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Wedding bits and bobs

I was planning to post a lot more about all the wedding planning, but what I didn't realise was that how much time it all actually takes. And how it's really not all that interesting. A lot of it is just sending e-mails and delegating assignments to friends and family (thank you for your help!!).… Continue reading Wedding bits and bobs

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Of life in general, briefly. / Ups and downs

Hmm. It's really weird what I now consider to be my 'downs' as they're actually more of a 'not that up'. It's weird to explain, if you haven't experienced it. But even on my days when I feel like I can't really be bothered to do anything, which before would've found me in a dark… Continue reading Of life in general, briefly. / Ups and downs

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When lost for words…

... Go find them. I'm looking for my something-to-say. Have you seen it? It's medium length, witty and punctual. Well, if found, please let me know as I'm desperate to cross paths again. I went to Estonia to visit my family again this week. It was marvellous. I had really great quality family time, plus… Continue reading When lost for words…

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I'm in the mood to question everything (actually I'm in the mood to be stubborn, and as I didn't know how to put this in writing, I stubbornly decided to write anyway). Will I have any answers? Hmm... We'll see what my ramblings unearth. The first thing I wanted to question was my existence but… Continue reading Why?

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My mind is a fabulous(ly stupid) thing

I don't even know where to begin with this. Or where I'm going with it. I also can't tell you how it's going to end. I see great things ahead with this kind of going! Ok, so, I'll try to make some sense of this. I like routine, having to-do lists to complete, certain patterns… Continue reading My mind is a fabulous(ly stupid) thing