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Empty Skincare Thoughts II

I don’t particularly enjoy repeating my intro for these posts but it says everything I need it to say… Except that I used up so many skincare products that I had to divide this post into multiple parts.

Hi everyone! I’m back with another series reviewing beauty, hair, skin and body care products that I have finished up. This is all the stuff I used up last year, in 2020, and I have been working on these posts since April, hoping to have them all ready and lined up by the time I’m ready to share them with you. I’m now nearly there, so I decided it’s about time I release them into the world.

I have changed the format of these posts a little, allowing me to fit more into one post rather than creating a hundred entries in this series. I hope this also helps with grouping the wider categories together and gives a better overall view of the items from the same category as well, if that makes sense. I hope it does.

I still haven’t ranked the products in any particular order but I hope I have managed to convey my thoughts clearly enough for you to tell whether I think something is worth the money it costs or not.


Makeup removers

Omorovicza, Cleansing Foam (30ml, £20) – Smelling very herbal and invigorating I liked this foam a lot. It was very gentle and didn’t leave my skin with that uncomfortable tight feeling, but it did cleanse and remove makeup really well. My only issue with this guy is the price. I won’t be repurchasing it because I can’t justify spending that much on a cleanser but if it’s in your budget, go for it!

Oskia London, Renaissance Cleansing Gel (35ml, £16) – I loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it! Best cleanser I have ever used, I think. The gel-to-oil formula literally melted even the heaviest makeup off my face without any irritation. I was very sad when I finished it and wish it was a bit more affordable to suit my budget. Alas, for now I shall continue trying to find a dupe or at least a good alternative for it.

Marcelle, Gentle Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Eyes (50ml) – Another good one. I always struggle with removing mascara and eyeliner so I’ll take anything that makes it a bit easier and kinder on my lashes which are prone to falling out. (On that note, how many lashes is it ‘normal’ to lose when removing eye makeup? How many is too many? Any input would be welcome, thanks!) However, I struggle to find it in the UK and it wasn’t so special that I’d be happy to pay customs and shipping from overseas. Soooo… If I saw it sold here for a reasonable price I would buy it again.

Simple, Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Water £200ml, £2.45) – As you can see I used up two of these. I have nothing bad to say about them – there is no fragrance and the formula felt gentle, so their claims about it being suitable for sensitive skin should hold up. It removed my makeup well enough, took some soaking on my eyes but it got the job done. Will most likely be buying these again in the future.

Garnier, Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water (400ml, £4.66) – I do like my makeup removers to have some sort of oil in them for easier work. Whether they be cleansing oils, gel-to-oil formulas or like this, oil-infusions. I do like their original formula as well, but I prefer this for makeup removal. It is another one I will be repurchasing.

Face washes

Rodial, Bee Venom Cleansing Balm (20ml, £13) – I’ve written and deleted my thoughts on this three times now. This is it. It’s a nice cleanser, creamy and effective. I don’t think the bee venom in it is at all necessary however, especially in such a tiny amount (it’s listed the 9th ingredient after fragrance for example!), I believe it’s there just to make it sound more exotic and unique. I’ve tried other cleansers that are similar to this one so I wouldn’t buy it again.

Garnier, 3-in-1 Charcoal Anti Blackhead Mask Wash Scrub (150ml, £3.32) – I have no idea why I bought this as I definitely didn’t need the ‘intensive’ version. I suppose I had a couple of spots and thought I must take a cannon to a fork fight. Go figure. Anyway, it actually reminds me a bit of the Glamglow mud mask thing. It’s got a similar smell and works rather the same as well. All in all it’s not a bad product, just a bit of an overkill for me. Also, please don’t use this daily like it says on the bottle! I’m by nooooo means a skincare expert but I do believe I’m right in saying that you do NOT need to thoroughly exfoliate your face every day unless you want it to fall off.

Amie, Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash (10ml, £0.27) – This was a good basic face wash. Creamy consistency, a nice flowery scent and it left my skin feeling soft. Nothing too exciting but I’d buy it again for sure.

Himalaya Herbals, Purifying Neem Face Wash (50ml, £0.63) – This was ok. I didn’t like the texture of it too much, the gel felt a bit funny on my skin. Perhaps it’s something I’d need to get used to, but right now I do prefer the more creamy ones. It did clean my face though and didn’t cause any irritation. Would I buy it again? Absolutely.

Good Things, Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser (150ml) – I liked it. As the name suggests, it was a creamy one which we have just learned is my preference. It also had a pleasant honey scent to it which I adore. I’d buy it again.

Cetaphil, Gentle Skin Cleanser (29ml, £0.78) – As you can see I used up two of these guys. I don’t think you can get more basic than these little dudes by the way. No scent, very short ingredient list, cleans your skin. I personally wouldn’t buy it again at the moment because I do like my products with a bit of a fragrance to them. I know it adds nothing to the skincare but it adds to my experience. I struggle to keep up a good routine so I’ll take anything to make it more enjoyable for me, like a nice smell.


Trifle Cosmetics, Sugar Pear Sublime Lip Scrub (10ml, £9) – I could’ve eaten this out of the tub, it smelled and tasted so good! Caramelly yumminess. Oh, and it did give my lips a nice scrub, leaving them softer and in better condition than before. Would definitely love to have this in my stash again.

E.l.f. Cosmetics, Lip Exfoliator in Grapefruit (£5) – I got this from TK Maxx, so I have to give it the benefit of the doubt – even though it was sealed, it may not have been the freshest of products as that’s usually how things end up in that wonderful bargain store (discontinued or leftover stock). Anyway, mine was rancid. It was ok for maybe one or two uses and then it was like very rough sandpaper and it stank like oil gone off. Absolutely awful, ended up using it on my feet. It has definitely put me off e.l.f. lip scrubs for now.

First Aid Beauty, Facial Radiance Pads (28 pads, £16) – I didn’t use these daily as suggested on the tub so I probably didn’t get the full benefits from it. I did enjoy how they made my skin look and feel though. And how they felt whilst I was using them, very refreshing. Buuuuuut unfortunately they’re slightly out of my budget, especially for everyday use (or worse, twice daily which it also says you can do!). If you can afford it and are after some gentle exfoliation for your face though, go for it.

Naobay, Gentle Facial Toner (125ml, £13.95) – I don’t know that it did anything for my face. I don’t really get toners. Am I using them wrong? I kept referring back to the instructions, just to make sure I was doing it right. But still, didn’t notice a difference. Wouldn’t buy this again. In fact, not sure I’d buy any toner again until I figure out what they’re actually good for.

Garnier, Soothing Botanical Toner with Rose Water (200ml, £3.49) – Eh… I get this is supposed to be soothing. But my skin is generally quite calm anyway. Perhaps I’m not the target audience for this then? Same applies as above though, didn’t notice a difference and will be staying clear of toners for now.

Superdrug, Vitamin E Facial Oil (30ml, £3.99) – I really enjoyed this at first, especially during colder months, but then I forgot about it for a while and when I went back to it it had gone off. Once again that rancid oil smell. I used it up on the backs of my arms in the shower where it weirdly enough seemed to help with my KP (Keratosis Pilaris) a bit. Maybe I imagined the positive effects it had on my arms but nevertheless, I finished it.

James Read, Gradual Tan H2O Tan Mist (30ml, £5.10) – I liked the results of this guy, but boy did I not enjoy the smell of it. It was so strong and it lingered for what felt like forever every time I used it. Maybe it was another product that I left unused for too long but I remember disliking the smell from the start, so I think this is perhaps simply not for me. I did look nice and tanned however… Even though I had to use it up on my legs in the end as any closer to my face and I was gagging. Wouldn’t buy it again.

Hmm, now that I look back at these things I seem to have disliked or felt ‘meh’ about most of these products. That makes me a bit sad, but also glad that I persevered and used them up anyway. Even if it wasn’t in the intended way. Also, my goal here is to find things that I’m actually really excited about and want to repurchase again and again. Find my best of the best.

In these skincare categories I used up 20 products. That’s quite a lot actually.


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