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Empty Thoughts Part IV

This is a series of posts where I reflect on beauty, skincare, makeup, etc products that I used up in 2019. You can read my previous entries here – Empty Thoughts Part IEmpty Thoughts Part II and Empty Thoughts Part III.

”My sister and I have a thing where whenever we finish a perfume or a beauty or skincare or hair care product or anything like that, we send each other a picture of it and say if we liked it or not. For some reason (probably because I wanted to write about it to be honest), I’ve saved most of the empties I’ve finished over the past year and a bit. And I think if I keep collecting them for any longer it could be considered a problem. In my head. For keeping empty packages for years on end. For no other reason than to maybe write about them in my diary one day. Yeah, that would be weird. Ahem.

Sooooo let’s just nip this in the bud and get my thoughts out there. (By the way, I tried to sort them into categories as much as I could but… Well, let’s see how it goes.)

Shower Products

Imperial Leather, Foamburst Ultimate Moisture Whipped Cream Body Wash in Golden Amber & Coconut Oil (75ml, £1.25*)

Pros: The most gorgeous smelling shower gel/foam thing ever. Plus the foaminess is quite a fun feature. The best thing about it? It actually does leave a super long lasting moisturised feeling AND I could still smell it on my skin the next day.

Cons: None.

*At the time of writing this post it’s on sale at £3.33 for 200ml

Original Source, Hydrating Water Infusions Apple & Melon (250ml, £1*)

Pros: Smells amazingly fruity, but not in a sickly sweet way. It’s quite light textured and feels very refreshing.

Cons: Not really a con, but I felt the texture of it did take some getting used to as it was so different from the creamy super lathery ones that I was previously using.

*At the time of writing this post it’s on sale at £1 for 250ml

Rituals, The Ritual of Dao Calming Shower Oil (20ml)

Pros: I would in fact describe the scent of this as calming. There’s a slightly floral warmth to it that would definitely help me relax after a stressful day.

Cons: It’s been discontinued! I know Rituals have a load of other ranges to replace it but I still feel a bit mean writing about it as you can’t get it anymore. Also, this sample size was very small compared to the 200ml standard one.

Grace Cole, Nectarine Blossom & Grapefruit Radiance Body Scrub (238ml, £8*)

Pros: This smells AMAZING. It’s fruity, uplifting and refreshing – reminds of late spring or summer. Would definitely want to try the other scents from this brand. As for its exfoliating properties, it has these tiny scrubby particles that worked really well for me without being too harsh.

Cons: The cap was slightly annoying to unscrew and replace in the shower.

*This and other scents are available on (But as a side note I want to add that I actually got mine for £2 from TK Maxx)

Baija Paris, Gommage Estin Royal Body Scrub with Caramelised Honey (50g)

Pros: I saved the best for last. In fact I was struggling not to stick a spoon in it and just eat the whole thing. This smelled like the most delicious pot of caramel honey ever. The scrub itself was sugary feeling and dissolved in water when rubbed into skin under shower. It left my skin soooo silky soft and smelling like a treat!

Cons: This tiny pot was way too small, plus I couldn’t find it for sale anywhere in the UK. This makes me sad.

I’ve been writing this post for 2 months now, so you can imagine I’m quite happy to say that it’s finished. Yay! Well, I mean, I haven’t been continuously working on it, but I kept writing a tiny bit and then coming back to it a few weeks later. But it’s here now! And I’m still sad about not being able to get that last body scrub anymore… Oh well.

Two and a half months later…

I’ve finally come to post this. Again, not really sure why I didn’t do it when I first finished it, but there you go. Life’s a mystery, eh?


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