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Empty Thoughts March ’22

Hi! Yes, I’m aware it’s almost May, but are you aware of how busy I have been this month? No? Well, the answer is VERY.

Work has been super busy (end of a tax year, etc), my best friend got married and there are some other huge life changes happening that I’m not going to go into right now. Just know that I’ve been constantly on the move and I’ve been looking forward to my lie-in this Saturday for a few weeks now.

So, without further ado, let’s check out what beauty, skincare, haircare, perfumes, candles and I-don’t-even-know-what-anymore I used up in March 2022.


  1. Floral Street, Scented Candle in Wonderland Bloom (20g, £4.50*) – So, I was oh so kindly sent this candle as part of a something I’m going to write about soon, but this does not affect my thoughts on it. And my thoughts are nothing but awed and loving. I think it’s obvious this candle was created by a perfume company because it’s got such a unique ‘perfumeness’ to it that I have never come across with the many, many, MANY candles that I have owned or sniffed in store. I can smell the delicate blossoms, bringing to my mind bouquets of the most fragrant kind in summer evenings when the sun is still up and has been warming the air and flowers all day long, giving everything a kind of a deep almost intoxicating headiness. If you like floral scents and want your house to smell like a peony garden, I would not hesitate to recommend this candle. The only downside of this particular one was that it was gone too fast! Wish it could’ve stayed for longer.
  2. Yankee Candle, Ebony & Oak (104g, £8) – This burned really well with pretty much nothing left at the bottom. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the smell though. I’m more of a floral and fruity scent kind of a gal – these woody scents can and often do give me a headache or make me feel sick which is weird because I love the smell of wood and forest, just not in a candle (and don’t even get me started on incense, that’s an instant headache/sick feeling guaranteed). So, great formula, but the scent just wasn’t for me.
  3. DW Home, Mandarin Flower (257.9g, £8) – I am the biggest fan of DW Home candles, have been for years now and even though they can be a bit tricky to get hold of in the UK, TK Maxx is usually a really safe option to go for, I could count on one hand the times when they’ve not had them in. This time I was slightly disappointed though. It didn’t burn quite as well as usual – you can see all the black soot (and yes, I always keep the wick trimmed, it’s not my first rodeo!) and the smell was slightly off as well. I did get it on sale from Clinton’s, I think, so maybe it was past its best before? Do candles have a best before date? I don’t know. In any case this did not tarnish my opinion of DW Home in any way as it was still a good candle, just not a great one. I will probably always buy more of their candles in all possible scents and jars. I should make a post about how I have repurposed the excessive amount of jars I have from their candles. You know what, maybe I will.


  1. Rimmel London, Oh My Gloss Oil Tint in 400 Contemporary Coral (6.5ml, £3.04) – This was old. Like, really old. But I loved it. I loved it when I bought it, then I forgot about it for longer than I’m going to admit here, rediscovered it and fell in love all over again. Oh, yes, by the way, I used it up. All the way. It’s gone. Nothing left in there. It’s a beautiful pinkish shade, but one that actually suited me instead of looking garish like most pink lip products tend to do on me. Plus it was so hydrating, it was like using, well, a lip oil (duh, it’s in the name!). I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this formula again. Oh, I forgot to say it had this like… almost fruity smell, but not quite. I liked it. Oh, and it feels really comfortable on the lips and isn’t sticky at all. Ok, that’s enough, I think.
  2. Oriflame, Tender Care Protecting Balm in Vanilla (15ml, £8) – These little guys take deceptively long time to use up so it was quite an achievement, I must say. I enjoyed the smell of it, although I think my favourite will always be their caramel scented one. I always keep one of these on my nightstand and slather my lips in it before going to sleep. It works great to keep my lips soft and healthy looking. I feel really nostalgic towards these balms, they were one of the first ‘beauty’ things that I ever bought, so of course I’m going to say I’d recommend them. Would I buy more of them? To be honest, I probably would. Nostalgia or not, but I think they’re genuinely good at what they do. There are so many more flavours now as well, I feel a dangerous pull to try them all out. This may have to be one rabbit hole I avoid – it would probably take me a few decades to use them all up!


  1. Superdrug, Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen with Vitamin E (No longer available) – I bought this because I saw Cristine from SimplyNailogical use something similar and she said it helps to keep her nails strong and healthy. I think it’s an excellent theory, the only problem was that I kept forgetting to use it. I did keep it on my desk so I’d remember, but I didn’t really want to grease up my laptop, so found myself hardly ever using it. I think it took me over 2 years to use it up. Once again, I believe it’s a great product, just not for me.
  2. Bluesky, Soak Off Gel Base Coat (10ml, £7.50) – It was a gel polish base coat. You know, the kind you have to cure under a UV/LED lamp. I’d say it did its job just fine. I didn’t actually finish it completely, because somehow I go through top coats sooooooo much faster than base coats, so I end up with ageing bases and new tops all the time. I mean, sure, I could just buy a top coat on its own but… I don’t know. It was getting too old as well.
  3. Rosalind, Soak Off Gel Base Coat (10ml) – I could literally copy-paste the text from above. It was absolutely fine, just getting old, so I decided to get rid of it.
  4. Oriflame, Very Me SugarNail in Strawberry (8ml) – I loved this nail polish. Absolutely loved it. I’ve never seen this kind of formula before or after purchasing this bottle many years ago now, so if you can recommend one, I’m all ears – it’s like this rough sugary texture that lasts like an absolute dream, especially on toes. In fact this was the nail polish I wore on my toes when I got married. Bet you didn’t know that! Incidentally the last application of it that I did at the beginning of April, lasted me beautifully through my best friend’s wedding as well. So it feels like a full circle. I loved the colour of it too and I wouldn’t normally peg myself as someone who would go for hot pink, but this was just perfect. (I think I may have found something similar after some digging. I may just have to get myself a bottle or two to try out. You know, for science.)


Floral Street, Eau de Parfum in Neon Rose (1.5ml, tester) – I’m not going to go into too much detail about this little guy here because it (along with its buddies) is going to get a dedicated post soon. I will however say that I absolutely looooooooved the smell of this – beautifully fresh and floral. The only downside of this sample was that the sprayer stopped working, so I had to take the plastic bit off and use it like an old fashioned perfume bottle, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, it was but a minor inconvenience, I still loved this perfume!


  1. Nip+Fab, Vitamin C Scrub Fix (75ml, £12.95) – Loved this! Loved the scent which was sort of sweet and citrusy, loved the micro-polish formula, loved how it left my soft like a baby’s bottom. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was how it was a bit difficult to get the product out when I got to the end of it, I felt like I had to work a bit too hard for it. But, in all honesty? I would totally buy this again.
  2. Boots Ingredients, Glycolic Acid Toner (100ml, £5) – Let me start off by saying I love how Boots have hopped on the band wagon of these simple ingredient products, keeping effective skincare affordable for more people. Now let me say that I don’t get toners!!! What are they supposed to dooooo? I can’t believe I bought another one, thinking this time it will be different! Was it heck. Until someone explains to me like I’m 5 years old why I need a toner in my skincare routine, I’m not going to buy another one (I mean, until one grabs my eye again and I go all ‘Oooooooh, I think this will be magical!’ whilst future me is standing there rolling her eyes). Unless it wasn’t clear – this is nothing against this particular toner, I simply don’t understand the necessity of them in my skincare routine in general.
  3. Mixa, Hyalurogel Serum of Sensitive Skin (30ml, £9.90) – This I liked. It was very lightweight, absorbed quickly and made my skin feel hydrated. Do I need to say anything else? Oh, it had no smell and is hypoallergenic. So there’s that, too, in case you were wondering. Would I buy it again? I sure would.


  1. Joik, Shimmering Raspberry Body Lotion (150ml, €12.90) – I love this beautiful raspberry and almond concoction. It smells absolutely gorgeous and the shimmer in it is subtle and lovely, not overly disco ballish. It absorbed quickly and didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. I also found the pump applicator really easy to use all the way through to the end. Would 100% love to receive another one of these for the holidays (*hint-hint*).
  2. Hoia, Unicorn Dust Bodyscrub (200ml, €15.90) – Another sparkly product that I loooooved. The fresh minty scent and good scrubby particles (not too harsh, not too puny) paired with how moisturised it left my skin feeling afterwards were an excellent combination. Would definitely recommend, whether you’re a fan of unicorns or not.
  3. Wild, Deodorant in Pina Colada (43g, £6) – Have I done a dedicated post on Wild yet? I’m not sure if I have, you know. I should definitely do one though. I have a lot to say about them. This particular one I enjoyed very much. Creamy coconut with a bit of a zingy zest to it. That’s the scent I’m talking about, by the way. Formula, etc was also top-notch. Unfortunately I think it was a limited edition, so it’s not available at the moment. They have been known to bring back people’s favourite limited edition scents though, so who knows?
  4. Bubble T, Restoring Hand Cream in Peach Bellini (90ml) – This was ok. The smell was a bit too bubblegum for my liking and the formula wasn’t quite it for me either. A bit too greasy, if you know what I mean. I wouldn’t repurchase this.
  5. The Body Shop, Shea Whipped-Lotion (60ml) – Another product that isn’t even available anymore. Was it a limited edition or was it simply that old? Who knows. It was another ok one. I’m not the biggest fan of The Body Shop’s Shea range. I feel like it can smell almost a bit rancid at times, even with brand new products. I much prefer their fruity stuff. If you do however like their Shea range, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t enjoy this. If it was still available… Which it isn’t. I’ll just shut up now.
  6. Nuxe, Huile Prodigieuse Riche (10ml, £2.95*) – Well, this is actually a (deluxe?) sample size, but the 100ml bottle is £29.50, thus my price calculation. Anyway, loved it. I loved the scent of it (if you have ever owned or sniffed any Nuxe body oils, you know the smell I’m talking about), loved how it left my skin sooooooo soft without being greasy, love the luxurious feeling and looking glass bottle. Everything about it. One of my favourites from this month actually. The only downside was that there was enough for just about two full body applications. Will definitely be buying this again in full size.

That’s it. That’s everything I used up in March. 19 products in all (including the couple I decluttered because they were no longer fit for purpose), not bad!

My top 5 favourites? Definitely the Nuxe body oil, the Floral Street candle, the Rimmel lip oil, the pink nail polish from Oriflame (it WAS my wedding toe polish after all!) aaaaaaannnnnd… I want to say at least 3 more! Heck, it’s my post and I can pick as many favourites as I want! More favourites include the Joik body lotion, Hoia body scrub and Nip+Fab face scrub. Absolutely loved them all and wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase any of them.

That’s what it comes down to in the end. Would I buy it again? Considering the size of my collection if I say yes to repurchasing something, it HAS to be amazing. Otherwise I would just buy something I haven’t tried yet.

If you made it this far, thank you very much! Know that I’ve finished writing this post after washing all the windows of our house from the outside and scrubbing our front door and porch clean on top of my normal work day. So needless to say I’m shattered. Absolutely exhausted. As I think I mentioned at the beginning of the post (which I started writing 2 days ago, by the way), I’ve been knackered anyway. This has just killed me off.

If I make it through this exhaustion, I will see you on the other side.


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