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T’was a great horizontal life break

Lately I've been waking up at 6.30am on the dot. This means I've also needed to have horizontal life breaks half way through the day to be able to keep going (I don't generally do well with early wake-ups, you see). However, for one reason or another I haven't been able to have those little… Continue reading T’was a great horizontal life break

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Some (weird) things I don’t like.

I thought I'll keep the title to the point. Over the years I've realised that there are some things that I don't particularly like and today I thought it'd be great to share these things with you. I'm not sure why I thought it's a great idea, but just hear me out. Some of the… Continue reading Some (weird) things I don’t like.

My life


I'm in the mood to question everything (actually I'm in the mood to be stubborn, and as I didn't know how to put this in writing, I stubbornly decided to write anyway). Will I have any answers? Hmm... We'll see what my ramblings unearth. The first thing I wanted to question was my existence but… Continue reading Why?

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Unboxing #14

Hi all! It's been a few days since my last post and I thought it's about time for another beauty box unboxing. I'm going to call them something else soon as I'm not so much unboxing - it's more of a reviewing. However I do have a whole little series thing going on here with… Continue reading Unboxing #14