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14/01/2020 – The day of Finding Food

After a looooong day of sightseeing and walking around the day before, we were knackered. Everything hurt and I was struggling to get out of bed. So I didn’t. For a while. Until I got hungry. It was then that we decided to check out one of the pubs that I’d seen on Tripadvisor earlier – Meatology.

It had brilliant reviews (rated at #1 of 77 Grills in Budapest on Tripadvisor) and more importantly, it was within walking distance. Oh, and they serve breakfast!

‘Meatology’ Full Hungarian Breakfast

We went with a Full Hungarian Breakfast each which consisted of 1 debrecziner sausage, homemade mustard, crispy bacon, 2 sunny side up eggs, cherry tomato, radish, spring onion, homemade mustard, flat bread. It was delicious and light but at the same time just filling enough (that means you can still move without groaning like an extra from The Walking Dead zombie herd).

After breakfast we headed back to our hotel to rest a bit more. (We have no regrets about spending time in our room by the way. I know people joke about going on a holiday and never leaving their hotel and saying what’s the point in going at all then? But we’d seen and done so much the day before and still had a lot planned for the next few days so a day of not getting up to much was just what we needed at the time.)

Once we had watched a couple of films (and I’m sure I squeezed in a nap or two..) we were feeling a bit peckish again and decided to stick our noses out of our hotel once more to go on another quest for our evening meal. We decided on another one of my earlier Tripadvisor finds which – surprise, surprise… – happened to be within walking distance – Smokey Monkies Bar-BQ.

Basically if you picture a scenario where you’re given a big slab of bread and told that you can choose any and how ever many different types of meats and extras to add to it, well, you’d get a sandwich like one of the above pictured ones. They were huge and so messy to eat but oh so yummy.

Then it was time for dessert. We happened to walk past an ice-cream shop and when better to eat ice-cream than in the middle of winter – no melting! So we headed to Gelarto Rosa. They had soooooooo many different flavours of ice-cream to choose from and what they did with it was pure art.

The flavours I picked were white chocolate with lavender, salted butter caramel, ginger and basil lemon. It was absolutely delicious. And so pretty!

My husband went with raspberry, lemon meringue, pistachio and vanilla (I may have made a couple of those up but they sound like something he’d have and neither of us can remember what he actually got).

Thus ended our big day of Finding Food. Then it was back to our hotel and sleep to get well rested and ready for the next day. Which also happened to be my 30th birthday.


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