My life

T’was a great horizontal life break

Lately I’ve been waking up at 6.30am on the dot. This means I’ve also needed to have horizontal life breaks half way through the day to be able to keep going (I don’t generally do well with early wake-ups, you see). However, for one reason or another I haven’t been able to have those little breaks for the past few days (and then some), so I’ve been feeling extra tired and groggy.

It was getting so bad that I struggled to comprehend the simplest of concepts, keep my attention on anything for more than a minute and could barely keep my eyes open. You may think I’m exaggerating and yes, to an extent I am, but believe me it’s needed to get my point across in this case.

All this building up is what lead to my ultimate horizontal life break yesterday. Just before 8pm I was complaining to my sister that I was sleepy (what else is new?) and she recommended I grab a book and have an early night. To which I naturally scoffed at as 8pm is way too early, even for an early night. Instead I thought I shall have one of my HLBs (yes, I can’t be bothered typing it out anymore so that’s what they shall be known as now). So there I was, in bed at 8pm, ready to be up and about again in an hour.

Fast forward to 11 hours later and here I am now, fresh as a daisy after my most thorough horizontal life break yet.

Moral of the story? Listen to your sister and go to bed dimwit.


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