My life

Dear Diary,

I complain too much. About everything. All the bloody time. Do I ever do anything about the stuff I complain about? Occasionally. Rarely. If it’s something quick the chances of it happening increase tremendously. If it’s something that takes time and willpower? Uhhhh, well then it depends… Can I still regularly have pizza and ice-cream? If yes, then again, chances are I could do it. If not, well… Not bloody likely!

I know what I have to do. I know how to do it. I simply struggle to stay on track. And it sucks. Big time. I’ve been thinking – could going public do the trick? Make me accountable? I’ve read that posting pictures (of progress or steps you’re taking) for others to see can be a big motivator. In fact, as I’m thinking about it, the only thing holding me back is ‘What if I fail and that’s all that I will have put out there? What if there’s no ‘reached my goal’ picture at the end of the road?’ So yeah, the ever so sucky what ifs.

Any advice would be appreciated. Or thoughts. Or comments. Or anything.

Seriously, don’t be shy. I won’t judge or be offended (well, I may be offended but I shall seethe from within).


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