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Empty Thoughts Part VIII

This is a series of posts where I reflect on beauty, skincare, makeup, etc products that I used up in 2019. You can read my previous entries here – Empty Thoughts Part IEmpty Thoughts Part IIEmpty Thoughts Part IIIEmpty Thoughts Part IVEmpty Thoughts Part VEmpty Thoughts Part VI and Empty Thoughts Part VII.

Also, if you’ve read my previous posts you may have noticed I am not changing the intro of these. The explanation stays the same and I don’t think I’ll be able to describe what I’m doing here any better now than I did when I wrote the first post in this series.

”My sister and I have a thing where whenever we finish a perfume or a beauty or skincare or hair care product or anything like that, we send each other a picture of it and say if we liked it or not. For some reason (probably because I wanted to write about it to be honest), I’ve saved most of the empties I’ve finished over the past year and a bit. And I think if I keep collecting them for any longer it could be considered a problem. In my head. For keeping empty packages for years on end. For no other reason than to maybe write about them in my diary one day. Yeah, that would be weird. Ahem.

Sooooo let’s just nip this in the bud and get my thoughts out there. (By the way, I tried to sort them into categories as much as I could but… Well, let’s see how it goes.)

Pit Stop

Nivea, Pearl & Beauty Quick Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray (150ml, £2.65)

I have absolutely nothing against Nivea, in fact I quite like most of their products that I’ve tried, but boy do I hate aerosol deodorant sprays in general. I have no idea why I even bought this, I must’ve been very dazed and confused.

They just stink up the room for ages and I don’t feel like they work half as well as any other form of anti-perspirants.

This is a no from me, but I must stretch it’s not against this specific one but all deodorant sprays. Just no.

Dove, Go Fresh Moisturising Cream in Pear & Aloe Vera Scent (50ml, £1*)

This I liked. It really worked for me and even though it took a short while to dry, I just made sure it was the first step in my morning routine, so by the time I was changing out of my dressing gown it was all dry and ready for clothes. I also really liked the fruity smell of it.

*The cheapest I’ve found this is in B&M for £1

Dove, Go Fresh Moisturising Cream in Cucumber & Green Tea Scent (50ml, £1)

Yes, after finally finding a roll-on that actually works for me, of course I had to try it in other scents. This smells even fresher than the fruity pear one. Another win!

Dove, Go Fresh Moisturising Cream in Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Scent (50ml, £1)

And last but not least the third scent I could find this in. It’s a bit more berry-like, but still smells fresh and works as well as the other two.

That’s it! Now, I know this is not the most exciting category, but there’s a reason I’ve included it. You see, this year I’ve tried out a lot of natural deodorants to see if I can find one that works as well as my usual ones. But no more of that now, I’ll tell you about it soon anyway.


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