My life

Come fly with me PT 2

I’m in Frankfurt! Uh, what else can I say?

About to land

The flight was ok. It was only a dinky plane with 4 seats per row and 20 something rows altogether – quite cramped and claustrophobic, especially as it was fully booked. But it wasn’t too long of a flight, so I managed to keep my spirits up.

Here’s a little bathroom selfie for you. Do people still take those? I mean, I’ve obviously just done one but what about people who regularly take and post pictures of themselves? To me it seems like they’ve all got photographers following them so no need to find a reflective surface to show off what they’re wearing, etc.

I bought a brie sandwich from the Traditional Bakery. I usually quite enjoy their pastries but I’ve never tried a sandwich from them so we’ll see how it compares.

I think I’ve officially run out of things to write about. Oh, there’s a cleaner guy cleaning around where I’m sitting at the moment and he’s really nice! He’s doing a brilliant job as well, very thorough.

I’ve got 5h to go before my next flight so I guess I’ll just try not to keel over from boredom. I’ll also do my best to not write any more stupid stuff today.

See you in Tallinn!


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