Wednesday Wisdom

Well, been a while since one of these crept up in my repertoire. But I thought it was about time since I’m simply soooooooooo wisdomous. Yeah, that was sarcasm. Doesn’t mean I don’t have a few good ideas about some things though, even if they’re not the most original ones. Hey, maybe you haven’t come across all of them yet however and will find something helpful in here. If I ever stop droning on and get to it, that is…

This week I’m sharing tips from my personal experience about managing my makeup (and skincare, etc) collection. I know not many people have quite as vast a collection as I do, but you may nevertheless find yourself in a situation where you think that ‘wow, that’s a lot of crap’ when you look in your makeup bag/drawer(s)/cupboard/room. Here’s how I’ve been keeping mine under a reasonably tight control over the past couple of years now.

Part 1 – Controlling the amount

  1. Kind of an obvious one, but buy less stuff (You may find my post here helpful with that)
  2. When decluttering, don’t toss things just for the sake of getting rid of stuff – you may come to regret impulse throwaways. I know I have…
  3. Do get rid of products that have expired and have changed in colour/smell/consistency. Cream products tend to go off quicker than powders which can last for years if stored and cared for properly.
  4. If you’ve got makeup or skincare that you personally just didn’t like, think, do you have a friend or family member that could make use of it after you’ve sanitised it? Or if it’s unopened and unused, why not donate it to a women’s shelter?
  5. If you’ve got a sizeable collection, create an inventory. I did mine using Google Sheets and it’s a pretty basic one consisting of columns for wider category (makeup, skincare, perfume, etc), narrower category (blush, mascara, face mask, etc), brand, name/colour of the product, and finally ‘tick boxes’ for have I finished it and did I get it this year. The last two help me easily check what I’ve used up/bought this year. The categories help me very clearly see that no, I do not need to buy any more blushes to add to my existing 13, but I am in fact on my last face serum.

I really hope that at least one person found one titbit in one of those ideas to help them manage their stash. That would make me very happy indeed.

I’ve actually got some more tips on this subject, I think, so I’ll see you again on a Wednesday to share my ideas on how to make the best and most of the stuff you have.


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