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March Lookfantastic

This will be me all caught up with my Lookfantastic boxes as I didn’t get one this month for some reason. Not sure why… Maybe I need to renew my subscription? I guess I’ll see in a few days – if they don’t take the payment for the May box, that’s what it will be. I suppose the question then is whether I will renew it… I’m not sure that I will just yet. Recently I’ve been trying really hard to be more mindful about what I buy and whether I actually need it or if I’ll be able to use it up before it goes off. As my collection of skincare, makeup and hair care has grown quite substantial I’ve got plenty of variety to choose from so I shouldn’t get bored having to use the same stuff over and over either. I guess we’ll see! For now, let’s get into my last month’s box.

Lookfantastic March 2020

Hairburst, Healthy Hair Vitamins 15-day supply (30 pastilles worth £12.49)

I’ll give them this – at least it was a 15 day supply rather than a week, but it’s still not long enough to see if they actually do anything. In fact I’ve just been on their website and that’s what it says – ‘with visible benefits in as little as 90 days’. That’s 3 months and then you may see a difference. Soooo yeah, two weeks is definitely not enough to say anything about it other than that they tasted OK and I didn’t notice any adverse effects.

Elizabeth Arden, Superstart Skin Renewal Booster (15ml worth £7.50)

This I loooooooved. It smelled like pure heaven and made my skin feel so good. You may notice the past tense – yes, I finished it already. If it wasn’t so expensive I would’ve ordered a replacement by now. Fingers crossed for a good offer or sale in the future!

Rituals, The Ritual Of Ayurveda Shower Oil (75ml worth £4.99)

I love this Rituals range. (Ok, I love every Rituals range that I’ve tried but still!) So of course I love this shower oil as well. I like to use it just before I get out of the shower as then I feel like it’s doing the most for my skin, making it all silky soft. It smells sweet and a little bit floral thanks to Indian rose and sweet almond oil in it. I just love it and would recommend pretty much every Rituals product ever.

Rodial, Bee Venom Cleansing Balm (20ml worth £13)

Another winner. I like cleansing balms in general and this one is no exception. I’m not sure if it’s my imagination because of the name (Bee Venom), but I swear I can smell honey in it. Or something sweet at least… You know what, I’ve just been through the ingredients of it and the top one is sweet almond oil. So that’s the sweet scent. Anyway, it smells amazing and once again it feels really silky and leaves my face oh so soft. Oh, one side note – we had quite warm weather here over the past couple of weeks and I found that it separated so I had to shake it before using it. Overall I would recommend it.

Madara, Time Miracle Wrinkle Resist Eye Cream (15ml worth £35)

I tried but I couldn’t find anything special about this little guy. It’s too liquid for my liking, I generally prefer my eye creams a bit thicker in consistency. I’ve not noticed any difference yet on the skin around my eyes but I’ll keep using it and see if it does anything. With the current (lack of) results that I’m getting and the high price tag I’d personally go with something else.

Grow Gorgeous, Repair Strengthening Hair & Scalp Mask (30ml worth £3.75)

Hands down my most favourite item in this box. I am actually going to buy this in full size even though it’s quite a bit pricier than what I’d normally go for – £25 for a 200ml tub. But I loved this so much (past tense again, I used it up last night) and the scent of it made me feel really happy – I must have some really nice memories from something similar smelling, although I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly. On top of that, it made my hair the nicest, softest and sleekest it’s been in a long time. Can’t wait to buy it in full size!

Bellapierre, Kiss Proof Lip Creme in Incognito (3.8g £20)

I thought I was going crazy. I just realised this lipstick is not in the Lookfantastic booklet, so I thought I’d gotten my beauty boxes mixed up and went through all my other recent booklets but couldn’t find it anywhere. And I took its picture with all the other things from this box so then I thought maybe it had snuck its way in from my lipstick drawer but how could it have done? So I did some digging and found that other people had found this guy in their March boxes as well as a bonus item that’s not mentioned anywhere… So yeah. You got me Lookfantastic! As for the lipstick itself – when first applying it, it looks streaky and you may feel the urge to keep putting more on, but I wouldn’t recommend that. A thin layer is all that’s needed and even then it takes some time to dry down fully but when it does, it’s evened itself out and is as transfer proof as can be in my experience. That was the good part. The downside is that it feels sticky. Like I’ve got glue on my lips. And I don’t get it as it does not transfer. So how can it be so sticky? (More mind games, I think!) It also feels drying and brings out every nook and cranny of my lips that I swear I’ve never seen before. So all the sudden they’re as wrinkled as an aged prune. On top of that the colour of this comes out as a bit of a garish pink on me so to be honest I don’t really see myself wearing this much. If at all. (HOW CAN IT BE THAT STICKY?!?! She tries to scream if it weren’t for her lips being stuck together… Ok, maybe that’s a tad overly dramatic but this whole experience was a bit of a roller coaster.)

Overall it’s one of my most favourite boxes in a while. To absolutely LOVE four of the six (let’s just forget about the mystery lipstick situation) items in it is amazing. I absolutely can’t wait to buy that hair mask. Couldn’t stop smelling the empty tube on my desk as I’ve been writing this post.

I think I’ll go before it all gets too weird. Although I think we’re all a bit stranger than usual at the moment with the isolation. Nevertheless… I’ll go try to unstick my lips now.


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