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Hi everyone! I’m back with another series reviewing beauty, hair, skin and body care products that I have finished up. This is all the stuff I used up last year, in 2020, and I have been working on these posts since April, hoping to have them all ready and lined up by the time I’m ready to share them with you. I’m now nearly there, so I decided it’s about time I release them into the world.

I have changed the format of these posts a little, allowing me to fit more into one post rather than creating a hundred entries in this series. I hope this also helps with grouping the wider categories together and gives a better overall view of the items from the same category as well, if that makes sense. I hope it does.

I still haven’t ranked the products in any particular order but I hope I have managed to convey my thoughts clearly enough for you to tell whether I think something is worth the money it costs or not.

Bodycare of 2020

Hand creams

PS…, Watermelon Refreshing Hand Cream (30ml, £1) – This little guy was from Primark and whilst they do have many hits among their skincare and makeup products, this one was a little bit of a miss. Firstly, the smell of it was too sickly and had nothing to do with watermelons. Secondly, it left my hands a bit greasy. A ‘no’ from me.

Eveline Cosmetics, Strawberry Skin Regenerating Hand Balm (50ml) – I picked this up from a supermarket when I was abroad and in dire need of some hand cream. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The synthetic strawberry scent wasn’t too offensive and it did absorb pretty quick.

Nivea, Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream (125ml, £2.75) – This is one of my go to hand creams. I love the ‘Nivea’ scent of it and it is in fact deeply hydrating. Perfect for my weird ‘I hate it when my hands feel dry!!’ obsession thing. I don’t know, it’s not even an obsession, I simply can’t have dry hands, it drives me absolutely crazy.

Rituals, The Ritual of Ayurveda Soothing Hand Balm (70ml, £9.90) – This one takes the cake. If you didn’t see this coming you clearly haven’t read my previous empties posts. I feel like a broken record here but I absolutely love everything from Rituals and this hand cream is no exception. Loved it! You can really smell the Indian rose and sweet almond oil in it and it’s so intensely hydrating. Amazing. Would definitely welcome another one of these to my hand cream stash.

Bio Glow, Olive Hand Creme (60ml, £1.45) – I really can’t remember where I got this one from and for some reason it’s bugging me. It must’ve been one of my beauty boxes… Maybe? Who knows. Anyway, it was ok. Didn’t smell of much but left my hands moisturised. Not sure what else I can say about it so I’ll leave it at that, I think.

Shower gels

Bodyform, Pure Sensitive Daily Intimate Wash Gel (200ml, £1.99) – Not going to lie, I don’t generally have a separate product for my intimate bits so I don’t really have anything to compare this to. I suppose it did what it was supposed to do without any irritation so that’s good, right?

Molton Brown, Orange & Bergamot Bath & Shower Gel (100ml, £7.33) – Loved it. Absolutely adoooooooored it, in fact. I love the earthy and planty scents from Molton Brown. This one smelled like… earthy, leafy citrus. So good and uplifting whilst also calming? I’m obviously REALLY good and describing smells (‘she says as she rolls her eyes’).

Original Source, Sweet Rhubarb & Raspberry Shower Gel (£250ml, £1) – Sweet but with a tang. Very summery. Gorgeous. Can’t go wrong with Original Source.

The Body Shop, Tahitian Tiare Body Wash (60ml, £2.04) – This one smelled flowery but not like a fresh and girly flower but more of a deep dark perfume flower. If that makes any sense? Very unique scent. I wouldn’t say no to having this in full size.

Oriflame, Nature Secrets Exfoliating Shower Gel with Energising Mint & Raspberry (750ml, £12) – I had this big boy knocking about for years. Because it was so big I kept getting bored of it and looking for variety so swapping it out for other stuff and then going back to it. Don’t get me wrong though, I did really like it, I simply also like mixing things up a little. Anyway, it was very refreshing and I loved the little exfoliating bits in it. The only reason I’d hesitate to repurchase this is the size of it and the fact that it took me so long to finish it.

Rituals, The Ritual of Ayurveda Nurturing Shower Oil (70ml, £4.90) – Yes, I could go on and on about how much I love Rituals but instead I’ll give you this – I didn’t actually really know how to use this oil. Was it supposed to be cleansing or just moisturising or aromatherapy or something else entirely? So the way I ended up using it was mainly on the backs of my arms where I get little red bumps (Keratosis Pilaris) just before finishing with my shower – I’d gently massage it on and rinse off. I felt like it helped my arms to feel more moisturised and softer. However I didn’t think it made heaps of difference so this may well be the first Rituals product I wouldn’t rush out to buy again.


Gilette, Satin Care with Olay Vanilla Cashmere Shaving Gel (200ml, £3.99) – This was a good one. I believe I’ve said before I prefer shaving gels to any other form of your usual shaving aids, so it’s not too surprising I liked it. But it did feel extra silky and ‘pillowy’ compared to some others I’ve used. Very luxurious.

Wilko, Smooth Glide Ladies Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin (75ml) – This is one of the less indulgent ones I mentioned above. Very basic, got the job done and would definitely do in a pinch, buuuuut… I mean, I like to make boring tasks more exciting wherever I can, so this just added to the feeling of ‘ugh, not this again’.

Bubble T, Dark Wonder Acai Berry & Hibiscus Tea Bath Fizzer (150g) – Bath bombs, fizzers, bubble bars, etc annoy me to no end. Not in themselves but because they keep popping up in beauty boxes and I don’t have a bath! Just a shower. When will it be an option to opt out of bath products?! Alright, this is a rant for a different time. Anyway, I bought a paddling pool to try and use up some of my bath products and even though this bath bomb was very pretty dark blue and purple, the experience itself was definitely lacking because, let’s face it, paddling pool doesn’t really replace a bath in its comfort. Ugh, now I’m feeling annoyed all over again. Moving on…

Derma V10, Exfoliating Foot Peel with Tea Tree & Peppermint (£1) – Now that’s an interesting experience. Wear these booties for 90 minutes and about a week later your skin falls off your feet. I’m not going to go into more detail, there’s plenty of information about foot peels on the internet, but I will say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience (you’ll either love it or hate it, I think) and the results! My feet have actually never felt this smooth or looked that good. I’ve done it once more since and am planning on having another one soon.

Skimono, Intense Nourishment Hand Mask (14ml, £9.99) – Eh… I can’t remember this making much of a difference to my hands to be honest. Maybe it’s because like I mentioned before I always keep my hands super moisturised anyway? I’ve read some people saying that it really helped with their super dry and cracked hands but I’d never be able to let my hands get like that, it would break my brain and make my anxiety go haywire. It’s simply one of my ‘things’. In conclusion, if at some point for whatever reason my hands suddenly were as bad as some of the other reviews I read, I’d be willing to give this another go, but for now I’ll stick to my hand creams.

Delhicious, Hello Beau-Tea-Ful Original Black Tea Body Scrub (100g, £7.95) – If you’ve met me you probably know I loooooove tea. Tea body scrubs though? Turns out, not so much. It was simply too messy. I did like using it on the backs of my arms (again to help with my KP), but because I had to spend ages cleaning it off the shower curtain and walls afterwards, it wasn’t really worth the effort.

Joik, Shimmering Raspberry Body Scrub with Sugar & Pink Clay (245g, €17) – This guy on the other hand was perfection in a tub. It’s got to be one of my most favourite scrubs of all time. Such a delicious scent, gentle but so effective sugary scrubby bits and how soft it left my skin was just something else. Absolutely 100% would buy this or any other scrubs from Joik again.

Creams & lotions

The Body Shop, Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet (200ml) – This stuff was absolute perfection for hot summer days. The sorbet consistency of it was super light and refreshing, almost cooling. Paired with the minty and citrusy scent you couldn’t beat it. Absolutely loved it and even though I can’t see any sorbets on their website at the moment I hope they haven’t done away with that formula and that we will be seeing them again soon.

ESPA, Detoxifying Body Oil (15ml, £4.86) – Another very citrusy and uplifting product. From what I remember it absorbed well and left my skin super soft. Like, ridiculously so. I also really love the packaging of it, it feels very luxurious – glass bottle with a marble looking and feeling cap. Would definitely buy again.

The Body Shop, Mango Whipped Lotion (60ml) – It seems this is also not available anymore. Anyway, it had a lovely light texture but was very moisturising. Oh, and I obviously loved the gorgeous mango scent of it as well. I feel like you can’t really go wrong with The Body Shop. What you see is what you get – if they say it smells like mangos then you can bet your bum it will smell like mangos.

Superdrug, Vitamin E All Over Body Cream (50ml, £0.45) – Ok, about the price – I couldn’t find it in this small tub anymore, just in a 475ml and 1000ml tubs. So I took the price per 100ml and put the result at the beginning. It didn’t actually cost me just 45p. But that’s ok, it was still very affordable. As for the cream itself I wasn’t the biggest fan. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, it simply lacked any wow factor for me. I do like my body products to smell nice and this one had hardly any scent at all. I know there are a lot of people out there who dig that though, so if you’re one of them, this cream may be for you.

Garnier, Summer Body Moisturising Lotion Light Sun-Kissed Look (250ml, £6.49) – This is as much of a self tan as I can manage on a semi-regular basis. And by that I mean I’ll use it a couple of times, then forget about it for a few weeks and then use it another couple of times. This particular one has a very strong smell so if you’re not into that I’d go for something else. I didn’t mind it too much but I also wasn’t the biggest fan. Would I buy it again? Probably, when I get sick and tired of how pale my legs are and how they never tan.

Dove, Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion with Pistachio Cream and Magnolia (250ml) – I picked this up on a whim, thinking for whatever reason that I need more body moisturisers (as if I didn’t have two drawers full of them already). It was weird. I couldn’t and still can’t figure out the smell of it. Not pistachios. Not magnolia. It’s like… Actually, I imagine that’s what pistachio Bailey’s would smell like. I used it up on my legs as I didn’t like it too close to my nose. I didn’t hate it because it was nourishing but I wouldn’t buy it again.

This Works, Perfect Legs Skin Miracle (10ml, £3.15) – It didn’t really help too much with my stark white legs other than give them a subtle glow. When first applied it looks like it’ll do so much more but once rubbed in it kind of disappears. Even though I only had a small sample to try and got I think one or maybe two uses out of it, I’d be very hesitant to fork out the money for a full sized tub as I’m not convinced it’ll achieve anything more as it’s not something that’s supposed to have long term benefits. It’s basically like makeup for your body. And it didn’t do it for me.

The Body Shop, Ginger Body Yogurt (200ml) – Holy wow. Now this guy packed a punch. One of the more unique body products I’ve tried and all the better for it. Like I mentioned before, you get what you see with The Body Shop and when it says ginger, they mean GINGER. Absolutely amazingly gingery this body yogurt was one of my favourite products from last year. Yet again very light texture but insanely moisturising, and the smell… I can’t get over the amazing smell of it. Unfortunately I think it was another one of their limited edition products as I can’t find it anymore. It’s a shame as I would’ve actually loved to try more of any ginger body products they may have had.

Korres, Japanese Rose Body Milk (200ml, £10) – This is my other favourite from last year. Korres is another brand that is yet to do wrong by me (hope they never will!). The delicate flowery scent of it, convenient squeezy tube and beautifully moisturising formula – what more could you want? I will most likely continue to buy different scents from their body milk range as I like variety and trying new things, so you probably won’t see me repurchasing this particular one again, but I would recommend it.

There you have it, last year I used up 27 body products. Quite a few big ones among them as well, so I’m quite proud of that.

In addition to using up stuff I already have I’m also buying less ‘backups’ for things I already have in abundance. Body lotions and creams are one area that I’ve always struggled to keep in check. I’d see something I like the look of and I’d HAVE to have it. Having a huge stockpile of perishables though? Not really sustainable in the long run.

I’ve had one too many things go off in the past before I even got round to using them and what’s the point of that? But now, I’m keeping inventory of what I already have, so I can check if I ACTUALLY need it. The answer is usually no, by the way, in case you’re wondering.


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