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February Glossybox

Uh, yeah… I’d write about the March ones but I haven’t taken the pictures of them yet. Soooo… I mean, it’s something for me to write about still and I may even go into a bit more detail about the products rather than my usual 3×3 reviews. Yes, I’ll do that.

Glossybox February 2020

Starskin, Dreamkiss (5g mini RRP £4.25)

Alright, I’ll just say it – I didn’t like it. I’ve tried a lot of face masks from Starskin and I’ve loved them, but this lip one didn’t sit right with me. The hole in it was weird, it stung the skin around my lips and tasted awful (I got some in my mouth when I was trying to get it to sit on my lips rather than slip and slide all over the place). I think it could’ve maybe been improved by not having the hole in it, make it a bit more structurally sound. But as it is, it’s a pass from me.

Floss Beauty, My New Favorite Lip Gloss (15g RRP £12.30)

They’re not wrong. It is actually my new favourite lip gloss. I love the subtle pinkish nude colour, the sweet candy smell and the not too shiny gloss effect. Plus it’s got a doe foot applicator! It really threw me when I first unscrewed the cap as I was expecting it to be a squeezy tube. As an added plus point I appreciate how it simply says ‘floss.’ on it. To the point and intriguing. Thumbs up from me!

Figs & Rouge, Wonder Love Charm Glow Elixir (30ml RRP £35)

I wasn’t too sure what this was for to begin with but I think I’ve got it figured out now. At first I thought it’s a straight up liquid highlighter as it’s got a beautiful sparkly sheen to it. However, after reading up on it a bit I can confirm it could be used all over the face under makeup for some extra glow or on the high points of the face for that highlighting effect. It’s got lots of good ingredients too by the way, the main one pulling me in being hyaluronic acid – give me ALL the hydration! Another good one for me.

Saint Luxe, Lip Liners in Cupid and Crush (1g RRP £23)

Pretty lip liners in a sort of cool toned red and nude. The formula feels soft but not overly creamy. The nude one actually feels ever so slightly on the drier side even, but still applies nicely and doesn’t scratch or pull on the lips. I’d say that for me personally they’re a bit on the pricey side. I’m very happy to have received them in my Glossybox, but I wouldn’t pay the full price in store. (Could also be because I’ve got quite a few lip pencils waiting to be used up that I’m not making much progress on. Well, that’s a whole other story.) Overall I like these and if you can afford it go for it.

Universal Beauty Cosmetics, Secret Flush Blush Stick (4.5g RRP £6.10)

This is another good one. It looks glittery and too pink in the tube, but once on the skin it blends into a beautiful pink blush with gooooorgeous shimmery sparkles. And that’s coming from someone who swears by powder blushes because anything creamy is scary. But I absolutely love this and am going to check out what else this brand has got to offer. (I also love the scent of it but for the life of me can’t describe it…)

There you go – my thoughts on everything I got in my Glossybox… 2 months ago. But hey, at least I’ve had time to give everything a good go.

Also, here’s a picture of my hand after writing this post. I always swatch and play with makeup that I’m writing about. Helps me bring back the thoughts and feelings I have about everything. And it’s fun.

I will take pictures of my last month’s boxes very soon, give everything a go and report back as soon as possible.

This is where I struggle with ending my post. So let’s pretend I’m doing an awkward wave and I’ll see you next time.


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