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31 days of workouts – Part 1 of 3

Because why not?! I shall keep this little log to see how I feel each day and how/if it’s affecting my mood and wellbeing and to see if there are any physicals changes that I or others can see.

Day 1

I just thought of this challenge 20 minutes ago when I was doing yoga. I actually did a workout yesterday as well, so technically I’m on day 2, but because I thought it would be neater to have it run for a month, I’ll start it today. I didn’t measure myself this morning (because I didn’t know I’d be doing this), but I will do tomorrow. Even though we did have pizza and cinnamon rolls as a little celebratory meal tonight, so I may be a little bloated tomorrow, which may skew the results a bit, but hey, this is real life, not staged to be perfect, so it will have its real life moments, I’m sure. I don’t even know what that means. Heck, I need to wrap this up if I want to write about every day. Anyway, today was 12 minutes of stretchy yoga and I found that my belly and boobs kept getting in the way. Would be neat to not have that issue. Other than that I enjoyed the stretch.

Day 2

Skipping rope! We had a family BBQ and then everyone was lounging around, letting the food settle. After a while when we’d been chatting for ages, talk turned to fitness and out came the skipping rope. I was challenged to set the bar and, competitive as I am, I did 100 skippity ones with my HR reaching 170 and me thinking I was going to die and afterwards I also did 54 hoppity ones (the dog got in my way then and I didn’t want to catch him, so had to stop). I am contemplating going back out there and doing a 100 of the second style as well still. You know what, I will do. — Am back! I managed 98 before my legs would physically not hop any more. Maybe I’ll be able to do 100 soon.

Day 3

I’m really tired. This weekend has gone so fast (yet again…) and I’ve been so stupidly busy. Don’t feel like doing anything right now. So I shall go follow a MadFit workout video. This one, to be specific. — Ok, this one wasn’t for me. I struggled with a few of these exercises and my wrists are hurting like heck. Doesn’t help that they were already hurting from painting the garage door this weekend. I should perhaps give this another go when I haven’t just spent a weekend wrecking my wrists. Now I’m half wishing I’d done something a bit more sweaty instead.

Day 4

Tonight I did this MadFit’s 20 min Fat Burning Workout for TOTAL BEGINNERS. And this I enjoyed. I built up a sweat, the exercises were very doable for the very unfit me and I felt the buuurrrrn. It was great! In fact, I may do this one again soon. As for my overall feeling, I approached today with a plan and as I found myself following the plan, it felt good. I ticked things off my to do list (the garage door is finally finished!) and at the end of the day I had enough time to myself to finish a jigsaw that had been waiting for months. Although it was missing a rectangle of 6 pieces which was rather tragic. I have messaged the company who makes them and am really hoping they’ll be able to send me the missing pieces! Fingers crossed!

Day 5

Today I walked. At a moderately brisk pace for 3.64 km with an average HR of 127 and a high of 148. There were some up hills and some down hills and my legs felt like they were going to seize up by the end of it. In a good way though. This morning I finally had to come to terms with the fact that since I started this challenge I have steadily gained about 200-350g a day. Which means I’m quite a bit heavier than I was at the start of this. I don’t know how I feel about it, to be honest. I haven’t changed my eating habits or anything else and before I was slowly (very slowly as of late) but surely losing weight. I was still somewhat active, taking the dog for a good walk on most days and doing a workout here and there. So, the only thing that’s changed is that now I’m doing a purposeful workout every day. I shall keep an eye on it and report back another day. Also, I think I might post this after a week or it will be way too long. I’ll just publish it in 4 parts or something. We’ll see.

Day 6

Tonight I did some good old fashioned Oculus VR boxing. It’s one of my most favourite workouts ever. It always leaves me absolutely dripping with sweat (oh yes, I do mean dripping!) and I feel a great sense of achievement after completing it. This morning the scales were only up 50g, so that may have contributed to my mood boost a little as well, as I think I have felt a bit more uplifted today. I have also felt more tired though. So… exhausted but happy?

Day 7

Another MadFit one today. This 15 min Standing Abs video, to be precise. I don’t think I did it right. My thighs are absolutely burning but my abs? Not so much. I don’t think it helped that we had pizza for dinner and I’m still feeling like a balloon, even if it was a few hours ago. I am still dripping with sweat though, so I’ll take it as a win. Like I said, my thighs are feeling the burn! And my arms a bit as well. And my back. Yeah, I definitely didn’t do this one right.

Day 8

Turns out I didn’t do yesterday’s workout as wrongly as I thought. I do have some aches in all the right places today. Yay! As for today… I’m actually writing this tomorrow. Well, on day 9, I mean. Yesterday (on day 8) I woke up bone tired and with quite bad cramps, during our lunch at work we walked to a local sandwich bar where we got some food, then back to work, after work pretty much straight to go see Derren Brown live in The Lowry in Manchester. We got home just before midnight and I was wiped. I did get my exercise minutes through walking throughout the day, but I didn’t do a dedicated workout. And guess what? That’s fine, too! During our lunch time walk I made sure to get my heartrate going enough for it to count as exercise and when this month ends, I’m sure I’ll be doing more of that. I don’t think I’d have the energy for a dedicated workout each and every day but I still want to keep active, so it’s about finding ways to achieve that and keep at it.

So, that’s 8 (technically 9) days of doing a workout every day – whether it was sweating away whilst following one of Maddie’s videos or going for a brisk walk. How do I feel? Tired. Extremely tired. I don’t think I can blame it all on the workouts but I must say they haven’t made it any easier.

My waist/hip measurements haven’t really changed. Maybe I’ve shed half a centimetre off my bum, but I don’t think so. My weight however has gone up by 950g as of this morning (if I’d taken yesterday’s numbers it would’ve been 1.35kg, this week’s high), but, as I mentioned I had some serious cramping yesterday, so it could well be bloating due to period. And yes, I know our weight fluctuates from day to day, but as I said, my weight was keeping very steady and slowly creeping down. When I started working out daily it started to jump up every day. I’m interested to see what it does next week.

I hope to report back in a week! For now, wish me luck.


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