My life

Come fly with me

I’m currently at Manchester airport, waiting for my flight.

Today started off well enough, not that out of the ordinary in fact. I even had time to put the washing from yesterday away, believe it or not! Then there was some last minute packing before we were off.

I was given a lift to the airport by my lovely mother in law and also accompanied by my husband. We hit a spot of traffic on our way but nothing that we couldn’t handle.

Once at the airport I checked my suitcase in (last minute addition from yesterday evening when I realised there was no way I could fit everyone’s presents in my little carry on) and proceeded to the security check.

I forgot to remove my watch so I was searched and they also wanted a closer look at my little makeup bag – for some reason powder makeup is always of great interest to them. Go figure.

Anyway, then I was off to fill my travel water bottle (TK Maxx treasure program reward) and buy myself a meal deal – turkey, cranberry and stuffing sandwich, a small bag of vegetable crisps and a nice Naked smoothie. Yum!

Now I’m sat by gate 23, waiting for boarding which should start in 15 minutes…

See you in Frankfurt!


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