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Just Married!

I was going to wait with this post until we get home and I gain access to all of the wedding pictures, but I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I’m married!!! I know, I can’t believe it myself either haha. It’s absolutely bonkers. But hey, we’ve been married for 3 days now and still going strong!

It has been absolutely manic for the past week or so and I feel like I haven’t slept in months. We’ve all been so busy running off our feet, trying to get things done. In fact, I may be asleep as I’m writing this, I keep nodding off at odd moments. (Here’s a random picture of the venue before the wedding.)


Lack of sleep notwithstanding, we did it. Everything was absolutely 100% perfect. Everyone enjoyed themselves to the fullest and it was so great to finally have our families meet. (Here’s another random picture of our venue before the wedding. We worked so hard to get the decorations up on time.)


I’ll be heading off to bed now, but I’ll leave you with this snap of our first slice of cake as a married couple. It was sooooooooooooo nice!


I’ll be writing more when we get back home and I get all the pictures from my camera and our amazing photographer. So much to show you all.

Until we meet again! Or you know, until I’m awake at least. (I’m a WIFE! Whaaaaaat?!)


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The Glossiest July

Oooooooooooooh how I love this month’s Glossybox. No intro, just straight to business. Love it. I’ll even go as far as to say that one of the products in this box has given me the confidence to do my own wedding makeup. I was a bit hesitant about doing it as I still consider myself a beginner, but this thing… This may just be the difference between looking like a glowing bride and a haggard old, well, hag.


Another beautiful box that I’d love to upcycle somehow. Seriously – any ideas, please let me know!


Bellapierre Cosmetics, Banana Setting Powder, RRP £25. I decided to jump straight to the best stuff. This is the product I was talking about. You’re probably thinking I’m way overselling this, but I kid you not – it’s amazing. I have very dark under eyes (thanks mum!) and I’ve always struggled with covering them. When I use concealer it gets really cakey, when I add powder it gets powdery cakey. And even then it doesn’t actually cover the circles! So when I saw this setting powder, I thought I don’t have anything to lose and tried it. It works like a charm. I put my makeup on this morning, have been doing housework, took a nap and it still looks good! So impressed. I’ve tried a couple of setting powders before and I don’t know what I was doing wrong but they just didn’t do it for me. This one does. Big time. Thanks! (Plus it’s got ‘Banana’ in its name.)


CuteBalms, Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry, RRP £5.99. If dark pink and soft lips are what you’re after then this cute macaroon could be for you. It’s got a light sweet scent and is easy enough to apply. I like it a lot and will probably be getting it in other flavours as well.


Papanga, Spiral Hairbands, RRP £4.99. I was a bit sceptical when the spiral hairbands first made an appearance. I thought someone had taken a phone cord and used it to put their hair up. I’ve gotten a bit wiser since and now know that they’re in fact actual hairbands and they’re amazing. They don’t get stuck in my hair, they hold everything in place and I’ve yet to break one. I’ve got a LOT of hair and therefore everything I’ve just mentioned is truly spectacular and I’m very happy to have received more of these little beauties in my box. You can never have too many!


Spectrum Collections, Small Fan – A10, RRP £4.99. I’m never too sure what to do with the fan brushes. It feels very nice and I used it to brush the excess powder off after using the banana stuff, but I’m not sure what else to do with it. Highlighting perhaps. I’ll give it a go anyway.


MONU Professional Skincare, MONUspa Soothing After Sun Lotion, RRP £19.95 for full size. It smells so lemony and fresh, exactly what you want after spending a day in the sun. Love it and can’t fault it in any way. Very lightweight but you can feel it’s really hydrating. It’s also the only sample sized product in this box, but even the sample size is really generous.


Overall I must say I absolutely loved this month’s Glossybox! I think it’s one of my favourite ones so far actually. Just the brush I’m not too sure about yet, but everything else has already found a place in my makeup bag.

Excited to see what they’ve got in store for next month!


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Wedding bits and bobs

I was planning to post a lot more about all the wedding planning, but what I didn’t realise was that how much time it all actually takes. And how it’s really not all that interesting. A lot of it is just sending e-mails and delegating assignments to friends and family (thank you for your help!!). I did put together the cocktail menu the other day though that I can show you.


Most of the stuff is actually sorted now. We got my Mr’s suit and everything the weekend before last, the final decoration deliveries have arrived, cake is pretty much sorted, the music is sorted… Just some little bits to do still. Choosing the music was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I have some really good ones there but some that are just really silly. I love it!

I was planning to get a lot done yesterday but instead of being productive I was being sick. I think it was food poisoning or something of the sort so I pretty much spent the day in bed feeling as rotten as they come. I caught up with Pretty Little Liars though. I must say, I loved the ending. I don’t know whether it was the fact that I watched in almost one go whilst only half awake, but I really liked it. I know I’m in the minority there though as most people felt really disappointed by it. Well, not me. For once.

Here’s my new Groot shopping bag by the way. I love it a lot.


Anyway, I’ll get to bed now. Still not feeling 100% and need to actually start being productive again tomorrow.

Can’t believe the wedding is next week!!!


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My wedding day, that is. It’s less than 3 weeks away now! EEEEEEEEESHK! So exciteeeeeed! Can’t stop with the exclamation marks! Literally hopping up and down in my seat and squealing like a seal. Do seals squeal? Hmmm… I need to look it up.

Anyway – this weekend we got my Mr his suit and it’s beaaaaautiful. We also got me some jewellery (a necklace and a bracelet) that I might wear on the day. The thing is, it’s SO hard to buy any accessories so long after the dress because I really can’t remember what my dress looks like and yes, I’ve got some pictures, but it’s not the same. So basically I’m going to take every possible option with me and decide on the day. Because that can’t go wrong in any way at all can it? I mean, a panicking bride trying to decide between 5 different necklaces with 20 minutes to go before the ceremony? Fool proof!

I’ve also been experimenting with vlogging. Sometimes I like to get everything out then and there, without trying to find the right words so it’d make sense when you read it and all of that. So far I’m just getting used to the idea of putting my actual self out there rather than this voiceless presence on the internet. It’s a bit challenging as I’m super shy and I don’t actually think that my life is very interesting. But we’ll see if anything will come of this. Let me know what you think of this anyway. Or maybe some other videos to begin with? I find that idea a bit easier to get used to as then instead of rambling on about how I really want to buy those dragon wellies on Asos (they’re so cute!), I’d be talking about something specific. Like books. Hmm. Anyway yes, let me know your thoughts on this!

Uhmm… Before I sat down to write tonight I felt like I had so much to say. Where did it all go? Oh! I remembered one thing. I subscribed to a bit of a different box this month. You know, in addition to all of the beauty boxes that I get. I think it’ll make quite an interesting post 😉 well, it’ll be different in any case. And possibly appeal to more of you. Yes, I’m talking about you, G-from-the-make-believe-island (one of my real life friends. Who funnily enough started off online. I think he’s real anyway.)

Also, I really really really like watermelons. And I don’t have any self control. I had half a watermelon in one sitting. I wasn’t even sorry. In my defence the watermelons in the UK are very small. That’s if there are any Estonian readers there, as the watermelons are huuuuuuge in Estonia. And a lot cheaper than they are here. During the watermelon season anyway.

Right, it’s way past my bed time (I’m nearing 30 soon so I guess my age is catching up with me), so I best go and try not to have any more nightmares about everything that can go wrong on my wedding day. (Last night I dreamt that only after the ceremony I realised that I’d forgotten to change into my wedding dress so I was just wearing a random sundress and that something had gone with the cake that I ordered so they brought a triple chocolate cake instead (I don’t like chocolate).) Very scary. Especially the dress one. I’m sure there were also pirates involved somehow…

Here’s wishing for a dreamless sleep!


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Wedding Planning 101

I’ve been engaged to be married since July last year and ever since then I’ve been planning our wedding. Well, I started off with planning the planning and only began to actually plan in about December. I thought that should give me enough time to plan everything completely stress free and chill mode.

The last thing I wanted was to go into Bridezilla Zone and go bat poop crazy. So far so good (except for a few minor meltdowns which culminated in me sobbing my eyes out and crying ‘I want a wedding plaaannnnneeeeer to do this for meeee!’). Then I thought, well, seeing as I’m doing SUCH a great job, I’ll share my initial thoughts on wedding planning. There’s some advice from personal experience there but generally just how I’ve dealt (or avoided dealing) with things.

1. Who’s going to sort everything for your wedding? You may think you want a wedding planner, but if you REALLY think about it – how much more fun is it to boss everyone around* and just assign jobs to everyone you know? Like, super fun! (*Disclaimer: ‘Bossing around’ to be conducted in a careful manner and is to be adapted to suit different personality types and is dependant on the closeness [both physical and emotional] of both parties. Too much ‘bossing around’ may result in physical/emotional injuries in one/both parties.)

2. Wedding dress. This is probably the most important part. I mean, they’re soooo pretty and that’s the one time when you’re allowed to try them on and not feel like a bit of a weirdo! I tried on over 30 dresses before finding The One. I went to quite a few shops with various family members, and my advice from this is: don’t bring too many people with you and don’t be afraid to not buy straight away. You may feel under pressure with people saying ‘it’ll take months to prepare the order’, ‘time is ticking’ and ‘what’s wrong with this one?’, but don’t give in to outside pressure until you’re 100% happy. Usually the staff are super nice, helpful and don’t put you under any pressure to make a purchase. They’re really on your side and want you to be happy with your choice.

Also, if everyone’s saying how gorgeous you look, but you just don’t feel it, then don’t be afraid to keep looking. The last thing you want is to not feel comfortable on your wedding day. The dress out there. (And the truth as well, obviously.)

And hey, if you are in a hurry, then outlets are great for off the peg dresses. They’re usually cheaper, the dresses are available straight away* and you get to feel good for adopting a dress that already exists. You know, some of those dresses never find good homes and don’t get to fulfil their destinies 😦 (*Disclaimer: If you do buy a dress off the peg and ‘as is’, please ask about the possibility of alterations if they’re necessary and check carefully for any rips/holes/stains that you might otherwise miss if you get caught up in the moment, as they can often be difficult to repair/clean)

3. This is starting to get a bit long winded so I might need to narrow this down or make another post. Hmmm… Ok, let’s continue with the venue. My sister found our venue (see 1st point about ‘Bossing people around’) and we booked it before even seeing it in person. You probably shouldn’t do that. However as we’re getting married abroad, it wasn’t possible for us to go see it straight away and we needed to make a decision. So there you go. (We did actually visit it last week and couldn’t be happier – it’s even better than we could’ve hoped for.) 


4. Guest list. As you can see, my wedding planning list isn’t in any particular order. You should probably know the approximate number of guests before choosing a venue. And it’d probably also help to have a venue in mind before getting your dress – a cathedral length train on a gown (that’s the kind of term you’ll possibly know by the time you’re done with the dress shopping) wouldn’t do well on a beach for example. But hey, I’ve never been one to follow any orders usually perceived as logical by others – I’ll just go with it and let the future me deal with it (Oooooh, future me REALLY hates the current/past me by the way).

Back to the guest list – invite the people YOU want there. At the end of the day, would you be happier knowing that you’re celebrating the day with the people you love and care about or would you rather prefer there’s a bunch of people you haven’t talked to in a decade or two that you invited just to be nice and who came for free food? Sometimes it’s nice to reconnect with people you have lost touch with, especially on such a happy occasion, but it’s just something to think about. Food for thought! Mmmm, food. Cake. Wedding cake. Omnomnom. How did I end up here? (…I ask myself regularly)


5. I’ll make this my last one for now. Budget. Soooo, how amazing would it be to set a budget you can afford and then put a certain amount aside every month so you could afford to pay for everything without having a massive debt to pay off once the day is over? I mean, that’d be pretty neat. So neat in fact that it is what we aim for. How crazy is that?! It’s like we’re doing our very best to try to be the responsible adults we pretend to be on several days a week (usually when there’s work involved. Or Important Grownup Things, like getting groceries). For me it helps to think that after all, it’s one day and even though it’s one of the most special days of my life, I think it’ll be the people who are there with me that will make it special. The decorations and music and everything else will just be the cherry on top. Mmmm, cherry on top of a cake. Cake. Wedding cake. Omnomnomnom.

These are my random wedding thoughts. I might organise them a bit better and possibly even make a follow up post one day (perhaps after the big day), where I’ll tell you what actually worked and what didn’t. At the moment I think I’m on track to get everything ready in time, but I might be singing a different song in a few weeks when I realise that I’ve forgotten to do something Super Important and I’ll go full Bridezilla mode. Eeeshk, very scary thought. Let’s hope we won’t see that side of me. Also, even though the pictures may seem random, they’re really not, I promise. They’ll all make sense soon 😉

Right, I’ve got some invitations to make now. Toodle pip!



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What a week!

You may have noticed I’ve been absent for quite a while now. Here’s why and a quick catch up. I’ll try to keep it brief but you know how I’m prone to rambling. I’ll do my best 🙂


Studies. Oh. My. Studies. I was trying my absolute hardest to finish my course assignments on time and I managed it! I actually finished and submitted everything. I was quite happy with my work at the time but haven’t had any feedback yet, so we’ll see how I did.


World’s longest To Do list before our flight on Friday. It included everything from spring cleaning the whole house to doing my nails. Aaaaaand we managed it. I actually even did my nails. Toes as well as fingers. I think it’s pretty impressive. It did mean that I only got to bed after midnight which left me with about 4h of sleep before getting up to go to airport but hey, at least I know that I don’t have a pile of washing waiting for me and my nails still look alright as well.


Travelling. A lot of travelling. It didn’t actually even feel that long, but somehow it took us from the morning to the late hours of the evening. It was very chilled though which was great. Maybe that’s why it didn’t feel too bad? I like travelling with a companion – it’s great being able to leave my bags with someone when I go to the toilet. It’s so annoying having to drag them in those tiny little cubicles when I’m travelling alone. So yeah, that’s one of the main reasons why I like travelling with someone. Also, on our way to the airport we saw a lot of bunnies. I managed to get this marvellous pictures with 3 bunnies on it at the same time. And next to our gate there was a flight to Abu Dhabi. Does anyone else remember how Garfield was always sending Nermal there?

ALSO, we tried some really great pastries at Frankfurt airport.

The view was pretty as always…

And when we got to our destination, we made a little stop by the lake to look at the beauuuuuutiful lights on the lake. They slowly change colours and especially on such a calm clear night it was just perfect.



My little monster’s birthday. For that we went to a spa/water park. It was ahmaaaazinnnnng. Before we went there I had an appointment with my hairdresser where she showed my sister how to do my hair for my wedding. Looking forward to it! Anyway, water park. It was soooo much fun! They have a big pool with lots of different areas with different bits, like hydrotherapy jets, water bar, whirlpool thing and so on. They also had quite a few awesome saunas and our room for the night was brilliant, too. Needless to say my little monster enjoyed it very much.


Some more water park time before check out. Then we went to my parents country place, did target shooting and BBQd some meat. Hmm, those two were not related haha. No animals were harmed during our target shooting! Even most of the target circles made it (almost) unharmed as well. (Mind you, it was quite far away and the target sheet is very small.) In any case it was a lot of fun!



I got my wedding shoes! I bought the first ones I saw. We did walk around the shopping centre to see if there’s any others I like more but there weren’t. Very happy with that! Also travelled across the country (thank you sis for driving us!) again to do some more wedding stuff. Stayed with my nan that night.


So. Much. Wedding. Stuff. Met with all the different people who do different things (catering, venue, florist, register office, etc). It was such a busy day. We did however have time to stop for some pretty flower pictures.


And pictures of Eiffel Tower. Funny, it looks much smaller in person.


Pretty sea!


After that my dear sister drove us across half the country again to our hotel where we were staying for the night. In the hotel I also did our grocery shopping for the next day (online food shopping all the way!) and watched the Eurovision Semi Finals (I didn’t like any of the songs really). Oh, we also bought a couple of really cool big cups.



More travelling. Home now though. Time to flop as back to work again tomorrow! This tiredness better clear by then, that’s all I’m saying. Exhausted… Absolutely drained. Here, have some more pretty pictures I took on the plane.


Oh, I also came home to this…


So expect to see a post about it in the near future (some time this week, I hope!).

Right, I think that’s us caught up? I’ll go sleep now. Much needed. Bllllrrrrggggggghhhhh…


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Well that’s just not good

Hello everybody! This post may reach you from Frankfurt, if I finish it before my flight. How exciting! Hold that thought… I went to get the pictures I took of my festive crafts and it looks like my SD card has been wiped. That means all of my pictures are gone. And the hours I put into the crafts I was going to share with you are gone as well. Uhmmm… Right, I guess I’ll change the title of my post then. No more ‘Festive crafts, part 1’.

I looked into it and it’s saying the files on my SD card are corrupt and the only way to go about it is to format the card. I feel so disheartened right now. I spent hours making all kinds of Xmassy crafts yesterday so I could post about it.

Oh well. It’s a lesson to be learned. Don’t count on daily manual backups. I didn’t want to have every picture I’ve ever taken uploaded as I take a lot of pointless ones (as does everyone with a smartphone these days, I guess), so I’ve been uploading the special ones manually. But I guess I’d rather have some pointless pictures saved than lose any special ones.

Anyway. Yes, I’m in Frankfurt right now. Hmm, does it still count if I don’t leave the airport? I guess it doesn’t. It’s like I’m in-between two dimensions. Or is that too deep? I think it might be. I’ll just stick to ‘I’m at the airport, waiting for my flight’. The flight from Manchester was awesome. I was awake for just long enough to get my complimentary pecan strudel and then I fell asleep and woke up as the plane wheels touched the ground. That’s the dream.

OH!!! I almost forgot. I checked in my massive suitcase with presents for everyone but I also have a carry-on suitcase with just one item in there. Guess what’s in it? Ok, I know nobody likes the guessing games. My wedding dress! I’m taking my wedding dress to Estonia so I can have it altered and ready for the summer. It’s amazing how this much fabric can fit into such a small suitcase.

I think that’s all my sleep deprived head can come up with for now. I’ll see, maybe I can save my pictures somehow. And if not, well who needs progress pictures anyway, I’ll just show you the end results.