Baking challenge?

Hi, so, I got a ‘100 Bakes To Make At Home’ scratch off poster for Xmas aaaaaaaaand I’m wondering if to turn it into a challenge? What do you think? I mean… a 100 bakes in a year sounds like a LOT. Especially considering that I used to do 20 Cheesecakes in a year challenges and the like and got pretty sick of it by the end of the year. But the thing with this one is that it’s got a huge variety of bakes. See for yourself.

It’s got sweet and savoury bakes, some super simple things, some more technically challenging ones – it’s got it all! So, once more – what do you think? Shall I go for it?

I think I will.

Yup. I have almost certainly decided.

I shall do this thing!

Wish me luck.

Also, what should I make first? Oh, decisions…


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