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May Glossybox

I did it! I caught up! I’m actually writing about the current month’s beauty box. Wow. I’m as amazed as you are. Probably a bit more, as I know myself relatively well. And I know I love to procrastinate. I may as well list it as my main hobby. Alright, moving on to the actual post or I’ll still be trying to finish writing it come June.

Glossybox May 2020

Steve Laurant, Eyeshadow Palette in Wild Thing (7.2g £31)

Very pigmented and easy to work with formula. The mattes are silky feeling and apply nicely with a brush. For the metallic shades I preferred to use my fingers for application as it gave a more effective finish with little to no effort. The pans are quite small but it would probably still take me a few forevers to use all of it up, plus the size makes it perfect for travel. I also think these mainly warm coppery and golden shades would suit quite a large variety of people. Overall I’m very happy with this little palette.

Mudmasky, Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment & Miracle Shampoo (75ml £21)

Three in one! A somewhat confusing one. I wasn’t sure if it’s an actual shampoo so I used my normal one before putting this on as a more of a hair mask. It has a very strong argan oil scent, but it did leave my hair and scalp feeling nice and soft (probably the argan oil in it…). I wouldn’t repurchase it though as I feel it’s too small of a tub for a pretty hefty price. Mudmasky have other amazing products that I think are a better value for the money (still up there in price mind you) that I would highly recommend if you’re happy to splurge on your skincare (their face masks are brilliant!)

EOS, Sphere Lip Balm in Pomegranate Raspberry (7g £6.50)

I love EOS lip balms in general, but I think this is one of my favourites. It’s got such a lovely subtle flavour and it leaves my lips super nourished. I also like the soft touch casing, gives it a bit of a luxurious feel.

Oh K!, SOS Printed Sheet Mask in Skin Calming Dalmatian Print (23ml £4)

(It’s at this point where I give up on my 3×3 reviews for this box because I can’t say it all in just 9 words without it coming out wrong.) I really liked this mask and I think the dalmatian print idea is very cute (albeit a bit Cruella DeVil), but on me it just looked like I’d gone mouldy. That aside, it stayed on my face without sliding everywhere and the serum felt oh so nice. I’d be up for trying more of their masks!

Stargazer, Glitter Eyeliner Pencil in Mauve (1.17g £2)

Beautiful glittery pencil with an easy to apply soft formula. Brilliant for a starry looking smudged effect. Not that great if you want a sharp line though. Who can be bothered to do a perfect winged eyeliner every time anyway though? Especially in this stupid heat, everything will smudge anyway. Why not make it deliberate then and add a bit of sparkle whilst you’re at it.

I now have to go back and write more about the first three things as well, as I initially planned to do my 3×3 (3x three word sentences) on everything. How annoying of me. Be right back…

I’m back! And very sleepy. Took me a bit longer than I thought it would. Oh well.

Overall I really enjoyed this month’s Glossybox and I’m looking forward to the June one! I shall endeavour to write about it a bit earlier in the month, unless other stuff gets in the way. We’ll see.


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