My life

Same old…

Last night I wrote a whole big post about how what’s currently going on in the world is affecting me and having a bit of a moan, I guess. I didn’t post it because it didn’t feel right. My head felt really weird and swimmy as I was writing it and it made me all discombobulated. Usually when that happens it means there’s something wrong with what I’ve written. It doesn’t flow and feels all over the place. In a non deliberate way. And reading those kinds of posts back makes me feel uneasy and gives me the sense of wrongness. So I don’t put them up.

Instead of the big whinge I had typed up last night I’d like to share the good stuff I have going on.

I’ve been doing some gardening which I find surprisingly enjoyable. I managed to get my hands on a few plants that were on their way to become compost and I tried to rescue them instead. I think I’ve been quite successful at it as they seem to be doing a lot better (for time being at least). As I’m pottering about in my small garden I often find myself thinking about my nan who passed away years ago – she had the most beautiful flowerbeds and so many of them it was magical. I do wish I’d appreciated it more at the time but I don’t think there are many children who see things the way that their adult selves will do years and years later. So I’m appreciating the memories I have of her and her flowers now.

I have also been doing some more redecorating. Well, finishing what I’d already started. And by finishing I mean continuing, really, as it’s not done yet. I like doing things at my own pace. It helps me see the bigger picture and decide on any changes I want to make. It also gives me time to find the perfect additions to my project (like finding that perfect ceiling light or picking the right colour for the banister). So yes, small steps. However, I have finished painting the walls and ceiling so the biggest part is behind me, just small bits to go now. And once it’s all done I will finally have a place and space to display all my jigsaws. It’ll be glorious.

Oh, yeah, I’ve been doing more jigsaws as well. I now have 11 that are all framed and ready to go up on the walls of my Jigsaw Hall of Fame. (Yes, that’s what I’m calling our stairs/landing area now.)

I’ve also still been going to work as apparently I’m an essential worker and need to do my bit which I don’t mind – anything to keep this crazy world even a tiny bit more normal is worth doing, I think. May have some changes to this arrangement from next week though. We’ll see. I won’t speculate any further for now, what comes will come and that’s that. I’ll deal with it when and if it happens. I may simply have some more time at home for a short period. Anyway, we’ll see.

On that note, I’ve got some scrambled eggs and bacon butties waiting for me before I embark upon my today’s work journey.

Oh, and I had a hyacinth flowery bit break off of one of the plants that I rescued and I put it in a vase and my goodness it’s making the whole of downstairs smell like flowery paradise.

Ok, have to run now. Byeeee!


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