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New Box!!! Omnomnom ;)

In my previous post (or a couple of posts back, I can’t remember) I mentioned that I’ve subscribed to a new monthly box and that it’s quite a bit different from the beauty boxes that I’ve been getting so far. Well, a couple of days ago I finally received the first one of those boxes and I’ve been itching to share it with you! I have to tell you though, in some ways I wish I’d have waited a month before placing my order (you’ll see why in a moment), but I was just too excited to try it out.

Tadaaaaaaaah! Degustabox!


Yes, apparently you can also subscribe to food! The reason why I wish I’d waited a month is because I really need to be good with snacking and stuff before the wedding so I’d fit into my dress haha. But it has been another example of the tiny amounts of willpower I have actually found from somewhere because I haven’t yet devoured everything in the box. I’m rather impressed with myself.

Firstly, the box itself is soooooooo cute! Secondly, it’s really well packaged. I think my food felt really safe and snug in there. Thirdly, you get this pretty little leaflet that tells you what you have in the box and on the other side there’s a recipe – this month it was ‘Beer can chicken on the BBQ’. And last but not least – all the fooooooood. Oh my goodness me.


There’s a bit of everything and I’m not going to go through it all in detail as I haven’t actually tried all of it yet. However I must say that I really like how there’s a couple of light bites (Mango with Vanilla Yoghurt Fruit Chips + Superfood Fruit Bar) in there, a few organic bits (Berrywhite Organic Drinks), some slightly naughtier snacks (Haribo Summer Frenzy + Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Scottie Dogs) and actual cooking ingredients (Capsicana Brazilian Chilli & Coconut Quick Cook Sauce + Schwartz Authentic American Flavour) as well as drinks (Westons Cider + Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol Free Wine). It’s got something for everyone, I think and I can’t wait to actually dig in there in a couple of weeks! Gobblegobblegobbleomnomnom.

So far I’ve had the ciders which surprisingly enough I really liked. I’m usually not a big fan of appley apple ciders, but the addition of rhubarb in one and damson in the other was rather pleasant. Then I also had the Berrywhite organic Lemon & Lime drink, which was quite mellow as it was juice blended with mineral water and I also had the alcohol free wine which again I quite enjoyed and would buy again.

Uhmmmm yeah so that was what I was so excited about. Food. I love food. Unfortunately it loves me back so much that once it’s in my mouth it’s like ‘Yeah, I like this girl, let’s just hop on her hips and stay there until the end of times’. Oh well, I’m sure many of you can relate to this and I’m not alone.

I’ll go and try not to eat any of the goodies now. Or have just one…





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Glossy June

Hellooooooooooooo people! It’s time to find out what I got in my June G-g-g-g-glooooossy box. I must say, you’re in for a treat this month.


Sleek Makeup, Power Plump Lip Crayon, in Notorious Nude, RRP £5.50. It’s so tingly! Holy cranberries haha. You may remember me saying that nude lip colours don’t really suit me, but funnily enough this one does. One might even say that it’s beauuuuuutiful. Also, it being a lip crayon it’s super easy to apply. Plus the tingling. It’s great! Would definitely recommend.


111 Skin, Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel, RRP £110 for full size. It’s an eye cream. And judging by the price it’s one helluva eye cream. I tried it for a couple of days and really liked everything about it – it was lightweight, absorbed really well and smelled nice. However my eyes have been super sensitive for the past few weeks (possibly because I’ve tested so many eye creams lately?), so I’ve stopped using anything on or around my eyes for a while. I’ll definitely go back to it once my eye situation has sorted itself out though.


Manna Kadar Cosmetics, Sheer Glo, RRP £22.50 for full size. It’s an illuminator or highlighter or whatever you want to call it or use it for. I used it all over my face (mixed with foundation) one day for that extra glow and dewy look and I must say it worked. It left my face only gently shimmering/glowing, no full on scary alien look. I don’t think I’ll be using this as a highlighter though as I’m just not that good at blending creamy products. If anyone would like to give me tips on that, I’d love it!


Batiste, Stylist Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray, RRP £4.29. Errhhhh, here we go again Batiste. It’s the exact same product I’ve already got from two other beauty boxes recently and I’m sorry but I just do not like it at all. It leaves my hair dull, sticky and covered in thick white powder no matter how little I spray and how hard I try to hide it and brush it out or rub it in. Is it me? Am I doing something wrong? Well, as it is at the moment I’ve got 3 bottles of it now (1 full and 2 travel sized ones), so if anyone would like a bottle, let me know!


Himalaya (Since 1930), Purifying Neem Face Wash, RRP £3.29 for full size. So for those of you who, like me, just heard of ‘neem’ for the first time – apparently it’s a herb. An awesome one at that. And that’s what you can expect of this face wash. It cleanses. Awesomely. Woosha-woosha.


Beautypro, Black Diamond, RRP £4.95 for 3. It’s one of those black face masks that you get to peel off! Omg I was so excited to try it and it was great. Just as disgusting as you’d expect. And so satisfying to take off. Yes, I’ll be buying more of this little beauty. Definitely recommend. Just go buy it already. Oh, I forgot to say that it’s got activated charcoal to deep cleanse and balance oil and is to be used at least once a week. Alright, now you have all the info so gogogogo get it!

This was my box and I loved it (mostly). Some brilliant new finds and additions to my bathroom drawers and makeup bag. Makeup drawers actually. I only really use my makeup bags when I’m travelling. Hmm. So many questions, so little brain power to ponder.


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What a Fantastic June

Helloooooo. I’ve had a bit of a down day and it’s really warm so I’m about to go to bed, but I wanted to share my Lookfantastic June box with you first. Writing sometimes works as an odd pick-me-up for me and I hope this is one of those times. Plus this month’s box is so beautiful it’s difficult not to feel like there are better things waiting ahead just around the corner!


Hailey Baldwin For ModelCo, Super Lips Lipgloss in Beige. This is a hydrating lip gloss as you may have guessed from the name. Well, the lip gloss part anyway. I absolutely love the smell of it, it smells like some kind of sweets – I have no idea what sweets exactly but I like it. I also like how it applies and even the texture and finish. It’s weird because it feels like it should be sticky but it’s not. The only issue I have with it and why it doesn’t get full marks from me is that I don’t think I suit nude colours much – they seem to wash me out a little and I was unfortunate enough to get my sample in beige. It looks alright when I only put on a tiny bit of it, but any more and I look a bit scary haha. I’d love to check out what other colours they’ve got though.


Bellapierre, Shimmer Highlighter in Exite. It’s very shimmery. Also I’ve only just read the product description for the first time and found out that it’s a highlighter for cheekbones, Cupid’s Bow, inner corners of the eyes and other features. I thought it was an eye shadow. Teaches me to actually read what I’ve got, I guess! In any case it’s sure to highlight what ever it is you need highlighting as it’s sooooooo shimmery. Not too overpowering though. I mean, it’s buildable but … I’ll just shut up now. It’s nice.


Balance Me, Balancing Face Moisturiser. It’s a hydrating face cream enriched with neroli oil, spruce knit and bergamot oil. It’s supposed to give a naturally beautiful glow to skin. I haven’t actually used it on my face yet, just sampled it on the back of my hand, but it absorbed nicely and didn’t feel greasy which is great especially in the summer when you usually need something a bit lighter for the day.


Monu, Rosewood Reviving Mist. I can DEFINITELY get behind this hydrating facial mist at the moment. With it being so warm outside, it’s brilliant to cool down a little with a nice refreshing spritz in the face. It contains a blend of lemon, rosewood and sandalwood. I approve!


First Aid Beauty, Facial Radiance Pads. From what I can gather these are like wet wipes but in cotton pad form. Quite cool actually. They contain a blend of lactic and glycolic acids to ‘refresh and revitalise tired complexions’. I haven’t tried them on my face yet, but I’ve poked them with my finger and they look like they’d do it promises on the box. I mean, they’re wet cotton pads so I think we can all agree that we’re not setting them expectations that they couldn’t fulfil.


Kerastase, Shampoo. I got the ‘exceptional nutrition shampoo for normal to slightly dry hair’. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s a cute little travel size bottle so perfect to pop in your suitcase for a long weekend away!

That’s it my dears. I’ve covered everything in my box and even though what wowed me most about this box was the actual box itself (it’s sooooo preeeeetty!), it was still full of great additions to my makeup and skin care collection 🙂

I’ll spritz some of that face mist now to hopefully cool down enough to get to sleep!


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May Glossy be your day!

Uhmmm… yeah, that was a bit lame. I’d apologise but it’s my blog so hahaaa! Aaaaanyway. Let’s get to it. This’ll be a short overview of what I received in my May Glossybox and what I think of (most of) the items.


Ruby, Powder Blush in Coral, RRP €14.99. I liked it a lot. I recently realised I had quite a few blushes, but only one powder blush and I don’t really know how to use the cream ones so this is a great addition to my makeup bag.


Lavera Naturkosmetik, Hand and Cuticle Cream, RRP £4.95 for full size. Good little hand cream. Doesn’t really smell too strongly, but what little scent it’s got is pleasant. Doesn’t leave my hands greasy either which is good. I also like the test size of 20ml. Means I won’t get bored of it before I use it up. Oh, and it’s vegan.


Dr. Pawpaw, Dr. Pawpaw Original Balm, RRP £6.95. I haven’t opened it yet so I don’t know if it’s as good as it claims to be. But it can apparently be used almost everywhere on your body (on lips, skin, hair). I’m not sure where else you’d want to use a cream, so I think this covers pretty much everything. It’s also vegan-friendly.


Scrub Love, Active Charcoal Body Scrub, RRP £13.95 for full size. Well, it is an excellent scrub – it’s very bitty and you can really feel it working. However, the smell of it isn’t for me. I couldn’t smell it much once it was on my skin, but when I first took a sniff as I opened the bag, I almost didn’t want to use it at all. Like I said, when I got over the scent it was very good, leaving my skin sooooo soft. It’s also 100% natural and vegan/vegetarian-friendly.


ModelLauncher, Brow Duo Pencil, RRP £10.50. Well, for starters it didn’t look totally horrendous on me which is great. Even though the colour isn’t quite what I’d usually go with, it didn’t look unnatural. Not sure how it managed it, but go me! It’s also quite easy to apply. Will keep using it, I think.


Overall another good box from Glossybox. Thank you! 🙂


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A Fantastic beginning to April

My goodness, the weather has been absolutely amazing! So sunny and warm and mmmmm. And I think that my April Lookfantastic beauty box design sums it up pretty well with a gorgeous sunny flower on it.

As usual, my Lookfantastic beauty box came accompanied with a travel sized issue of Elle magazine and Lookfantastic’s own little booklet about this box. The booklet also has a lot of beauty and skin care tips so if you usually don’t read the literature that comes with the boxes, I’d definitely recommend you read this one (it’s even got some healthy food recipes!)


Vitamasques, Pomegranate Sheet Mask. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten this mask in most of my beauty boxes now, but as it’s a one time use thing I’m not really complaining. I love it that I don’t have to really venture to the world of face masks on my own anymore as I have my trusty suppliers who do the choosing for me.


Omorovicza, Cleansing Foam. I haven’t opened this yet as it’s sealed with a little foil bit, but I love the packaging and it’s supposed to be extremely gentle on the skin whilst thoroughly removing all impurities, ‘so your complexion looks just as good without having to wear an ounce of makeup’. Well, that sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Let me know if you’ve tried it and if it works like promised.


This Works, Perfect Legs Skin Miracle. As the weather has been absolutely gooooooorgeous this weekend I thought it’d be the perfect time to try out this leg perfector (so I wouldn’t blind everyone with my blue/white legs). Well, I tried it out but I don’t think it actually did much for me. Maybe I need to already have a bit of a tan for this little guy to be able to do its job? At the moment however I didn’t notice any miracle wow effect.


Alterna, Caviar CC Cream. As I’m used to see CC face creams, I was a bit surprised to see they also do them for hair. I was a bit worried it may make my hair crunchy or greasy, but it did neither of these things. It left my hair soft and shiny and smelling* nice.

*About the smell though, I think it is nice, BUT it smells exactly the same as something else that I can’t put my finger on. And unfortunately that something else is something that I didn’t really like, I think, as it makes me feel rather unpleasant. So I’m just trying to tell my nose that this hair cream is a completely different thing and that I shouldn’t associate it with that other thing from years ago that I didn’t like, but we’ll see how that goes. Silly scent memory.


Merci Handy, Hand Cleansing Gel. I absolutely love these hand gels. They don’t smell as ‘alcoholic’ as some other hand gels and leave my hands feeling really nice and clean. They’re also a really convenient size for flying when you’re trying to bring as few and small liquid bottles as possible. Love it!


Madara, Mini Smart Day Cream. I’m really running out of ways to describe the subtlest differences between face creams. I’ve tried this one once and it was nice. Absorbed quickly and without leaving my skin greasy. It also only had the faintest of scents, so if you don’t like strongly smelling face creams, that could be a definite bonus.

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Laura Geller, Balance And Brighten Fair. Looks like I left the best for last. But going through all of these products again, I do realise this one is my favourite product from this box. I used this instead of my usual foundation this morning and it’s got surprisingly good coverage. All things considered (it’s only a light finish foundation), it did a fantastic job on my dark under eye area as well. Very impressed. Also, it’s sooooooo pretty! It looks like a planet.


That’s it and I have to say I absolutely loved it. The box itself is gorgeous and the products inside are absolutely amazing. Definitely worth getting! I’ll go out in the sun now to read my Elle 😉


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Looking fantastic in March!

There, I changed it! This is actually an unboxing post in disguise. I shall be unboxing the March Lookfantastic beauty box for you here and I have to say it’s looking gooooooooood.

Without further ado – in this month’s Lookfantastic box I got A Very Shimmery Body Glow, A Nice Compact Concealer, A Whole New Class Of Luxury Serum, A Lovable Face Cream, An Amazing Hair Mask and Some Eye Masks. I tried them all out yesterday and am quite excited to tell you what I thought.


St. Tropez, Instant Tan Gloss. It made me really shimmery. And the smell of it reminded me of something from my childhood which I can’t place but it makes me feel nice. Anyway, it’s easy to apply (even though at first it was SO scary as the product was really dark when it came out) and I loved the glossy finish. As I’m not tanned at all at the moment, it didn’t really do much to enhance anything as such, just make my skin all glowy, but I think it’ll be absolutely gooooooooorgeous once I’ve had a bit of sun in the summer. Quite pleased with this 🙂


Pür, Minerals Disappearing Act Concealer. I tried this out on the permanent dark circles under my eyes (genetics…) and it worked. As simple as that. It was very easy to blend and even though I haven’t tried it for a full day yet, I have a feeling it’d stay put. Great stuff!


SkinChemists, 24H Aqua Repair Facial Serum. Ladies and gents, this little thing is amazing. I honestly didn’t want to use any cream afterwards. I loved the smell of it and it left my face feeling like the smoooooothest thing ever. It contains rose water which ‘aims to maintain the skin’s balance whilst nourishing and firming the skin’ and aloe vera which ‘works to heal and rejuvenate the skin, providing hydration and improving skin texture’. My favourite item from this month’s box.


Caudalie, Vine Active 3 in 1 Moisturiser. As far as face creams go, it does what it’s supposed to do. It had no downsides for me, and coming from Caudalie it’s everything you’d expect it to be. As an added extra it ‘contains unique anti-pollution technology that helps to keep the skin clean and clear, blocking pollution particles that cause potentially cause damage.’ Only a bonus if you ask me.


Redken, Heatcure Treatment. Ok, I know a couple of products ago I said that a facial serum was my favourite item in this box. But here’s another one. This hair mask is … you know, I have no words. You may think that I’m just saying it, as most of my unboxings are singing praises to different products. However, if you look carefully, you’ll see there have been some items that I haven’t enjoyed quite as much, so I hope I haven’t lost my credibility and you guys will understand that I genuinely like most of the stuff I get in my boxes. ANYWAY, back to the topic. You may know I’ve recently had some issues with my hair being super dry and frizzy and just not pleasant to be around (which is a lot of unpleasantness as I can’t really walk away from it). Well, I think this could be the answer that I’ve been looking for. My hair is sooooooooooo soft and silky and amazing after using this hair mask. 10/10 would buy again!


Starskin Eye Catcher, Smoothing Coconut Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Eye Mask. I’ve tried this eye mask before and I can’t remember being too wowed by it back then and my opinion hasn’t changed much the second time round. I just didn’t see/feel that much of a difference to be honest. Maybe it’s just me or perhaps it’s because there were just so many great products in this box that this one had a hard time standing out. I guess I’ll never know.

That’s my March Lookfantastic box revealed and reviewed. Overall I feel like it was another good one and again definitely excellent value for money and a great way to try out new products and find new favourites (I’m looking at you Redken Heatcure!).

I never know how to end these posts. So… See you next time!


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Unboxing #14

Hi all! It’s been a few days since my last post and I thought it’s about time for another beauty box unboxing. I’m going to call them something else soon as I’m not so much unboxing – it’s more of a reviewing. However I do have a whole little series thing going on here with the title. I don’t know what to do? Also, I’m sure I’ll somehow lose track one day and that’s when I’ll regret not naming these something else. Like, mentioning what I’m unboxing in the title. Or just naming them something more suitable. I’ll consider changing it in the future. All recommendation are welcome. For now however – I shall be unboxing February’s absolutely beautiful looking Lookfantastic box.

First things to pop out of the parcel were the usual monthly Elle magazine and Lookfantastic’s own beauty box magazine. I have to say I love the feeling that a lot of thought and effort has gone into this box and the little magazine. It just feels like it all works so well together. Great job. When diving further into the Runway Ready box, I found A Really Great Face Cream, Something To Help Me Get To Sleep, A Muddy Mask, Icy Magic, Metallic Magic and Something I’m Not Too Sure About And I’ll Tell You Why In A Bit.


The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA. I like it. It smells nice, it leaves my face super soft and I love the design of the bottle/tube/thing. I’d buy it again and that’s saying something, considering I’ve somehow accrued a small heap of face creams which will take me a while to get through. It’s infused with Hyaluronic Acid (I’m still having some trouble saying), Ceramides and Glycerin. Oh, I forgot to say that it doesn’t leave my face oily or feeling like I’ve got a ton of stuff on. Just nice and soft.


This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less. I love This Works products. I do find that they actually work – I mean, duh, it says so in the name. This little guy (I don’t know why so many of my beauty products are ‘little guys’, they just are, ok?) smells gorgeously of Eucalyptus and Lavender to help you ‘feel at ease and without stress’. It reminds of koala bears. And what’s better to put you at ease than thinking about koala bears? Definitely recommend.


Borghese Fango Mud Mask. I’m not going to lie, I actually forgot this came in the box, so I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve had a super busy month and haven’t had too much time to think about thorough skincare. Or pampering sessions. I feel like one of those is in order very soon. I also think I’ll need to invite my sister-in-law-to-be over and do a little girls spa day in. So if you’re reading this, let me know when you’re up for it. Clearly I’ll be providing the face masks.


Polaar Icy Magic Roll On. It’s definitely icy. And perhaps there’s a little bit of magic in there too? To be honest, as I have super dark circles under my eyes, I’ve not seen a huge difference compared to my usual eye cream. HOWEVER, as it’s got a metal roll on applicator that’s really cold, it does actually wake me up a little. And I love the application process. It also sinks in super quick so I don’t feel like I’ve ever used too much of it.  Overall I like it.


Model Co Eye Lites Metallic Shadow. Now, I don’t think I used it correctly haha. It says ‘use over your normal eye shadow for an iridescent diamond effect’, but I used it on its own and then grumbled because it didn’t blend. That’s a true ‘head – meet desk’ moment. Should’ve read the instructions first! It was still beautiful, just a little awkward to get to look ‘right’.  I’ll try it over some eye shadow next time.


Myvitamins Catwalk Queen. That’s the one thing I’m not sure about in this box. As much as it pains me, I realise that not every box can be perfect and I’ve been super lucky so far as I’ve loved almost everything I’ve gotten. These vitamins are supposed to be the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and extracts which boost the natural appearance of your hair, skin and nails. That all sounds great. There’s a big BUT however (as I’d written this sentence I realised that my fiance will probably start singing the big butt song when he reads it). They smell and taste like paint. I do just swallow them whole with water, but I can’t get over the smell of them. It’s like wet wall paint. Not sure if that’s how they’re supposed to smell or not, but I haven’t really been taking them and I don’t think I’ll be getting any more.

This concludes my unboxing/review of the February Lookfantastic box. Some really great products and my overall verdict is that I loved it and that it’s oh so worth it. Brilliant way to try out new products and brands. As I’m still fairly new to the whole beauty and makeup thing, I haven’t heard of most of these brands and I’m finding new favourites with every box I get. Can’t wait to see what March brings!