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Empty Skincare Thoughts I

I don’t particularly enjoy repeating my intro for these posts but it says everything I need it to say… Except that I used up so many skincare products that I had to divide this post into multiple parts.

Hi everyone! I’m back with another series reviewing beauty, hair, skin and body care products that I have finished up. This is all the stuff I used up last year, in 2020, and I have been working on these posts since April, hoping to have them all ready and lined up by the time I’m ready to share them with you. I’m now nearly there, so I decided it’s about time I release them into the world.

I have changed the format of these posts a little, allowing me to fit more into one post rather than creating a hundred entries in this series. I hope this also helps with grouping the wider categories together and gives a better overall view of the items from the same category as well, if that makes sense. I hope it does.

I still haven’t ranked the products in any particular order but I hope I have managed to convey my thoughts clearly enough for you to tell whether I think something is worth the money it costs or not.

Masks of 2020


Real Chemistry, Luminous 3-Minute Peel (20ml, £19.20) – I mean, it’s a peel so by definition my skin should be instantly renewed at least to some degree which is why I won’t go into detail about the results. What I do want to talk about is that satisfying balling up that it does on the skin. I’m fully aware it’s not actually just your skin peeling off as you rub the product on your face, but still, it’s so satisfying. All in all, yes it works and yes it’s a very enjoyable process, but I wouldn’t buy this again, it’s way too expensive for me to justify it.

Glamglow, Supermud Clearing Treatment (15g, £13.20) – I loved this little guy. As you only need a thin layer a little goes a long way and this sample lasted me a while, letting me get to know it and get a proper feel for how/if it works for me. It did, by the way. For whatever reason I’ve been struggling with spots and oiliness on my chin recently and I felt like this really helped with that. As a an added bonus I love the super fresh and eucalyptusy smell of it. However, once again it’s too expensive for me to buy it again. Maybe when it’s on sale… We’ll see.

Formula 10.0.6, Get Your Glow On Brightening Peel Off Mask with Papaya + Citrus (100ml, £7.50) – Well, that’s embarrassing. I was convinced this was from a different brand. There was no doubt in my mind. Anyway, moving on from my brain blip. This lasted me a VERY long time. Like, way beyond its recommended 12 months once opened. I suppose if I’d been more diligent with it, I could’ve finished it in a year, but I’m not that great with tube/tub masks. As for if it actually did anything for me, I’m not sure. It didn’t have any negative effects in any case, so that’s nice. Don’t think I’d buy this again either. It was simply lacking the little something to make it stand out.

Que Bella, Plumping Gold Peel Off Mask (10ml, £2.49) – This had a weirdly dry consistency and was very had to spread all over my face. Maybe I got a bad one but wouldn’t want to risk it again so wouldn’t repurchase.

Superdrug, Fruit Sorbet Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask (10ml, £0.99) – This mask brought me joy. Maybe it was the slightly tart but sweet berry smell of it? Whatever it was I would and probably will buy this mask again. I love how it peels off and leaves my skin feeling really clean. Did I mention the gorgeous smell of it already? Mmmmmmmm.

Sheet masks

Beauty Pro, CBD Oil Infused Sheet Mask (£5.95) – Is it too late to say that I don’t think most sheet masks actually do anything? I don’t remember this one being an exception so… Moving on.

Kocostar, Slice Mask Sheet in Strawberry (£6) – This was actually quite cute. Instead of being a one piece sheet mask it was in the shape of strawberries that you just plonk on your face. My only issue with that was that a lot of my face was left uncovered. It did smell nice though.

Beauty Formulas, Nourishing Gold Facial Mask (£1) – I mean, among other nice ingredients it also contains hyaluronic acid, so that’s pretty neat. Again, I don’t think it does much after just single use but if you were to do it a few times a week then maybe? For that price I’d say it’s worth it.

PINK by Victoria’s Secret, Let’s Pre Glam Perfecting Sheet Mask – It was a sheet mask. Can’t remember if there was anything special about it. I really need to start taking more thorough notes when using these.

Inc.Redible, Flower Power Hydrating Sheet Mask (£5) – I hate myself a little for not taking better notes. Like, anything… About the wetness or scent or anything in addition to ‘it was nice’.

Oh K!, SOS Skin Calming Dalmatian Print Sheet Mask – This made me look like I had big dollops of mould on my face. If I tried really hard I could see where they were going with it though. Other than that… It was a nice sheet mask.

Lip & Eye Masks

Starskin, Dreamkiss Plumping & Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Lip Mask (£9) – My goodness woman, learn to take notes! ‘Didn’t like it’ doesn’t really cut it when you’re trying to write a helpful review.

Vitamasques, Diamond Eye Brighten & De-Puff (£5.99) – I have no lingering feelings about these eye patches. They were nice enough but I wouldn’t repurchase.

Beautaniq Beauty, Guardian Angel Revitalising Eye Gels (£6) – These I didn’t get to try as the packaging was broken and the gel had shrivelled up to tiny little nuggets of desert gloop.

Generation Skin, Brightening Kakadu Plum Eye Patches (£1.60) – These were pretty nice. Cooling and soothing for my undereyes.

Project Lip, Prep The Pout (£3.95) – I actually remember this one! I loved it. It was very thick and moisturising, it didn’t slide all over the place but stayed put. I would recommend it.

To sum up, I used up 17 various masks on my face last year and couldn’t tell you the difference between most them without a LOT of research into my comments to my sister about them or trying to bring back the specific memories by smelling them again.

Conclusion? Maybe masks aren’t for me… well, one time use ones anyway.


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