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Thrice, she baked!

So far I have baked exactly 5 things this year. We’re half way through March and I have made 5/100 bakes. I have this mad notion that I will bake like a crazy person in the summer but realistically I don’t see that happening. Do you? Because I don’t.

I’m now guessing that instead of even entertaining the idea that I will complete my 100 bakes challenge in one year, I’ll get to see how many years it takes for me to bake 100 different recipes!

Wouldn’t be surprised if I was in my 60’s or something, the rate I’m going.

Quick summary of what I have managed to do instead of what I’ve yet to make?

Monday, 31st of January – Pizza (Dough)

Yes, on a Monday evening, after getting home from work, I decided to make pizzas from scratch. Which happened to coincide with my baking challenge as one of the things there was pizza dough. And even if I do say so myself (actually, my husband said it first), these pizzas were phenomenal. 10/10 will make again.

Saturday, 19th of February – Scotch Pancakes

Now, I make pancakes pretty much every weekend. But I’m not sure I’d even heard of Scotch pancakes before. I knew of and often make thin pancakes (the kind you roll up) and ‘regular’ ones, which I guess a lot of people would call American pancakes (the kind you spread/pour stuff on and either eat with a knife and fork or just pick up like a disc). I also know of but am yet to make the super fluffy Japanese ones, but Scotch pancakes? Didn’t have a clue! By the way, turns out they’re also quite thick and cakey. I guess that’s what makes them special. I would make them again, but not every week.

Sunday, 16th of March – Cinnamon Rolls

I love cinnamon rolls. Especially when they’re super soft and the filling is almost a bit gooey and just… mmmmmmmmm. I make these about once a year or so, I think. And I’d say that they’re often really yummy but occasionally I chance upon a day when they turn out magnificent. This time they were just yummy. I used the wrong kind of sugar for the filling so it was quite a bit dryer that I’d ideally like, but still very nice. Especially warm out of the oven. I will definitely make these again, I just need to remember to make the filling a lot softer.

That’s my recent and not so recent baking escapades. Indeed, even if I do find the energy and will to bake, I’m now seeing it is becoming increasingly rarer that I then find the energy and will to write about it. Which is a shame because I love to write. I so want to promise to myself that I will make more of an effort, but we’ll see.

We shall see.

Until next time!


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