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What a Crafty little creature

I made something! With my own hands! So proud. Sooooooo proud. It’s been ages since I’ve made anything, so this little project was oh so welcome. As my husband (Hahaha, it’s still very funny to say that, I’m so not used to having a husband) got me this set of really pretty brightly coloured yarns (my favourite kind), I’ve been thinking for a long time what to make from them.


After careful consideration, I decided to make a plastic bag holder! You know, the ones where you plop plastic bags in from the top and pull them out from the bottom? That’s the one. It may not be obvious from the pictures, but trust me, stick some plastic bags in it and it’s good to go. Perfect for people who like to be all organised and neat. Or if you just want a quick little crocheting project to work on.

Uhmm… I’m not sure about any instructions. I mean, I did take pictures of what I did but I don’t think I could explain what’s going on on said pictures. I may give it a go?


First I made a chain of about 15 stitches and connected it to make a loop.

Technical: CH 15, join with sl st to make a loop. (Yes, I had to google this)


Then I made some normal stitches into the loop. It was between 35-40, but I don’t know how many exactly. I guess I could try and count from the picture, but I don’t want to. Then I joined the last stitch to the first and made one normal chain up.

Technical: Hdc 35-40 in the loop. Sl st to connect the circle. Ch 1. (That’s as technical as I can be)


After that I just kept going until I ran out of wool, really.

Technical: Repeat previous row.


Now, I’ve never been great with changing colours and I’ve pretty much avoided it where I could. However, (everyone who can actually crochet, please skip this part) I just made my final stitch with one colour, then tied the ends of the green and orange (my next colour) together at the point where my stitch was, so the next one was already done with the next colour. It’s alright if that makes no sense, I did it different every time.

Technical: Uhmmm… Just keep going?


It kept growing! It took me a few hours altogether as I was watching TV at the same time which slowed me down a little, but it was a lot of fun.


Now all I had left to do was hiding the loose ends. Oh, and the handle, I guess. Basically I just made a chain, fastened it on the other side, made a row of stitches back, fastened it, went the other way again. I had to redo it a couple of times as I couldn’t get the length quite right the first few times.

Technical: Ch x (how ever long you want the handle), sl st, ch 1 (don’t know if you have to do it, but I think you would do), sl st to the bag, hdc back, sl st, ch 1, sl st to the bag, hdc back again. Sl st to finish. (If it made no sense, don’t worry, it probably only works in my head)


Tadaaaaaah! Your very own hand made plastic bag holder. It doesn’t sound very glamorous, but if you want to reuse your shopping bags then you may as well have somewhere pretty to keep them, I think. Plus it feels soooooooo good to make something and then be able to use it!

Let me know your ideas for any future projects I could do 🙂


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Of life in general, briefly. / Ups and downs

Hmm. It’s really weird what I now consider to be my ‘downs’ as they’re actually more of a ‘not that up’. It’s weird to explain, if you haven’t experienced it. But even on my days when I feel like I can’t really be bothered to do anything, which before would’ve found me in a dark hole, I can now just shrug it off. Dealing with things is so different when you’re not well. Also, realising how it’s different is hard when you’re in a place where things aren’t that great.

Now that I’ve noticed the changes I keep finding that I’m more conscious of the slight differences. For example, the other day I was focusing on the feelings in my stomach and the thoughts in my head and realised I last felt like this more than a decade ago. After struggling for so long, it feels amazing to realise that yes, my memories of feeling like this once upon a time weren’t just ‘memory goggles’ that make times gone by feel better, but that I actually did feel different then.

So, back to the topic — oooooh, I just thought that I should’ve told you about my Sunday. I was SO productive and got a buttload of things done. Hmm. Now I’m torn about whether to continue this post or start again. I think I’ll go ahead with my current one at the moment, but expect to see a ‘The Most Productive Sunday Yet’ post soon.

Ok, can I pleaaase get back to my post now? — Today I didn’t go bouncing/trampolining. I should’ve done, but didn’t. Why did I not go? Well, because today is one of the days when I felt like I’d rather eat a reasonably sized portion of lasagna and attempt to make T-shirt yarn. Check and check. The lasagna was a frozen ready meal and actually surprisingly nice. (Today was also one of the days where I couldn’t be bothered to cook from scratch.) T-shirt yarn however… well, I think I’ve got some room for improvement. The first one would be to get proper scissors. The second one would be to learn how to cut even strips… I’m pretty sure some toddlers could surpass me in cutting skills. Once I’ve practised a little bit more I’ll let you know in more detail how it goes and what I’m going to make of the yarn.

Speaking of toddlers (erm… young kids), I watched an episode of Masterchef Junior today. Turns out I’ve got a LOT to learn about cooking and I could learn a lot of it from kids — my fiance just tried to ask me what my post is about and as it’s about everything whilst being about nothing I didn’t want to lose my train of thought so I growled at him. He didn’t appreciate it. — that are half my age and less. My cooking skills were very extremely limited until I was in my early twenties, I think. That’s when I started to explore the world of food a bit more courageously.

Watching a cooking show also reminded me that I haven’t made many soups this year. For those of you who are wondering why I’ve singled out soups – my this year’s challenge is to make 12 different soups. So far I’ve made two. That’s low even for my usual cooking variety, not to mention that I’m supposed to be doing this to complete my challenge. I’m pretty certain I made a lot more soups when it wasn’t a challenge. I’ll need to look into this, I think.

Anyway, it may not have been as brief as the title suggested, but there it is. I got most of the stuff off my mind – a lot of it straight from thoughts to paper without much editing, so I hope you’ll enjoy a glimpse into my brrrrrain. Oh, the image I used is a picture of daffodils that are on my way to/from work. How cool is that. A sea of daffodils that I walk past every day.


I’ll go try to make amends with my fiance now and then go read my book. I’m getting really close to the end of the last book in the trilogy and such interesting things are happening! I can’t even… Yeah. I’ll see you soon!


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Late night thoughts


Late night? It’s only just gone 10pm. Wow, I AM getting old. Well, in just less than two hours it’s my birthday so I guess that’s fitting. Anyway, I’m in bed, watching Pretty Little Liars and thinking the awesome thoughts and making the awesome plans that you can only do when you’re utterly comfy and just feel like you’re in your happy place at this moment in time.

We’ve been celebrating my birthday weekend and it’s been super awesome. Went to Manchester today for sushi and a bit of shopping. I had way too many cheesecake balls but not nearly enough. I feel like I should’ve bought some to take away. Oh well. I guess that only makes them so much more special. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you want to look up Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi) As for shopping I actually didn’t buy much at all. I was feeling a bit anxious so everything was a bit swirly and closing in on me. It was alright and I had it under control thanks to my Mr but I felt more like browsing than actually buying anything.

I did get two candles from Home Sense though (yeah, I’m still a candle nut). A Cooling Eucalyptus one (I’m hoping it’ll lure a couple of koalas in for me to cuddle as it smells very strongly and amazingly of eucalyptus) and one called Serenity which is … you know what, I’ve no idea what it actually smells of. But it is a rather fresh yet calming sent. Kind of purifying maybe? Is that a way to describe a smell? I don’t know. Continuing with the smelly theme I also picked up a reed diffuser – Purple Blackberry Fig scented one. Very nice and quite fresh. This year I’m really feeling the fresh theme for some reason. Usually I’d still be pining for Xmas at this time but this year it’s all about freshness and spring and all that.

Changing the topic completely – I said I’d write more about my goals and challenges and stuff. Well here’s what I was going to say – I want to do at least six craft projects this year. Last year I did way more than the four I’d set as my target and I’d like to keep it up this year. I love wearing the clothes that I’ve made myself or using my crafty and nifty bits around the house. So yeah. More crafts!

Anyway, I’ll go back to PLL now. I’m in the middle of season five so just two and a half seasons to go!


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Festive Crafts Parts 1 & 2

Happy Yule to all of my readers! Ho-ho-ho. I don’t know. Today has been one of the days that confirm I’m one of the clumsiest creatures that roams this planet. I’d just finished vacuuming when I knocked over a massive box of soft crumbly gingerbreads all over the floor. And then I managed to knock a dent in my heel with the vacuum cleaner. Well… yeah.

Anyway, you may remember that a few posts ago I mentioned that as my SD card decided to die on me, which meant I lost all the pictures of my crafts I’d done to post here. Well, my Mr has come to my rescue (yet again) and taken more pictures of the end products back home. So I still don’t have progress pictures, but let’s face it – it’s Xmas now, way too late to be crafting your butt off anyway. So I’ll just show off what I did. And I’ll be more prepared next year.

Part 1 – Snowy Lanterns and Cute Bobble Hats

These little lanterns were super simple and fun to make. I started off with a few clean jars (it was an absolute pain to get the labels off), black cardboard, scissors and a can of snow spray. That’s pretty much it. I cut out silhouettes of little houses and some trees in a row and fastened them with a little bit of clear tape. I then sprayed the tops of the jars with the snow and popped tealights in them. Tadaaaah! Snowy lanterns.


Then I made these cute little bobble hats. For these I used empty toilet rolls, wool and scissors. I started off by cutting the cardboard toilet rolls into rings – I think one roll made about 5 rings – to make a base for the hats. I then cut wool into even strips and wrapped it around the cardboard rings. I then tied up the ends and trimmed them. It’s a bit harder to explain than the lanterns, but hey, here they are. Cute little bobble hats!

Part 2 – Ribbon Trees and a Pretty Swirly Thing

For ribbon trees, I just used some ribbon, beads/pearls, a needle and thread. I folded the ribbon up to remotely resemble a Christmas tree (I mean, you have to REALLY want to see the resemblance), and put it together with thread, placing beads or pearls in-between the layers. Worst description ever. You can check out the picture underneath though, maybe that’ll help.


Last but not least, the pretty swirly things. You can see one of them on the pictures above. I made two though, I’ll show you the other one in a bit. For these I just used some golden cardboard and all kinds of decorations. The first one I decorated with the crafty bits I’d made. The second I decorated with little pom poms and sequins. I just cut out something that resembled a circle from the cardboard and then followed a somewhat spiral course to make it swirly. I then hung stuff off it. They were perfect to hang off curtain poles where I didn’t have any other decorations.


These were my festive crafts and I absolutely loved doing them. Even if I could’ve spent my last day home before leaving for a week packing or baking or doing anything else. In any case I’m glad I did them. I hope they brighten up our house whilst I’m gone for the holidays.

On a different note – apparently today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog. So I’d like to thank everyone who’s been reading my ramblings, whether you joined me a year ago or if this is the first post of mine you’ve read. I’ve got some exciting new things planned for next year, so stay tuned.

I’m not sure if or how much I’m going to post before next year, so I’ll wish you all a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year! 🙂