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March Glossybox

I’m catching up! Have to be careful or I may find myself writing about current month’s beauty boxes (insert shocked face here)! Aaaaanyway, let’s get into it then, shall we?

I think I’ll write a bit more about this box as well, rather than my 3×3 review. I mean, I like change and variety in everything, including this space/place here.

Glossybox March 2020

Eyeko, Black Magic Mascara (4ml mini £10)

I really like it. It’s got a weird curved wand that I don’t remember seeing on any other mascara and the tube format is interesting as well. With one coat it gives me fuller and longer fluttery natural (but better) looking lashes and if I pile it on it just gets amplified to high heavens. Would buy again (if my current stockpile of mascaras ever ends).

MCoBeauty, Long Lasting Lipstick in Flawless (3.6g £15)

I think my favourite thing about this lipstick is the scent. For the life of me I can’t put my finger on what it reminds me of though. It’s like some… fragrant mushroomy flowers. Uh, that’s not doing it any justice. Anyway, the colour is slightly too pink on me, verging on the point of being garish if I layer it up too much. However if I don’t layer it it’s quite sheer and patchy. BUT if I blot it down and have it be like a tinted lip balm it’s nice. I’d like to try it in other shades and see what it does for me in like… an orange toned nude. This particular one I wouldn’t repurchase.

WhiteGlo, Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste (24g/16ml mini £1.05)

Nice and minty. As to its whitening powers I’ve not used it long enough to see any difference yet. At the end of the day it’s toothpaste. Not much more I can say about it, I think.

Ciate London, Stamp & Drag Liner Duo (3.56ml, £15)

Right. This guy. I’ve never tried on of these stamp things so I was intrigued to give it a go. And yes, my first attempt looked quite sad and floppy, but I managed to salvage it and my second go was actually quite successful. I even got a couple of compliments on my eyeliner that day. However… The stamp part fell out of the tube the second time I removed the cap. As in, the component with the stamp and inky filler fell out. So that was fun and messy. I managed to put it back in there but as it’s looseit’s fallen out (or gotten stuck in the cap as I remove it) a few more times. I’m not going to hold it against it as I understand faulty stuff can come up in anything. But as the other end, the standard liner pen, is a bit too chunky for my liking, I probably won’t be reaching for it much anyway. Cool idea though.

Sleek, Highlighter Palette in Copperplate (9g £9.99)

Very nice smooth formula and pretty colours, but all too dark for me to use as highlighters. I could maybe make one of them work in the summer with a tan and perhaps another to use as a blush topper. But as it is at the moment it’s a very beautiful oversized eyeshadow palette for me. Gorgeous coppery tones with a metallic sheen to them. I love the packaging as well – luxurious gold finish and magnetic closure. Would love to try it in a lighter colour!

I thought I really liked this box, but now that I’ve been through everything in it, there’s a lot of items that I need to go to some extra effort to in order for them to work for me. But I guess it’s always a gamble and I bet there are a lot of people who find these colours work perfectly for them. Yes, I still like this box. Woohoo!

By the way, I just received my April Glossybox today so who knows – maybe I will actually get round to reviewing it in the next couple of weeks!


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