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Empty Thoughts April ’22

Hi! It’s still May! So, I’m not late. Besides, a wizard is never late, she writes precisely when she means to. Anyway, here’s everything beauty and self care related (that’s the candles, I guess), that I used up last month.


  1. Revolution, Amazing Lip Gloss in Coral (2.5ml, N/A) – I used it up! I actually used up another lip gloss! I’m so impressed with myself. I mean, yes, it was another one of the bunch that was really old (more about this in a minute), but it smelled, looked and tasted fine (I didn’t scoop it and eat it, but when you apply something to your lips, it’s almost guaranteed to end up in your mouth as well). It was actually really nice on my lips. Very softening and not overly sticky. Based on this one, I would be willing to try out more Revolution lip products.
  2. Rimmel, Oh My Gloss! in Go Gloss or Go Home (6.5ml, £4.99) – Another one of the old bunch, but this one had unfortunately gone off. It smelled like old paint, so it was not going anywhere near my lips. Otherwise a beautiful colour and very comfortable formula from what I can remember. And I had used half of it up so it wasn’t a complete waste. I love Rimmel glosses (my favourite being the oil tint thing), so will probably buy more in the future.
  3. Make Up For Ever, Artist Plexi Gloss Lip Lacquer in Orange Coral (7ml, £6.99) – And another from the old gang, this one had also gone off (the strong smell of paint again), so it’s getting decluttered rather than used up. Before it went off, I loved the colour, but the formula was not for me. The stickiest lip product I have ever used. Ever. It has put me off any lip lacquers to be honest – what if they’re all like that?!
  4. Ciate London, Highlighter in Moondust (1.5g, deluxe sample) – Can you believe I used up another highlighter? I am, once again, so impressed with myself! As for the product, it was nice and shiny but a bit chunky. It wasn’t anything special to be honest and I wouldn’t rush out to buy it again.


  1. Wella Professionals, Oil Reflections in Light (100ml, £18.50) – I nearly cried when I ran out of this one. It (and variations of it) has been my favourite hair product for years upon years. It leaves my hair so soft, shiny and healthy looking without making it greasy and it smells sooooooo good. I have almost repurchased this several times now, but I have other hair products going off because I keep using this one, so I have decided that I’m going to use up everything else I have that’s meant to do a similar job and then I’ll just stick with this Wella one. I do believe I have found The One in this category. And hey, that’s what this is all about, so yay!
  2. Garnier, Ultimate Blends Revitalising Shampoo Bar in Ginger Recover (60g, £7.99) – First of all, let me just say that I love that it comes in a box so that I have something to take a picture of at the end! Second of all, I don’t think this guy had a fair chance because it sat in my drawer patiently waiting for its turn for way too long. I have been trying to be a lot less ‘hoardy’, so stuff doesn’t go off before I get round to it, but around the time I bought this, I also got a few shampoo bars from beauty boxes and they take forever to use up. It is what it is. Was it my favourite shampoo bar ever? No. Did it do a good job? It sure did. I would be happy to try out more of Garnier’s shampoo bars and I must say I am glad that the big companies have started to do their bit to reduce the amount of plastic in the world.
  3. Lush, Conditioner in Veganese (225g, £15) – My goodness is this expensive for what it is. But I must – begrudgingly – admit that I really liked it. I was really rationing it to make it last as long as it could but it still worked to make my hair lovely and soft. Plus, it smells great! A bit earthy and ‘green’, I think, which I’m all for.


  1. Rustic, Pillar Candle (?) – I can’t remember where I got this from, but I liked it. The colour was a beautiful dusky blush pink and it burned quite well for a large pillar candle. I don’t always want a scented candle (shock horror, I know!), and this was perfect for when I wanted ‘just a candle’.
  2. DW Home, Cedarwood & Leather (433.75g, £7.99) – I’m not 100% sure what made me go so far out of my comfort zone to purchase a candle in this scent. It does actually smell like a bit of burnt wood or a leather jacket that’s about 100 years old. Which in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but as a candle it was too much for me. I much prefer lighter and fruitier notes or sweet pumpkin scents, depending on the season.
  3. Yankee Candle, Salt Mist Peony (552g, £24.99) – For example, this was much more up my alley. It smelled mostly of fresh flowers (if a tad ‘perfumey’) and brought to mind late spring/early summer flower beds teeming with butterflies and bumblebees.


  1. Kayali, Eden Juicy Apple (1.5ml sample) – This is the first perfume I tried from Huda Beauty and I must say I liked it. It was very youthful and fresh with a lot of bounce to it. I do not however think it’s worth the price tag for me – £67 for 50ml. I think there are more affordable alternatives without compromising on the quality.
  2. Givenchy, L’Interdit (1ml sample) – This is one of my more ‘sophisticated’ favourites. I must stress it again though, it has to be the original version, not the intense or any other variety. It’s still a floral scent, but a lot bolder than my usual fresh and airy ones. Now, even though this is £77 for 50ml, I would consider buying this as a special treat to myself. I just feel like it has that something to make it stand out enough to make it worth the price tag.
  3. The Essence Vault, 111 Inspired by Neroli Portofino (30ml, £14.95) – This was a blind buy as part of a bundle and I wasn’t too keen on it, to be honest. I used it up but sprayed it on my legs so it wouldn’t get too close to my nose when I was wearing it. I haven’t smelled the original, so I don’t know how much this one was inspired by it or if I would like the original more, but this just wasn’t for me.
  4. Floral Street, Wonderland Peony and Electric Rhubarb (1.5ml samples each) – I have already talked about both of these scents in recent posts so I won’t harp on about it, but I loved these smells and the only downside to these samples was that the sprays broke again. I will try to find time to write a dedicated post on these soon.


  1. Nuxe, Huile Prodigieuse (10ml, deluxe sample) – I loved this, but not as much as I loved the Riche version. In all fairness it was quite a bit older, so it may have just suffered a bit because of that. In any case, I’m very excited to be done with all my body products so I can go buy the Riche in full version!
  2. Lush, Shower Gel in Snow Fairy (100g, £5.50) – I just can’t stand the smell of anything Snow Fairy so far. What does snow have to do with sickly sweet candy floss, I ask you? Nothing. That’s what. Why name something snow fairy and then make it smell nothing like what snow or fairies would generally be associated with (in my opinion)? Blergh. Just blergh!
  3. ESPA, Smooth and Firm Body Butter (30ml, deluxe sample) – This was ok. Nothing overly special and I really struggled to get to the last bit of it out. Unless my lifestyle and income changed drastically, I would not pay the full price tag for this – £53 for 180ml.
  4. Wild, Deodorant in Strawberry (43g, £6) – Loved it! It smelled really fresh and fruity and it works! I think as I’ve written (and will continue to write) about these in every empties post because I use around one a month, you all know by now that I love these and hopefully I will get round to writing a dedicated post about these one day.

That’s it for my April empties. I used up/decluttered 19 products which isn’t too shabby, I think. If you consider that my goal here is to whittle down my collection and find The One in as many categories that I can, or just enjoy trying new things. Ooh, and apparently it’s the same I amount I used up in March! How strange.

Anyway, my top 5 favourites this month would be the Wella hair oil for sure, the Strawberry Wild deodorant, L’Interdit perfume by Givenchy, the rustic pillar candle and… let’s go with the Nuxe body oil.

Also, I’ll say it out loud here to maybe give me an extra push – I will write about my May empties next weekend and hopefully catch up a little. I don’t like having to rush it, but I also don’t want it to run into the next month because that just feels wrong. But I also do want to keep sharing these with you as I go. So yeah… Hopefully you will hear from me about another one of these next week. Fingers crossed!


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