My life

Fix me!

Dear diary,

I don’t know what or why it is, but in the last few months it feels like I’m falling to pieces.

I keep coming up in these weird rashes, mostly on my legs but occasionally all over my body that itch like mad but then usually disappear in a few hours (although occasionally the itchy spots do decide to grace me with their presence for longer than that).

My face is breaking out like it’s never done before. Not even at my worst hormonal spurts in my teens was I this spotty. Plus I’ve got these little milia bumps coming up all around my jawline and it’s driving me absolutely nuts!

My scalp… well, that’s something I’ve struggled with for a while now but occasionally I get these weird patches that itch and flake and look irritated and make me feel awful about my hair.

I suddenly seem to be reacting badly to my LED nail lamp. A day or two after doing my nails my fingers get really painful and itchy and I get little blisters on my fingertips, around the nail and even down my fingers.

I’m sure there’s other stuff that I could moan about but to be honest my legs are so painfully itchy right now that I can’t think. Definitely calling my GP on Monday. Right? I should tell her about this, I think? Maybe there’s a simple fix? And I won’t need to suffer anymore?



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