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Empty Thoughts Part XI

This is a series of posts where I reflect on beauty, skincare, makeup, etc products that I used up in 2019. You can read my previous entries here – Empty Thoughts Part IPart IIPart III, Part IVPart V, Part VI, Part VIIPart VIII, Part IX and Part X.

This is the final post in this series as it is – yes, I have finally reached the end of the products that I used up in 2019 and it’ll be time to move on to 2020. And then maybe catch up to this year? We’ll see.

Also, if you’ve read my previous posts you may have noticed I am not changing the intro of these. The explanation stays the same and I don’t think I’ll be able to describe what I’m doing here any better now than I did when I wrote the first post in this series.

”My sister and I have a thing where whenever we finish a perfume or a beauty or skincare or hair care product or anything like that, we send each other a picture of it and say if we liked it or not. For some reason (probably because I wanted to write about it to be honest), I’ve saved most of the empties I’ve finished over the past year and a bit. And I think if I keep collecting them for any longer it could be considered a problem. In my head. For keeping empty packages for years on end. For no other reason than to maybe write about them in my diary one day. Yeah, that would be weird. Ahem.

Sooooo let’s just nip this in the bud and get my thoughts out there. (By the way, I tried to sort them into categories as much as I could but… Well, let’s see how it goes.)

Body Care

The Body Shop, Passion Fruit Body Butter (200ml)

This is a bit of a sad one. It is in fact not an empty tub but a full one that has gone off. How do I know it’s gone off? Well, to begin with, it smells rather rancid. Don’t really need another reason to be honest.

Disclaimer: I am fully aware there are date ranges indicated on the tub/bottle/container of every beauty item for how long you can use it once it’s been opened and yes, in an ideal world I would absolutely follow it. Buuuuuuuut… In reality I take it as more of a guideline and (completely at my own risk, I am aware of this) more often than not I exceed those dates and instead go by how the product looks/feels/smells to determine whether it’s still OK to use.

So yes, when I went to use it, I had probably first opened it more than 12 months ago, so no, I am not blaming The Body Shop in any shape or form for this sad little incident. Completely my own fault and I have learned from it. When I buy something nowadays I do not open it until I’m ready to actually use it. By doing that I’m hoping to prolong the life of my products and get good use out of them.

(I should probably also mention that this Passion Fruit range has been discontinued by The Body Shop)

Palmer’s, Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion (400ml, £5.99)

I’m rather proud of myself for using this one up. Look at the size of it! It’s monstrous. I guess it really shows how much I love this stuff. I’ve nearly always got a tub of something from Palmer’s on the go along with my other body products.

I like to use it mainly on my upper arms if they’re being unruly (too dry or bumpy from KP) and my stomach.

The scent of it is the typical Palmer’s cocoa butter – if you’ve ever had anything from this brand, you know exactly what I mean.

Would I buy this again? I most certainly will when my current bottle runs out. See further down.

Blind Test, Body Cream (200ml)

No idea what brand this was as it was a blind test, but I really liked the scent of it – fresh and a bit ‘soapy’. As for the formula, it had a very light texture that absorbed quickly.

Not that any of it matters as I have no idea what it is! But I used up the whole tub so I thought it still deserves a mention.

The Body Shop, Banana Body Yogurt (200ml)

Have they discontinued this as well? Couldn’t find it on their website, so I’m not sure if it’s gone for good or simply taking a break.

I loved it though. Smells like banana sweets but not quite as sugary. A bit fruitier than the sweets. Banana ice-cream maybe? Yes, it smells like banana ice-cream. Loved it! I’ve never had any body product with that scent and I probably never will again (if they have discontinued it…).

It was the first body yogurt that I tried from The Body Shop and I instantly fell in love with the formula. Really light but just moisturising enough. I have since gone on to buy (and use up) more of their body yogurts – they’re just perfect for summer when it’s too hot for heavy body butters and all you want is something light and quick.

Would definitely recommend!

Palmer’s, Coconut Oil Body Lotion (5ml, sample)

Yes, another Palmer’s product. This one had a more subtle scent that I actually quite liked. Maybe even preferred? I need to buy it in full size before I let you know my final verdict.

In fact, I have just gone back to edit my final word on the other Palmer’s body butter – I’ll buy this one instead of the previous one. Mix it up a little, you know.

Monu Spa, First Defence Soothing After Sun (100ml)

I don’t know where to buy this one either or whether it’s discontinued or what the case is. (That’s the issue with reviewing products I used up 2 years ago – most of them are not relevant anymore. However, an upside to doing this is that occasionally I do re-discover something I’d completely forgotten about that I want to have in my life again.)

It was a nice enough after sun lotion. Soothing and cooling, not sticky or anything like that. Light, fresh fragrance. A solid option if you can see it for sale anywhere!

Rituals, The Ritual of Dao Body Cream (70ml, £5.90)

Do I really need to go on about how much I love everything from Rituals? Absolutely adored this little beauty. Such a calming gentle scent, absorbs quickly, doesn’t feel sticky on the skin. And, it’s not been discontinued!!! I was getting ready to give up on this whole post but I have now found the will to go on, all is not lost yet.

Yes, I would buy this or anything and everything else that I can from Rituals by the way.

Prai, Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme (15ml, £7.50)

I remember liking this little guy a lot. The fragrance of it was beautiful and even though I don’t think I’m quite the target audience for this cream yet, it did leave my neck and chest silky soft.

Would definitely buy this again in the future.

The Body Shop, Frosted Berries Body Butter (50ml)

Yes, another Body Shop product (got plenty more in my stash to get through, don’t worry) and also another one that’s not available anymore. It was one of their special holiday releases.

A side note – I’m usually a bit wary when buying their special releases without smelling them in store first as sometimes they can be a bit too cloyingly sweet.

Not this one though. It does have a hint of winter berries to it, making it almost a bit tart smelling. Or at least giving it a bit of a tang.

Also, as it was only a 50ml tub, I went through it pretty quickly, making it perfect to use in December when it’s a bit colder, your skin is dryer and needs more nourishing moisturisers.

I would definitely buy more of their holiday releases as long as I can give them a sniff in store first.

Oriflame, Feet Up Soothing Foot Cream (75ml)

A bit of a different one and another that isn’t available anymore. They do have a hole new range of foot creams available though, so check it out if you’re interested.

I must admit foot creams are not something I’m very good at using up. I keep forgetting to apply them and when I do I’m then forever slipping and sliding all over the place or picking up all the fluff from everywhere.

The only viable way I’ve found for myself to use these is when I slather it on just before going to bed and then put my special foot mask socks on my feet.

I can’t remember anything special about this cream, except that I struggle with foot creams in general.

Bit of an odd one to end this series with maybe, but let’s face it, this whole thing has been a bit of an odd one!

And ended it has. I must admit I am oh so very proud of myself for actually seeing this series through. We all know how flighty I am with my grand ideas and projects and what not. Perhaps because this one had a defined ending it was easier for me to complete it.

I shall go celebrate by recycling the last of my empties from 2019!

Before I go, I guess it’s also customary to let you know the total number of my empties and have a quick reflection on them – drum roll, please81! In 2019 I used up 81 makeup, hair care, skincare and body products, to give you the broader categories.

And ultimately I did enjoy using all of these things. It feels great to take some time for my daily rituals, especially when I’m feeling stressed or down for whatever reason. I think that’s the bottom line. I got a small sense of achievement from using up 81 products and whilst using them they all brought me joy. That’s quite a lot of happiness, if you ask me.

Oh, and if you have any input on how/if you’d like me to change this series for my 2020 empty thoughts, let me know.

Until next time.


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