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31 days of workouts – Part 2 of 3

You can read the first part here – 31 days of workouts – Part 1 of 3.

Day 9

Another day of feeling quite tired. We went to an early showing of the new Thor film today and it was fantabulous! As for my workouts, I went for a brisk 30 minute walk and then did a 12 minute session of Yoga Nidra. In my defence, I had no idea that Yoga Nidra would consist of me just lying on my back, scrunching up my muscles and bringing awareness to all my body parts. I thought it would be a nice relaxing stretchy session, as I read it as ‘do before sleep’ and I did it around midnight. Now that I’m reading it again fully awake, it does actually say ‘Meditation. Fall into a ‘yogic sleep”. My bad!

Day 10

I decided to do my workout a bit earlier today, so I have just finished it at 11.15am. I had another go at MadFit’s 20 min Fat Burning Workout for TOTAL BEGINNERS and found it a lot harder today for some reason. I’m hoping that as I’ve done this one quite early in the day and will do tomorrow’s at the usual time around 8-9pm and maybe do a nice little yoga session (not Nidra, though!), my body will get some rest and maybe, just maybe, I won’t be so exhausted. At the moment I feel like I could go to sleep. In fact, the only thing stopping me right now is the fact that I’m dripping with sweat and need a shower.

Day 11

Out the window went my nice and easy yoga idea when I thought I’ll do something different instead. So, I went for this 30 Minute Full Body Toning & Strength workout. I mean, the cool down was all yoga poses, but the main bit… Well, I can’t remember the last time I was this sweaty. Yes, it is still quite hot (we’re going through a heatwave at the moment), but even so, just when I think I’ve peaked with my sweats, I discover a workout that tops the previous one. I loved this one by the way. I can definitely see myself doing this again soon. Also, I feel really happy right now. The sense of achievement is strong as I’m nearing the half way mark (yes, I know it’s a few days off yet, but I’m still getting nearer every day!) and it just feels good to be doing something good for my body.

Day 12

Yoga tonight. Proper yoga, not the lie on your mat and arrive in your body kind of a thing. I mean, that kind is proper yoga as well, don’t get me wrong, but I mean the ‘right’ kind for my challenge. It was good to stretch out my muscles after yesterday’s more of a gruelling workout. And still work those muscles some more. I’m tired. It’s been so hot and I’ve not been sleeping well so I’ve been somewhat short tempered and cranky. I do apologise if I have turned my crank on you at any point in the recent history. If you remember a time in a more distant past when I was cranky at you, then maybe you should consider getting over it (says the queen of ‘why, oh, why did I do that stupid thing all those years ago?!’).

Day 13

Tonight I got my hubby to do my workout with me! We followed MadFit’s 30 Minute Full Body Toning & Strength video again as I really liked it the first time around. I must say, it was quite a bit harder to do tonight, so close to the previous one the day before yesterday. I have a feeling I’ll be feeling it tomorrow! Oh, also, one of our tarantulas just moulted! She hasn’t done one for months, so it’s very exciting.

Day 14

The official two week mark! I was very tired and felt a lot of brain fog. On the other hand, I think I haven’t been feeling quite as many low dips as I usually do recently. And I know my tiredness isn’t just from my workouts. It has been really hot, so I haven’t been sleeping and I need to get up earlier for the school run and somehow my evenings have been stretching longer, so overall there are a lot of changes happening, many of which are contributing to my tiredness. Anyway, even I’m tired of hearing about how tired I always am, let’s get back to the two weeks, baby! Tonight I decided to do something different. I had planned to do yoga, but then hubby and I took the dog for our usual daily/evening walk and I decided to do an ‘on the go workout’. I took some of my favourite moves from MadFit’s videos and made them mobile. Lunges were the obvious choice, then I also did knee-to-elbows, tight arm circles, sideways spinning sumo squats (just made that name up but it sounds pretty impressive, right?!), some arms to chest and out hook things (don’t even ask, it would make sense if I was awake to describe them better), some full arm circles, some more knees-to-elbows and then I did an active walking cool down for the rest of it. I may have forgotten some but hey, it was fun for me and I’m sure if anyone saw me doing it they got a kick out of it as well. Oh, by the way, we’re finally having our solar panels fitted tomorrow! They put the scaffolding up today. Very exciting!

Day 15

Today I did a standard yoga practice and I enjoyed it for the most part. I only did it about half an hour before midnight but nevertheless I got it done. I knew I had to, so I did. There were a few poses I don’t recall doing before and I wasn’t too clear on how I was supposed to do them correctly, so those I didn’t like too much, but the rest of it was good. I think it’s time for another sweaty one tomorrow. It’s supposed to be the final somewhat tolerable day before our scary heatwave at the beginning of next week, so may as well get my last deliberate sweats done before it becomes involuntary.

Day 16

More yoga! I enjoyed today’s session more than yesterday’s. No unknown poses this time. I’m feeling all good and stretched out. Yay!

Day 17

I just realised, I have no idea why I posted the first part on day 8 and called it part 1 of 3. I went to post it now to say yay, 2/3 of the way there and then I was like, wait a minute, I only just passed the half way mark. Anyway, I think I’ll give this 3 more days or so, when I’m actually 2/3 of the way through with my challenge before I post. Oh, right, so, it’s day 19 and somehow I can’t for the life of me remember what I did on Sunday. It was either a long brisk walk or yoga. Actually, I think it was both, to be honest. Yes, it was! I remember going on a walk, getting back home and thinking right, time to be a yogi-bear!

Day 18

On the second hottest day of the year I decided to do this SIX PACK ABS WORKOUT / 500 Rep Ab Challenge. Yes, it’s another video by MadFit, but I really like her workouts so deal with it. As for the workout, the whole front of my torso has been cursing me today. It’s been great! I will admit that by the final 100 reps I was more of a puddle of jelly wiggling about than an abby goddess, but I completed it. I did also have to pause the video a few times to catch up, but still. I did it!

Day 19

Officially the hottest day in the UK history today. Broke all the weather records. So, what’s my workout? Yoga! We’ve just been for a walk so I’m nice and warm, ready for my session. And done! I’m feeling very stretched out and like I’m more in control of my body, if that makes any sense? I’ve always enjoyed yoga, so I guess it’s not a surprise it’s been my go to many a days over the past few weeks, but I find myself enjoying it more and more as the sessions go by. Interesting.

Day 20

I forgot to tell you, I seem to have dropped the extra weight I gained and am actually a couple of hundred grams lighter than I was before I started this challenge. As for today’s workout, I did this 30 min FULL BODY SCULPT At Home by MadFit. This was the toughest one yet, I think. I went into this with my normal weights and half way through the first set I was like noooooooope, not going to happen. Should’ve listened to Maddie when she said use light weights for this workout. Now I’m absolutely drenched in sweat, feeling great and about to jump in the shower. Big day tomorrow!

Right, now that I’m 2/3 through with this challenge, how do I feel? I feel like it’s a good one to push yourself. Even when I absolutely don’t feel like doing anything, I force myself to do SOMETHING, whether it’s a slow paced arm toning workout, a stretchy yoga session or a brisk walk. And then every other day or so I do try to do something a bit more strenuous.

I think it was yesterday when I woke up and really felt like I was making a difference in how I feel and how my body feels. It was great and gave me the motivation to keep on going. I’ll try to hold on to that the next time I feel like I can’t be bothered to do anything.

Anyway, it’s late, I haven’t been sleeping, I’m exhausted, I’ve got a big day tomorrow and I need a shower.

See you soon for part 3!


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