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Our zoo has expanded

Yup, you read that right. We have new citizens in our household. Chickens. We have chickens.

We were planning to rescue ex-battery hens at the beginning of July, but one day in May when I was at work I got a phone call to ask if instead we’d like to rescue some runty young hens who’d been taken from horrid conditions with ammonia poisoning when they were baby chicks and nursed back to health. We said yes and a few days later, 15th of May, we welcomed these five little hens to our home. There was one girl that stood out from the rest by being the most adventurous and brave, so we named her Merida.

Since then we’ve had our first egg (from Merida), followed by many more (mostly still from Merida). They have met Mischief (who is somewhat scared of them and keeps his distance, preferring to observe them from afar) and Chaser (who likes to be a bit more nose on, but mostly treats them as something interesting to look at whilst laying in the shade of a tree). They have also been exploring our garden, used us as perches and sometimes gone to say hello to our neighbours. They’re the most curious, funny little creatures with big personalities, occasional loud voices mixed in with their soft and calming clucking, warm feet and fluffy butts.

We have now named the rest of them as well. There’s Merida, Viridiana, Ginny, Shallan and Emeral. All named after fabulous redheads from different books or films.

I’ll probably tell you a lot more about them in the future, but I thought it prudent to make the introductions now so if I do casually mention them in a non completely chickeny post you’ll know what I’m talking about.


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