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One down, 99 to go

I baked! I made oat and raisin cookies. You know, for my challenge. Of 100 bakes. In a year… That we have just over 11 months left of and I’ve managed one bake so far.

Eh, I did a bake! Woohoo!

I wanted to start with something nice and simple so I went with my go-to oat and raisin cookie recipe and even though I had to adjust my ingredients a little, I’d say they still came out a roaring success!


  • 85g room temperature butter
  • 115g brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 115g self raising flour
  • 55g oatmeal
  • 170g raisins


  1. Mush together the butter and sugar. (That step would’ve been SO much easier if our ‘room temperature’ in the kitchen wasn’t arctic. And yes, I know I could’ve warmed the butter up but most of the time that ends up with melted butter and that simply was not what I was after there.)
  2. Add the egg. And, you know, mix it in.
  3. Add the flour. Mix.
  4. Add the oats. Mix.
  5. Add the raisins (or in my case, the little amount of raisins I had plus all the other types of dried fruit I could manage to find in the cupboard to make up the 170grams) aaaaaand, you guessed it – mix it all in! (Is it just me or does ‘mix’ not look/feel/sound like a word anymore?)
  6. Make the dough into little balls, plop them on a baking tray and whack it in the preheated oven (Gas mark 4, fan oven 160 Celsius and do your own conversions from that) for around 15 minutes. NOTE: They may come out feeling all soft and gooey and only half baked but you’ve got to trust the process here and not over bake them. If you manage to transfer them to a cooling rack, or just leave them on the baking tray, they’ll harden pretty quickly.
Oat & Raisin Cookies

There you go, my pretty basic but oh so scrummy oat and raisin cookie recipe.

And here’s the little square I scratched off my big 100 bakes challenge poster. Very excited to keep going and see how many I’ll be able to get! Apparently, I’d need to bake something every 3.5 days on average to complete this challenge this year. Eh, we’ll see!

I just realised not only was this the first thing I baked this year, it may be the first thing I’ve baked in months! The last thing I can actually remember baking were my Christmas cakes I made at the beginning of October 2021.

Wow… I used to bake all the time. What happened? ‘Other stuff’, I guess is the answer to that. Anyway, byeeee for now!


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