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Empty Thoughts January ’22

Hi, everyone! I think it’s for the past 2 years that I’ve done these sort of posts – taking everything I’ve used up in a year and written mini reviews on them.

Well, I’ve yet to do it with my 2021 products. Want to know why? Because I got overwhelmed, that’s why. I finished around 255 products and it’s just too much. Too much to write about every single item. Too much to try and take a nice picture of every single empty thing. Too much to try and remember something special about every product that I used up. So I have decided I won’t. I will create maybe one or two summary posts, but that’s it.

And to prevent the same thing happening this year, I’ve decided to try and do a little summary each month instead, rather than wait a year to write about everything. I’ve yet to figure out how I’m going to format these posts exactly, but we’ll see.

Body products

  1. ?, Tea Tree Bath Soak – I don’t know what brand it’s from, how much product was in it or what it cost. I bought it in a little bath bundle thing a long time ago. Why did I buy a bath bundle thing when we don’t have a bath? Probably to use in a hotel bath, but I can’t remember exactly. In the end I used it in a foot bath. It was nice but nothing special.
  2. Wild, Deodorant in Pine Needle (43g, £6) – I’ve been using Wild deodorant for a good few years now and I love almost everything about it. I love the formula, LOVE the scents and love the cute case. The only downside to it in my opinion is that you can’t use the refills up without taking them out of the case and getting your fingers in it (which is what I disliked about other natural deodorants I tried before finding Wild – they were all in pots and you had to apply them with your fingers and that’s just messy!). Anyway, this particular special holiday edition scent was gooooorgeous. I thought it would smell like toilet air freshener but it really did not. It smelled fresh and a bit like pine sap and just overall oh so nice. Really wish I’d bought more of them when I could.
  3. Lush, Body Milk in Yog Nog (100g, £8) – Boy that’s a lot of money for a tiny bottle. In general I’m very picky about my Lush products – some of them are excellent value for money (their shampoo bars are around £8 but last me for months!) and some are simply ridiculous (£5-6 on average for a single use bath bomb?). This body milk would’ve normally fallen in the latter category, but Yog Nog is my favourite scent from Lush and I couldn’t resist. It’s sort of a buttery caramel with an added pinch of magic to make it smell like the most comforting thing ever. I’m very sad it’s gone and if they bring it back this year, I would consider buying this again (or even better, if they brought back the solid version of it! That thing lasted me 2 years and must be my favourite thing from Lush ever).
  4. Aotearoad, Natural Foot Powder in Peppermint + Manuka (50g £6.99) – Full disclosure – I didn’t actually finish this, but I am decluttering it. I bought it in TK Maxx, so it probably wasn’t the freshest of products, which I’m guessing is why it soon went rock hard on me. I tried to go in there to break it up into powder again, but all I could get were smaller chunks of solid powder, so not really usable for its intended purpose. That’s not to say it’s a bad product, like I mentioned I reckon I simply got an old/expired one. I guess my final opinion on this one is – make sure you get a fresh one.
  5. Naobay, Hand Cream in Orange Juice (100ml, £7.25) – I LOVED it. The orange scent was gorgeous and it didn’t leave my hands greasy or anything, just left them feeling really soft and moisturised. I actually had two tubs of it and I was pretty upset when I finished this second one. Would I buy this again? Absolutely. Have added it to my wish list now, in fact.
  6. Blind Test, Gradual Tan in Light/Medium (200g) – This I really liked at first, then I grew a bit bored of it and forgot about it before rediscovering it again in December. I used it on my legs because they’re always so much lighter than the rest of my body. And when I started to use it again, I thought it wasn’t really doing much, until one morning I was sat on the edge of my bed, getting dressed, and noticed that my legs were – for the first time in my life – several shades darker than my arms! They were also slightly orangey looking, and the cream itself has quite a strong self tan smell. In all fairness I can’t remember it having that strong of a scent to begin with, so I’m wondering if that’s because technically it was on the verge of its ‘best before’ date by the time I rediscovered it? Long story short, I don’t actually know what brand this was, but I wouldn’t buy it again if I did know.


  1. Floral Street, Electric Rhubarb (1.5ml sample) – I loved it when I first sprayed it, but then it disappeared from my skin in no time. So I thought, I guess I have to just spray it more often. That’s when I looked up the price of it. And had a small heart attack. A 50ml bottle costs £64 and 100ml a whopping £100! With the poor lasting power and need to re-spray often, I’d probably go through it in a matter of weeks. That’s when I decided it’s in fact not that special and as I’m not made of money, it’s a no from me.
  2. Hoia, Organic Body Spray in Holiday Vibes (50ml, €12) – I wish I could’ve showered in this. It smelled of warm cinnamon, refreshing mint and sweet vanilla – all together creating the perfect holiday vibe – as it says in the name! I really wish this came as an EDP or even EDT, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately not only does it come in just a body spray form, but it was also a limited edition holiday scent, from what I can gather. They do have a few other scents that I’m considering getting – watermelon being one and cucumber another. I do love my fresh smelling stuff for the summer. Oh, and if it wasn’t clear – yes, I would buy this again (even though I actually received this one as a gift from my sister, but you know what I mean).
  3. Superdrug, Layering Lab in Fresh (100ml, £3.99) – Another one I’m decluttering. I really dislike the smell of this. It’s supposed to be citrus, apple and peony – all of which I absolutely love – and which I can not smell in this body mist at all. I tried to give it another sniff now to try to describe what it smells like but it nearly knocked me sick, so let’s just say there’s definitely something in there that I absolutely can’t stand. Would not buy again.


  1. Lee Stafford, Dry Shampoo in Keep It Clean (200ml, £6.99 [discontinued]) – I didn’t think this did anything that most of my cheaper dry shampoos don’t. It may have dispersed a finer mist of the product, if I’m really digging deep and trying to figure out what’s special about it. But everything else was average – the scent, the results, the packaging. Would I buy it again if it wasn’t discontinued? No.
  2. Lush, Conditioner in Retread (245g, £16) – I wasn’t too keen on this to begin with. It smelled a bit like damp grass mulch mixed with soil left in the sun. Plus, it’s so expensive that I was really expecting it to be something special. It did grow on me the more I used it, but I still didn’t think it did anything amazing to my hair. Wouldn’t buy again, at least not for this price.
  3. Lush, Shampoo Bar in Montalbano (55g, £9) – That picture looks weird, I know, but it’s all that was left of it by the time it was finished – little bits of the decorative lemon slice that was stuck on it. To be honest, next time I would probably remove the lemon at the beginning. As for the shampoo bar itself, it was as great as every other one I have used from Lush. It lasted me about 3 months, cleaned my hair well, lathered nicely, had a lovely scent and it’s packaging free. What more could I ask for from a shampoo? Not much else, to be honest. I would buy this again, but I like rotating between different Lush shampoo bars, so it may be a while before I get this specific one again.


  1. Paul & Joe, Illuminating Foundation Primer (10ml, £9.33) – Let me start off by saying I haven’t really been enjoying primers in general for a while now. Most of the ones I have, I have received from my monthly beauty boxes and they all tend to be really glittery and not actually do anything noticeable for my makeup. Same with this guy. It would simply make me look like a vampire from Twilight until I covered it with foundation and to be honest it didn’t get along with the two foundations I tried it with. The combination made my makeup look really patchy and flaky. I mean, it could’ve been a combination of things but frankly I didn’t care enough to try to figure out exactly what it was. I wouldn’t buy this again. In fact, for me to consider buying any primer these days it would have to be something really special.
  2. PS…, Kohl Eye Pencil in Star Gazer (1.6g, £1) – This one I’m decluttering. It was an absolutely beautiful deeply vibrant light blue colour, but the formula was so creamy, it was driving me nuts. I think it would’ve been a lot better in a little pot so you can use it with a brush. I did in fact use this one with a brush, but it’s very awkward trying to dig it out from the pencil shell and then sharpen it and get the sharpener all gunked up. Just no. Beautiful colour, awful formula for a pencil.
  3. Too Faced, Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Black (1.2g) – This came in an eyeshadow palette and my brief internet search yielded no results for this pencil on its own, so I have no idea what it would cost. Anyway, it’s another one I’m decluttering. It’s a beautiful deep black colour, but once again it’s too creamy. Too soft to sharpen and smudges very easily. I know you can pop them in the fridge for a better sharpening experience but if it’s too soft to apply as a pencil and have to resort to a brush only to have it smudge all over the place in a few minutes, it’s just not worth the effort. Even if it is a gorgeous colour.
  4. Lord & Berry, Maximatte Crayon Lipstick in Intimacy (1.8g, £15) – This one I liked a lot to begin with – beautiful autumnal berry shade, perfect for a more ‘natural’ makeup look. I consider this finished because it’s too short to sharpen anymore, even if there is technically some colour left in it. You may have noticed I said I liked it to begin with – that’s because once it started to get older and older and older, it made my lips feel dryer and dryer and dryer. To the point where I’d lay down a thick coat of lip balm before going in with this guy. But it was really easy to apply and I loved the colour of it. Probably wouldn’t buy again simply because I have so many lip products to get through already and I like trying new things. But I would recommend it if you’re looking for a matte lip crayon and think you can use it up before it goes bad.
  5. Kiko Milano, Coloured Balm in 06 Blackberry (3g, £5.99) – I loved it and am sad to see it gone. It was very hydrating and softening on the lips, added a beautiful tint of colour and smelled absolutely gorgeous. Plus the packaging made it feel very luxurious. That’s actually one that I will in fact buy again (although probably in different shades), because I feel it was that special.
  6. Revlon, Photoready Insta-Fix Higlighting Stick in 210 Gold Light (6.8g, £9.99) – I was sent this by mistake in an order a long time ago now and I kept trying to use it but I’m just not really feeling it. So this is another one I’m decluttering. I think. Yes, I’m still of two minds about it even as I’m typing this. No, I’m going to get rid of it. Probably. Oh my goodness. Why can’t I make up my mind about it?! I have decided. It’s going. I’ve got too many highlighters that I’m not uhmming and aahing about, so this one can go. Phew. But yes, it looks more like fine glitter than anything else on my face, so not too keen on it. Plus it tends to lift whatever foundation I have underneath it, making my face look blotchy. Why was I in two minds about it again?


Barry M, Wet Set Quick Dry Top Coat (10ml, £2.99) – Ever since my gel nail lamp started to give me an allergic reaction, I’ve been playing more with my non gel nail polishes and to get them to stay on without smudging and chipping straight away I’ve been looking for a good top coat. This was not it for me. I found that for a smooth look I had to apply quite a thick layer of it and then it took absolute ages to dry. Plus it felt a bit gluey/gummy to begin with and it only got worse the longer I had it for to a point where about half way through the bottle it became unusable. Maybe I got a bad bottle because other reviews I’ve read can’t praise it enough. I might buy another bottle of it and see how I get along with it.


  1. Garnier, Pure Active SOS Anti-Spot Stick (10ml, £5.99) – I’ve been suffering with acne recently and I must say it’s been quite a challenge. I never had spots like this, even in my teens, so to have it attack me like so in my early 30s has not been nice. Enter this spot stick. It’s the first one of its kind I’ve tried and it was OK. Nothing amazing but it did help a little. I couldn’t wear it with makeup because it created this sort of a thin almost plasticky feeling layer over the spots, making it really obvious under makeup. But I haven’t wanted to wear much makeup anyway looking like this, because I feel like it’s only making the spots angrier and let’s face it, you’re not fooling anyone and in fact caking the makeup on will usually only make it look more obvious. Would I buy this again? No, I’ve moved on to a few other things and giving them a go, but if they don’t help I’m going to see my doctor about it. I’ve already spoken to her and agreed that if I keep getting flareups like this, I need to go see her for actual medical grade stuff.
  2. Lumene, Pure Arctic Miracle 3-IN-1 Micellar Cleansing Water (50ml, £2.40) – This I quite like. It wasn’t foamy and didn’t irritate my eyes. Is there anything else I can say about micellar water? It may have had a soft scent of… something. Indescribable. Would I buy it again? I actually would, I think, although it’s quite a bit pricier than what I usually get.
  3. Garnier, Micellar Water Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin (125ml, £0.60) – This has been my go-to for so long, but this little one was a bit weird – it foamed up and irritated my eyes. I can’t remember if my previous bottles have done it, but I wouldn’t have imagined so, or I would’ve remembered, right? Anyway, I will still buy this at least once more to see how it goes. Hopefully it’ll be better next time.
  4. Simple, Purifying Cleansing Lotion (200ml, £4.60) – I actually hated this one. I love their micellar water, but this cleansing lotion was definitely not it for me. I ended up using it as a prewash before going in with another cleanser because it left my skin feeling super weird and oily. But as I couldn’t use it to take off makeup (because it just wouldn’t), what I had to do was take my makeup off, use this and then go over everything with another cleanser. Way too much cleansing for my currently stupidly sensitive skin. Will definitely not be repurchasing.

That’s it for my January 2022 empty products. It was quite a lot, I’d say. However, because I’m still battling with my acne, I have barely been using any face products recently (and pretty much no makeup), so next month’s post will be heaps shorter, I’m sure.

If I had to pick my top 5 products, I’d say they would be the Hoia body spray in Holiday Vibes (thank you, sis!), the Wild deodorant refill in Pine Needles, the lip balm from Kiko, Yog Nog from Lush and the Orange hand cream from Naobay.

Right, that’s it from me now, I think I’ve rambled on way too long anyway.



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