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Hi everyone! I’m back with another series reviewing beauty, hair, skin and body care products that I have finished up. This is all the stuff I used up last year, in 2020, and I have been working on these posts since April, hoping to have them all ready and lined up by the time I’m ready to share them with you. I’m now nearly there, so I decided it’s about time I release them into the world.

I have changed the format of these posts a little, allowing me to fit more into one post rather than creating a hundred entries in this series. I hope this also helps with grouping the wider categories together and gives a better overall view of the items from the same category as well, if that makes sense. I hope it does.

I still haven’t ranked the products in any particular order but I hope I have managed to convey my thoughts clearly enough for you to tell whether I think something is worth the money it costs or not.

Fragrances of 2020


Guess, Guess Girl Eau de Toilette (100ml) – I ordered this without trying it first because it was on offer and I liked the sound of it. I found it a great perfume to wear to work – quite fresh and not too powerful to be offensive to anyone. However, because of that when I smell it now I instantly think of work. Scent memories… Floral Fruity Top notes: Raspberry, Melon and Bergamot; Middle notes: Orchid, Lily and Black Locust; Base notes: Madagascar Vanilla and Australian Sandalwood

Paco Rabanne, Lady Million Empire (tester) – A very different floral than what I’m used to. It smells quite ‘heavy’ to me, if that makes sense? Uhmm… Powerful, strong, more mature. I don’t think I’d buy it in full size. There’s something that I can’t quite put my finger on that I don’t like in this one. Chypre Floral Top notes: Red Currant, Orange and Neroli Essence; Middle notes: Mirabelle, Magnolia, Osmanthus and Orange Blossom; Base notes: Cognac, Patchouli and White Musk.

Givenchy, L’Interdit EDP (tester) – That’s slightly more sophisticated floral scent but this one I absolutely love and wouldn’t hesitate to buy in full size if I saw it on offer anywhere. Mind you, it would have to be the EDP, not the EDT which I don’t actually like for some reason. Go figure! Floral Woody Top notes: Bergamot, Pear Middle notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Tuberose Base notes: Patchouli, Vetiver, Vanilla, Ambroxan

Jeanne Arthes, You’re One In A Melon EDP (30ml) – A beautifully fresh and fruity perfume, right down my alley. I actually got this one in a Glossybox, I think, so I got lucky in that I loved it. Plus, the design on the bottle is super cute as well!

Body Sprays

Ted Baker, Peony Spritz Body Spray (50ml) – I bought this little guy at an airport as a blind buy and holy smokes did it hit the mark. Beautifully flowery, but not cloyingly so. Perfect for smelling gorgeous whilst travelling.

Primark, Cucumber & Peppermint Hair & Body Spray (150ml) – In case you haven’t noticed, I love my fresh and fruity scents. Or vegetabley, like in this case. The cucumber in this spray is so fresh and refreshing it’s instantly uplifting.

Delicious Destinations, #Beachbabe Pineapple & Tiare Flower Body Mist (100ml, £3.99) – When they say pineapple, they mean pineapple. It smells like I’ve taken a bath in pineapple juice. Which, now that I think of it, would probably be an extremely unpleasant experience with the sharpness and stickiness of pineapple juice. I’ll stick to this body mist instead!

Delicious Destinations, #Quench Watermelon & White Lotus Body Mist (100ml, £3.99) – This is summer in a bottle and I loved it so much that after I finish writing this post I’m going to order another one of these and a couple more from this range.

Delicious Destinations, #Flamingo Coconut Milk & Orchid Body Mist (100ml, £3.99) – Another scent they’ve managed to bottle summer with. Gorgeously coconutty it’s bound to bring in mind warm sun and relaxing somewhere under it. Mmmmmm…

Pit stop

Garnier Mineral, Magnesium Ultra Dry Anti-Perspirant (50ml, £1.59) – It works and I absolutely LOVE the smell of it. If I wasn’t determined to buy more nature friendly packaging nowadays, that’s what I’d go for.

Dove, Go Fresh in various scents (50ml, £1) – These were my favourites before discovering the Garnier range. I didn’t think anything would feel nice or work for me until I tried these Dove roll-ons, but finding these guys gave me new hope that it was in fact possible to find something to either stop me from sweating or at least not leave me stinky whilst letting my body do its thing.

Garnier, Neo Intensive Antiperspirant Invisible Dry-Cream (40ml) – Another Garnier product that I loved. Not as much as their roll-on though, as I found this cream to be a bit messier to apply, even though it was still in a very convenient applicator for what it was. I also adored the fruity flowery scent of it.

The Natural Deodorant Co, Deodorant Creams & Balms in various scents (5g testers) – Thus began my journey to find a natural deodorant that would work for me. I feel like I gave these guys a fair go, but they didn’t really cut it for me. The application was messy, having to scoop it out and rub it on with my finger (not something you can easily do in your car or in the office bathroom in the middle of a particularly intense work day for example). And maybe it was because I was used to anti-perspirants and these were deodorants, but they left me feeling… not that great. I would try them again in the future if they came up with better packaging though.

Simply Effective, Natural Deodorant (5g tester) – I had the exact same issues with this little guy as I did with the previous ones. Although to give it the benefit of the doubt about the formula, I did only have one 5g tester pot to try it, rather than 6x 5g pots. So it may not have been enough to formulate my final opinion. The inconvenience of application was the same though.

Nive, Dry Confidence Plus (150ml) – I. Hate. Sprays. Anti-perspirant/deodorant sprays, that is. Nothing against this one in particular, I dislike them all. Just… no. They stink up the room, leave white powdery residue behind and just… no! I can’t for the life of me remember what compelled me to buy this one but never will I buy another anti-perspirant/deodorant spray ever again.

This was a bit more of a negative end to my post than usual perhaps but it’s something that I feel weirdly strongly about. Also, I did go ahead and ordered more of those Delicious Destinations sprays. They’re so gooooooood.

As for my journey to find more planet friendly pit products, I’ve done it! I found a product that offers a reusable case with compostable plastic free refills that smell gooooooorgeous and it’s easy to apply. Let me know if you’re interested in knowing what it is and I may just spill the beans.

Edit: Oops, I forgot to summarise how many smellies I used up! 21. The answer is 21.


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