My life

Oh, poop!

Last night…

A couple of hours ago I was just about to make myself a cup of tea when my husband shouted for me from upstairs. I was ever so slightly annoyed (I really wanted that cup of tea…), but went to see what he wanted anyway. He asked me to smell the bathroom at which I looked at him dubiously, wondering if he’s trying to get me with a prank – not something we usually do though, so I did as asked. It smelled fishy. Probably from cat food.

Then he asked me to smell our bedroom. Exasperated but curious at the same time I went to the bedroom and gave it a sniff. It was not a pleasant odour. ‘Do you think Mischief (our cat) has pooped in here?’ he asked. Dreading the answer to his question we started looking around. I thought maybe he just got some poop stuck to his paws after having a bad belly or something and that’s what smelled.

Alas, when I stepped on our bed to push back the duvet – the edge of it had rolled forward – a pile of Mischief’s nuggets rolled on my foot from underneath the aforementioned duvet edge. After a second of disbelief at what I was looking at, I calmly slid my foot free of the poop and stepped back to remove my sock. That’s when the potential future horrors started to play in my mind – is this what Mischief does now? Is he going to be pooping on our bed? Maybe in our shoes? Wardrobes? I’ve heard the horror stories of cat owners finding ‘gifts’ from their pets in unimaginable places, I know what I could be up against! Deep breaths. Calm. It was probably just a one time accident. Right?

Whilst this was going on in my head, my husband got rid of the poo and stripped the bedding off the bed – my hero! He threw the duvet cover in the wash with a lot of detergent and on the deadliest (well, the most intense anyway) program. He said the stench may have gone through the cover however and reached our duvet, so I gave it a sniff. Huge mistake. I was gagging in the bathroom for a good few minutes before composing myself enough to say the duvet needs to go.

A few minutes later I was in my car, on my way to a supermarket to see if I could find us a new duvet tonight. That’s when I called my sister to offload some of my worries and was reassured when she reminded me that ages ago her cat did the same thing – just the once – and it’s never happened again. Feeling quite a bit more cheerful I showed her all the festive things in the supermarket – we were on a video call – and then proceeded to the duvet aisle, which thankfully had a couple of options which actually looked quite nice.

I opted for a goose feather & down one, having dreamed of having one of those for a good few years now, ever since we stayed in an Airbnb cottage with a feather & down duvet that felt like cloudy heaven. Yes, our supermarket one probably won’t feel quite as nice (I looked up the cottage one and it was £800, which is why I hadn’t bought one before now, I thought that’s what they cost), but I’m still very excited.

I did eventually make my cup of tea (after I got home and we took our dog out for a walk and tidied the kitchen), but then I decided to sit down to write about our adventures and now my tea’s gone cold. That’s alright though, it’s berry tea so it’s just as nice even if it’s not hot.

So I shall have my cup of tea now and then go to bed under our new duvet.


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