Banana Custard Bread

I mean, not really. They were three different bakes, actually. I feel like all I write about these days is baking and my empties. These are the two series I can almost keep up with. (Again, not really, but I try!)

I feel like I have no time or energy for anything these days. Just work and then desperately trying to keep up with the housework, which, to be fair I/we are slowly chipping away at to finally arrive at the ‘clear home, clear mind’ place, whatever you want to call it. Anyway, I shall leave my whinging to a separate post, shall I?

Sunday, 17th of April – Wholegrain Loaf

Some may call this cheating, I call it using the tools I have and love. I love my bread maker. It’s the best thing – dare I say it? – since sliced bread! They’re pretty affordable as far as fancy kitchen appliances go and my goodness are they a game changer.

How does this work? You put your water/wet ingredients in, then add your dry bread mix or flour/yeast if making your own concoction, plonk it in the machine, select an option from the pre-set menu and 3 hours later your house smells like a fancy bakery and you have a freshly baked loaf with a nice golden crust and squishy soft inner part. Love it!

Sunday, 1st of May – Custard Tart

Again, you may think I was cheating by using store bought pastry and custard filling mix, but I can say, hand on heart, I do not care. In fact, this is what started my process of emptying my freezer and cupboard of the ancient things I’ve bought (or received in subscription boxes) that I’ve been meaning to use up for – in some cases – years. This was one of those cases, by the way. I think both the dough and filling mix were at least 3 years out of date – or over the ‘best before’ anyway. I thought I’ll make it anyway and see if it turns out edible or not.

I think if you have ever delved even a little into the baking world, it’s pretty clear what went down – I rolled the dough out, blind baked it to begin with and then without the baking beads, made the custard filling, filled the baked crust, left it in the fridge over night and the next day – believe it or not, we had custard tart! And the most amazing part of all – it was completely edible. The crust looks quite brown in the pictures, but it wasn’t actually that bad, even though I purposefully overbaked it slightly to hopefully make sure it wasn’t going to kill us.

For the record, I have actually made custard tart from scratch several times in the past and even though this maybe wasn’t as nice, it would definitely do in a pinch. (Especially if you didn’t let all the ingredients go out of date by a few years to start with.)

Monday, 9th of May – Banana Bread

I love making banana bread. It’s such a simple yet satisfying bake. On this occasion, I had the perfectly overripe bananas, so I thought what better time to tick another one off my list.

I mushed the bananas, added all the ingredients to the bowl, mixed it up, stuck it in the oven and tadaaaaah – out came this delicious loaf, perfect served with some vanilla custard.

I have now made 9/100 bakes. That’s almost 1/10th, or 10%. I would love to bake more and I probably would, but somebody has to eat it all. I have come to realise that if I actually went on a mad spree to complete this challenge in one year, I would probably balloon to the size of a house! So, instead I’m taking this as an opportunity to try out recipes I’ve never made before and revisit old favourites. In a fun way where I can scratch things off a big list (well, poster, really).

Also, I have noticed that Sundays and Mondays seem to be when I’m most likely to bake. I guess we will see if I continue this trend tomorrow.


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