My life

I do still exist

There’s just been a lot happening. Some good, some sad, a lot of busy. Some I can talk about, some I’m not ready to share yet.

At the end of last month I found out about a job opening at a small company I’d had my eye on for ages, so I thought what do I have got to lose and applied. The very next morning I had my interview and the day after I gave in my notice at my current job at the time. As you can imagine since then it’s been one heck of a roller coaster ride.

I moved from a part time shift based physical work to full time office hours and using my brain. I’m not going to lie, brushing those cobwebs off the little grey cells has been challenging but also enormously fun. I will tell you more about it another time, once I’ve settled into my new routine a bit more and maybe manage to save some brain power for after work activities as well (such as writing…).

For now I’m going to bed. Because it’s late and I’m up early to go to work. In an office. Wearing nice clothes. Not covered in paint, dust, dirt, sweat, etc.



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