My life


This has been me for the past few weeks. Melting away. Not in a good way like miraculously losing pounds where I don’t need them, oh no, that would be too nice. Melting as in, it’s way too hot. I don’t sleep well because I keep tossing and turning and end up tangled in the sheets. Then I get cranky because I’m sleepy. And it’s too hot to have any energy to do anything. So basically it’s a miserable time for me.

Everything is sweaty and sticky and countless of showers and I just want to lie flat in a pool with a cold drink.

Eh, I guess it’s not actually THAT bad. Except that most of my plants are suffering too even though I try to keep them watered. They’ll be ok though. Everything will be fiiiiiiiiine.

Sorry, simply needed to get it off my chest.

I’ll go melt a bit more now.

Actually, we’re about to go give blood. Donate a bag of it, you know. And if you don’t know then check it out. It could save lives! Is good stuff.


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