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Empty Thoughts February ’22

Hi! I do realise it’s nearly April, but hey, better late than never!

As I predicted, I used up a lot less products this month, but still a fair amount – enough to write home about.

I have also started to include candles in this, by the way. I’ve seen a few people include candles with their beauty empties and I can see it making sense – they’re a bit of an indulgence for the body and mind and I’m all for it. Plus, I do have a bit of a problem with hoarding candles.

Anyway, let’s get to it!


  1. ModelCo, Highlighter in Moonshine (1.5g, $25) – I can’t believe I actually used up a highlighter, even if it was as tiny as they come. It did take years of use and occasionally looking like a disco ball, but I did it – so proud! So, what can I say about this? It was very handy travel sized one, it had tiny glittery bits, but nothing too obvious and it gave a nice sparkle. I’d say it was fairly neutrally undertoned, it wasn’t too icy and suited me well. Would I buy it again? I would not. But that’s not saying anything bad about this highlighter! I simply have another one hundred billion other highlighters to get through and if I was ever to buy another one, it would have to be something so special that it’s worth its weight in gold or it would have to be completely new to my collection. Would I recommend it? Sure, just make sure to swatch it first if you can, to make sure it will suit your skin tone.
  2. Oriflame, The One Colour Impact Cream Eyeshadow in Orange Crush (4g, £11) – This one, as you can see, I haven’t finished, but I am retiring it. Not decluttering it – I’m going to keep it, just not use it anymore. There’s a very simple sentimental reason for it – I used it in my wedding makeup. I think it must be about 10 years old now or so and once upon a time it had a creamy formula, but for a while now it’s been just powdery. The colour of it is still absolutely beautiful vibrant orange, but I no longer feel it prudent to use it around my eye area.* So I think I will put it in my wedding box with a few other keepsakes from that beautiful day.


  1. Lacura, Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask in Xmas Pud (20ml) – Lacura is Aldi’s (an affordable supermarket chain) own brand and this was part of their holiday range last year. I got this as a gift and can’t find any more sheet masks on their website at the moment, so I’m not sure how much this cost, but I’d be willing to bet it wasn’t more than £1. As for the mask, it was like any other sheet mask, to be honest – a lovely pampering experience but with no long term effects. I’m yet to meet a one time use sheet mask that could provide anything that a face serum/cream doesn’t. Anyway, would I buy or recommend it? Sure, if you’re after that feeling of a bit of self indulgence that doesn’t break the bank.
  2. The Body Shop, Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask (75ml, £18) – I love this mask. It feels so minty and refreshing and does a great job at drawing out the impurities from my skin. By that I mean that a day or two after using it I’m probably due a little breakout that was hiding under my skin, waiting for the opportunity to come out and play. I was scared to use it with my currently already acne prone skin, but it actually didn’t make anything worse. If anything, it did help to clear it. I didn’t leave it on for as long as I would’ve done before my skin took a turn for the worse, trying to be as cautious as I could, and it paid off. The only downside to this mask is the mess. I would only use it before I was about to get in the shower so it would be a bit easier to wash off. But that’s the case with any wash off mask that I’ve ever used. Would I recommend it? I would, but I would also suggest to approach it with caution as it can be harsh if not suitable for your skin type.
  3. Naobay, Detox Energizing Facial Mist Toner (50ml, £2) – I really don’t get toners. I don’t get what they’re supposed to do. I think the point of this one was to spritz this on the face and feel refreshed. There was just one tiny problem with that theory – the sprayer of this particular bottle was broken – it came out in a stream, rather than as a mist. That meant I didn’t get the full experience of it. Instead I squirted it in my hand and patted it on my face. It still felt nice and refreshing, just… yeah. I would maybe buy it again and hope for a working sprayer, to see if it would make me feel any different about it and more excited to include that step in my skincare routine.
  4. Mudmasky, Serum-Infused Eye Mask (30ml, £40) – I just had a bit of a shock when I discovered how expensive this is. I got it in a monthly subscription beauty box, so I had no idea it was such a luxury item. Anyway, it claimed to have a whole myriad of amazing benefits, but to be honest I didn’t really notice that much of a difference. I did like that I got a ton of uses out of it. The only other type of eye masks that I’ve tried before have been those single use type of patches. So that was nice to whack on with a wash off face mask and wash off in the shower. Perhaps if I’d used it more consistently I would have noticed more of the effects it promised to deliver, but using it every now and again when I remembered to, didn’t really do it for me. I wouldn’t rush out to buy it again, but if I got it in a beauty box or something again, I would make more of an effort to be more consistent with its use and see if it does make a difference and then decide whether it’s something that I would like to keep in my stash.


Garnier, Ultimate Blends Nourishing Hair Food in Banana & Shea (390ml, £6.99) – The only hair product I used up in February. I don’t know if this even needs anything saying about it. I’ve used up so many hair masks from this range and I’ve loved them all. It’s so easy to use and helps make my hair a lot more manageable. Will definitely be buying again – this one and all the other scents from the range for a bit of variety.


  1. Superdrug, Layering Lab in Floral (100ml, £3.99) – If you read my post last month, you may remember that I decluttered a body spray from this same range because it actually made me nauseous. Luckily this one wasn’t as bad and I was able to finish it. Did I enjoy it? Not particularly. Why did I feel compelled to use it up? I hate waste. These days I only tend to declutter something if I really dislike it. Which has made me more mindful about what I buy. Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend this particular range – it smells really cheap and synthetic. And yes, I’m aware that it was cheap, but occasionally you can find some true gems in that price range. This was not it.
  2. Britney Spears, Midnight Fantasy EDP (50ml, £30) – I loved this one in theory. I smelled it on my sister a few years ago and I fell in love with it. I tried it on myself and still really liked it. I bought it, used it occasionally and enjoyed it. Until as if a switch flicked and I almost couldn’t stand it anymore – it smelt spicy but in a sickly sweet kind of a way. Either I changed or the perfume changed, but it wasn’t a good match anymore, so I decided to use it up. And I did. I wouldn’t buy it again but go smell it for yourself and if you enjoy it, go for it!
  3. Michael Kors, Wonderlust (sample) – I almost forgot about this one! I actually decluttered it from my collection and gave it to my daughter who liked it. It was a bit too strong for me and gave me headaches when I used it. I must say the bottle was really cute though, it was a tiny sample one but looked like a miniature version of a full sized one. I obviously wouldn’t buy it for myself in full size, but give it a go and see what you think for yourself.


  1. Wild, Deodorant in Cinnamon & Nutmeg (43g, £6) – I can’t believe I forgot to take notes on this one… I actually can’t remember for sure what I thought of it. I have a feeling I really loved it. Like, really really loved it, but I can’t be 100% certain! And it was a limited edition so I can’t even order another one to check. Oh no! What do I doooooo? I guess I’ll have to hope they’ll bring it back and I can give it another go.
  2. Bubble T x Glossybox, Foaming Bath Powder in Devil’s Dust (90g, limited edition) – This foamed a bit and smelled nice for a few minutes before disappearing into nothingness. It had this bit of a sweet but tart berry scent to it which was nice while it lasted. Even if it wasn’t limited edition, I wouldn’t buy it again as I was very underwhelmed by the whole experience.
  3. Lush, Body Conditioner in Snow Fairy (50g, £5) – I do not get the hype about Snow Fairy. It smells absolutely horrid to me – like a big bag of nasty artificial sweets. In addition to the scent I couldn’t stand, I really didn’t get the point of this ‘body conditioner’. You’re supposed to slather it on in the shower and then wash it off. I followed the instructions and came out of the shower still needing to moisturise and not smelling of the stuff either (which was a good thing, actually!). I wouldn’t buy anything from the Snow Fairy range again nor would I buy another one of those body conditioners as I simply don’t get the point of them.
  4. Kueshi Naturals, Shower Gel in Lemon (200ml, £9.99) – This I enjoyed. It was super fresh and lemony smelling, perfect for a pick-me-up in the morning or aroma therapy in the evening. If I wasn’t pretty much sworn off shower gels in favour of soap bars nowadays (every little bit for the planet, eh?), and it was easily available (only found it on Amazon at the moment), I would buy it again.


  1. Joik, Candle in Apple Glögg (150g, €14.90) – I loved this little beauty. It didn’t have an overwhelming scent, but it smelled delicately of Christmas apples, if that’s a thing. Like, apples with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Absolutely delicious. I got it as a present from one of my sisters but I honestly can’t remember which one anymore, because it’s sort of become a tradition that they each get me a candle every year and it’s hard to keep track!
  2. Kaabsoo, Pillar Candle (9×5, €5) – The measurements/price will make sense on their website. I really enjoyed this little guy even though it’s so not what I’d normally go for – all of my candles (except for tealights) are scented. This one wasn’t, but it burned beautifully – it did sort of tunnel a tiny bit, but it left the walls with a delicate, almost lacy pattern. It’s really hard to describe and I forgot to take a picture until it was too late. — Ok, I’ve added a picture of it when it all started to collapse, but until that point, it was all looking like that top part. I think if I hadn’t put it in a glass and trapped the heat, it would’ve stayed in that lacy state until the end. Very pretty.
  3. Joik, Candle in Mandarin (145g, €14.90) – Another Christmas gift from one of my sisters and another smash hit. Burned beautifully until I forgot to trim the wick and it threw up a bit of black soot. Didn’t deter from the gorgeous fruity scent though. Again, not too strong, but definitely there. Loved it!

*I still feel like I need to give this disclaimer – I in no way, shape or form encourage the use of expired products. If you are considering using something that is past its best before or use by date, please pay extra attention to any changes in the formula of the product – changes in consistency, smell and/or colour can all be indicators that the item is no longer safe to use.

That’s it! That’s everything I used up in February. Not as much as in January, like I predicted, but still made for a hefty post.

If you got this far and are interested in my top 5 products from February, I’d say they are (in no particular order) – the two candles from Joik, the Garnier hair mask, the Oriflame eyeshadow (because it’s just so darn special to me!) aaannnnnd… oof, that’s a tough one… uhmmm… let’s go with the Kueshi lemony shower gel.

Right, this has gone on long enough.



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