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Day 8 – Songs I listen to when I’m…

Hiya! I'll just say it - I feel like I'm being mushed by constant tiredness that's just not going away. Do you ever feel like that? That you're so overwhelmed and simply can't relax. Everything is too much. Well, that's where I live at the moment. Welcome to Bluesville! Population: me + many. Alright, enough… Continue reading Day 8 – Songs I listen to when I’m…

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That just sounds like some swamp creature haha. Blogblogblog. Recently I've been struggling again quite a bit with all kinds of different things. I guess you could say I've had one of those setbacks that I've written about previously. Some things in my life have changed and it's had a bigger impact on my health… Continue reading Blogblogblogblogblog

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P.S. I Love you

When my SO (Significant Otter) and I had just started dating, we used to watch a lot of films together every time we visited each other. This one time when we were staying at my place, I felt like watching a romantic film (as you do when you're in a romantic place in your life).… Continue reading P.S. I Love you

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Looking back, I’ve come so far. (Anxiety/Depression)

Hi all! I wrote this post months ago but it never felt like the right time to put it up. Well, today it hit me - I haven't felt the effects of depression for quite some time now and my anxiety has gone down a lot. And then I started to think back to some of my… Continue reading Looking back, I’ve come so far. (Anxiety/Depression)