My life

What day is it?

I woke up at 7am this morning, as per usual, but instead of lying in bed for a while, playing some stupid game on my phone, I decided to take Chaser out for a walk straight away. After all, going for a long walk on a Sunday morning is the best. No-one else is ever around, it’s just us and the quiet of the world, except for those noisy birds and leaping squirrels rustling the tree tops. They’re alright though.

I got out of bed, got dressed, fed Mischief who was meowing his head off because according to him we NEVER feed him and he’s been starving for weeks (when really he’s always got kibble available and he gets a tin of wet food every morning as soon as we’re up, plus treats throughout the day) and went downstairs.

Chaser was stretching and wagging his tail, all ready for our walk. So I put my headphones on, popped his collar and lead on him and out we went. Everything was almost exactly as I’d imagined it. It was warm enough so that I didn’t need a jacket over my long-sleeved top and fuzzy vest, but cold enough so that I didn’t get all hot and bothered as we set a decent pace.

Then I saw a couple of kids walking towards us. Well isn’t that strange, I thought to myself. What the heck are two boys doing up so early on a Sunday morning? We occasionally see an eager jogger or another bleary eyed dog walker, but never kids, not this early in the day. Maybe their parents sent them out on an errand? Strange.

Shortly after that we saw a few more people getting into their cars and vans, driving off who knows where. Is there a very weirdly timed event on this morning? Has somebody scheduled a neighbourhood meeting at 7.30am on a Sunday morning? And are people actually going to it?! Nutters.

Having walked for a while more we came upon a bus stop. A bus stop crowded with kids in school uniforms… Wait, what day is it again?

I’ve just had a blissful 3 day break from work so I think I may be forgiven for getting my days so completely mixed up. Although in all fairness I never know what day it is anymore. I work random shifts at work so my weekend is whenever I have a couple of days off in a row and the rest of it is simply along the lines of ‘tomorrow I’m working 10am to 4.30pm’.

Anyway, I thought it was funny how I’m rapidly losing my marbles so I figured I’ll share it. Not much else going on in any case.


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