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Empty Skincare Thoughts III

And, last but not least, the final part of my skincare thoughts and also the final 2020 empties post. Well, actually, I think I’ll do one more summarising post where I maybe mention my ultimate favourites and do a total count, etc, but we’ll see. For now…

Hi everyone! I’m back with another series reviewing beauty, hair, skin and body care products that I have finished up. This is all the stuff I used up last year, in 2020, and I have been working on these posts since April, hoping to have them all ready and lined up by the time I’m ready to share them with you. I’m now nearly there, so I decided it’s about time I release them into the world.

I have changed the format of these posts a little, allowing me to fit more into one post rather than creating a hundred entries in this series. I hope this also helps with grouping the wider categories together and gives a better overall view of the items from the same category as well, if that makes sense. I hope it does.

I still haven’t ranked the products in any particular order but I hope I have managed to convey my thoughts clearly enough for you to tell whether I think something is worth the money it costs or not.

Night creams

Joik, Regenerating Night Cream (50ml, £23.25) – I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Joik, their body scrubs are my all time favourites in fact. It shouldn’t then come as a surprise that I also really liked this night cream. It wasn’t quite as thick as I like my night creams to be, but somehow it still packed the punch my skin needs. Also, I love the calendula scent it has thanks to calendula extract in it. For me it gives almost like an old-timey apothecary vibe to it thanks to that. Would be happy to have it back in my life again.

Boots, L;ft Bounce Back Night Re-hydrating Cream (50ml, £11.99) – Let me start off by saying I liked this cream, however there are a few ‘buts’. This was rather heavily scented. Like, even I, who loves fragranced creams and stuff, found it too much at times (at other times I thought it was lovely though, so go figure). Also, when you look at the packaging, you can see the big white edge of the lid? Yeah, that started off as gold coloured. It came off on my fingers when I was opening/closing the lid and it got very annoying very fast, so in the end I deliberately rubbed it all off the lid to stop it flaking away and transferring to my face. Before repurchasing this I’d like to check if they’ve fixed that packaging.

L’Oreal Paris, Revitalift Filler [+Hyaluronic Acid] Night Cream (50ml, £19.99) – This one I loved. I loved the scent (although it’s quite strong, so beware if you’re sensitive to this!), the consistency, the packaging, the way it made my skin look and feel, just everything. Will definitely buy this again.

Dr. Sea, Retinol Night Cream (50ml, £19) – Another one I liked. It had a nice formula and smell to it. Didn’t irritate my skin, kept it nice and hydrated. No downsides really. Except that I can’t find it anywhere anymore and I got mine from TK Maxx, so maybe it’s been discontinued?

Day creams

Elemis, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (15ml + 2ml, £31.11) – So, I’m silly and whilst taking the pictures somehow missed that I used up a sample and a mini of the same product and took separate photos of them. Anyway, this cream is super lightweight but very potent and if it wasn’t quite so expensive I’d happily have this in my daily routine. If you can afford it and are looking for a cream that really makes your skin look younger I’d say go for it!

The Ordinary, Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA (30ml, £4.90) – This cream has little to no scent so shouldn’t be offensive to most noses, leaves skin feeling rather nice and soft and is quite affordable. Would I buy this again? Most likely.

Garnier, Botanical Cream with Rose Water (50ml, £5.99) – I do believe they have changed the packaging of this and it’s now in a squeezy tube? Anyway, it was a nice day cream for keeping skin moisturised, but I’m not sure if it’s special enough to warrant me going back for more. Like I’ve said before, the reason I’m reviewing all of my empties here is to find my best of the best. If I’m being honest with myself this wasn’t it.

Neutrogena, Hydro Boost Water Gel (50ml, £12.99) – This however was a different story altogether. It says it in the name, it’s a water gel so has a super lightweight formula which absorbs easily whilst still delivering intense hydration. As an added bonus I also really liked the smell of it and the pretty blue packaging. Out of all the day creams I finished last year this is the one I’d be the happiest to repurchase.

L’Oreal Paris, Revitalift Laser Renew SPF 20 (Sample) – I liked it but it was too small of a sample for me to get a proper feel for it. I’d buy it again in full size to try it out properly though.


Elizabeth Arden, Superstart Skin Renewal Booster (5ml, £6) – I loved it. It was a very small sample but a little goes a long way with this so I had it for long enough time to be very sad when it ran out. Would I like to buy this again? I sure would, but at £60 for a full 50ml sized bottle I think I sadly need to find a more affordable alternative.

Shiseido, Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (5ml, £11.50) – Speaking of luxury skincare, eeshk is this tiny little guy expensive. I’d say it was actually very similar to the above product for me, because they were such tiny samples I could only judge them on the immediate effects they had rather than long term benefits. And they both left my face looking oh so soft and nice. Alas, there’s the hefty price tag again which means I won’t be welcoming a full size of this into my collection any time soon.

Superdrug, Simply Pure Hydrating Serum (50ml, £3.49) – I really liked it. It was very lightweight and a perfect boost to my skin before going in with a moisturiser. There’s also no fragrance which is nice even if you don’t mind scented products because mix too many different ones and that’s a recipe for a headache. Would I buy it again? Yup, I would.

The Ordinary, 100% Plant-Derived Hemi-Squalane (30ml, £2.75) – This company amazes me. How can they make such good stuff at such great price? This multi tasking product (for skin & hair) comes with a dropper applicator for hygienic use and does exactly what it promises. Gives everything a good boost of hydration. I will definitely be repurchasing this.

Guerlain, Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil (5ml, £9.10) – Another tiny little treatment that lasted me just long enough for me to fall in love to then never to be united again.

Ecooking, Moisturizing Serum (10ml, £21.50) – As far as I can remember this was nice. I don’t recall it being amazing though, so I wouldn’t buy it again.

It’s Skin, Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Serum (40ml, £12.99) – This I liked. It was intensely hydrating and paired with a good moisturiser my skin felt oh so plump and supple. Would repurchase.


Caudalie, Premier Cru The Eye Cream (5ml, £16.33) – I liked it a lot. It kept my undereyes nice and moisturised without any irritation which is what I want really. Would I buy it again? If it wasn’t quite so out of my budget then yes, I would.

Madara, Time Miracle Wrinkle Resist Eye Cream (15ml, £30.95) – I don’t think this did much for the fine lines around my eyes to be honest. And for a cream that insists on being a miracle, well… I’ll just keep on looking.

No7, Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Facial Sun Protection SPF 15 (10ml, £2.99) – This was nice enough, but nowadays I prefer to go for a bit higher SPF so wouldn’t buy this again.

Mimitika, Face Sunsreen SPF 50 (10ml, £3.50) – This however worked like a charm. I used it when on holiday and I missed a little spot in my hairline when applying it and that little spot burned when the rest of my face was completely fine. Would 100% buy again.

Doux Me, Pure Spring Water Spray (50ml) – This had 2 ingredients – water + nitrogen. It was literally a nice fine mist of water. And it was nice on those scorching hot summer days when nothing seemed to cool me down. A spritz of this and I’d be able to keep going for a while longer. Would I buy this again? Not gonna lie, even though it’s just overpriced water in a spray bottle I’d buy this or something similar if I was desperate enough with the summer heat.

That’s 22 empty products in this category. I’d say my two most favourites here were the L’Oreal Paris night cream and Neutrogena day cream. As for fails… the only thing that really left me disappointed was the packaging of the Boots night cream. The rest of the things were good enough not to be considered actual failures, more so simply stuff that was nice or a bit meh. No disasters.

As I said above I’ll probably do one more little post summarising what I really loved, how reflecting on my last year’s empties has changed my shopping habits and what did I do with all the empty packaging after writing this series?


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