looks up here now. I mean, aside from the fact that it’s a LOT less cluttered, it’s all so organised and… pretty. I’m sitting here now and I can’t help glancing over my shoulder every now and again to admire our handiwork.

All of our books are organised by author and release dates or recommended reading order and there are themes and just… yeah. Happy. Oh, we also added quite a bit to the donate/sell/recycle/bin pile.

We’ve also made great progress with redecorating the stairs. All the old paint has been removed, walls have been sanded down and we’re basically getting dangerously close to actually painting it! I mean, who would have thought?!

Last but definitely not least – next Friday/Saturday the newest member of our family is going to be joining us! Our little furbaby (I’ll do my best not to overuse this word in the upcoming posts) Chaser will finally be with us and I honestly can’t wait.

I’m preparing and overthinking and reading up on everything on top of all the other things we’ve got going on so yeah…

Exhausted but happy.


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